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How to get Monopoly Go Invite link for Stickers Cards Trading?

Monopoly Go takes traditional board game play and puts it onto your mobile device. You need to invite friends for this is important in order to maximize the fun that you have while gaming. This manual will help you send out invitat links on Monopoly Go Stickers Orders as quickly as possible.



How to got Monopoly go Invite lInk


Download and Launch the Application

Make sure that you have downloaded the Monopoly Go app onto your phone or tablet before proceeding with anything else. Open up the application and sign into your personal account afterwards.


Go to Friends Section

Shift your gaze to the bottom right of the screen where you will see an icon depicting two people shaking hands. By tapping this icon, users are taken directly into their Friends section.



Click on Invite Button

Within Friends, there should be a labeled button saying "Invite". Tap on it so we can continue further into how one sends invitations within this game.



Choose How You Want To Send Your Invites

A new window will pop up giving multiple options for sending invites; either create a unique link for your game or send them through Facebook directly which both work fine but if flexibility is what someone's after then tapping on normal invite button would suffice as well since it generates a special link for Monopoly Go game only.




Add Invite Link in Your Stickers Order



Example Invite Link:



Share Your Invitations Link

After generating said link, now comes time when one needs to share it all around with his/her comrades in arms (friends). If texting doesn't work try pasting copy into group chat or even post it over social media because basically any platform where sharing a hyperlink is possible, should do just fine when distributing these Monopoloy Go game invitations of yours among potential players.


Wait For Your Pals To Join In On The Fun!

Once clicked by others its partysville! They'll automatically start downloading monopoly go which means they're joining YOUR game so now all that's left is waiting for them arrive at hotel lobbies near world domination headquarters or something like that.


In conclusion

Getting friends involved with Monopoly Go is simple and makes gaming more enjoyable. Send the invite links quickly by following this guide. Have fun playing with your friends!

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