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Monopoly GO Latest Milestone Event: Dates & Rewards

There are a lot of activities in Monopoly GO, and different activities will provide very rich rewards! Among them, Partner Events and Golden Blitz Events are one of the most anticipated events by players, and limited-time events such as milestones are often overlooked by players, resulting in the loss of many opportunities! To this end, this guide will focus on exploring the latest milestone events and provide players with first-hand event time and rewards!


Weekly Event List

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  • May 10, 2024 3:00 PM: Free Parking - 1 h - Claim before 9:00 PM
  • May 10, 2024 9:00 PM: Landmark Rush - 9 h
  • May 11, 2024 6:00 AM: Free Parking - 1 h - Claim before 3:00 PM


How to Completed Milestone Event?

Performing milestones in Monopoly Go is a crucial aspect of the game that can be learned with great care and strategic planning. With the following tips, people may effectively pass through contests, understand and achieve set goals as well as exploit multipliers for their own good. 

1. Access Tournament Information
  • Open the current tournament by clicking on the relevant icon within the game.
  • Find and click on a milestone mark represented by an image of glasses on it.
2. Review Milestone Objectives
  • On top left corner of the screen, click on i button
  • Carefully go through each goal required to complete mile stones for this period's tourney.
3. Understand the Tasks
  • Identify what specific actions are needed like landing on designated spaces, accomplishing a shutdown or completing bank heists
  • It should be noted that each tournament can have different requirements and objectives.
4. Pay Attention to Multipliers
  • Observe any multipliers that apply to your actions within the game.
  • For instance, if there is a multiplier of 'times five', a successful shutdown which would normally fetch you 10 points will now give you 50 points.
  • Multipliers go a long way in helping you reach milestones quickly.
5. Monitor Your Progress
  • Keep track of your achievements and how close you are to fulfilling each milestone
  • Set up your gameplay accordingly so as to concentrate on those necessary tasks required for achieving milestones.


Tips for Success:

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check the 'I' icon for updates on milestone objectives as they can change with each tournament.
  • Strategize: Plan your moves in advance, considering how they will contribute to your milestone goals.
  • Utilize Multipliers: Take advantage of multipliers whenever possible to expedite your progress.


Special Events Type

Special Events in Monopoly GO are limited-time mini-games and boosts that are designed to help you progress through the game at a quicker pace. Special Events, on the other hand, usually last no more than 1 day and consist of mini-games and boosts that will help you progress through the game. Here is a full list of Special Events and how they work:

Name Icon Rewards
Board Rush Board Rush Icon You will receive a cash reward and an additional 30 dice when you complete a board.
Builders Bash Builders Bash Icon The cost of building landmarks is discounted!
Cash Boost Cash Boost Icon Cash gained from gameplay actions such as rolling, Shutdown, Heist, etc. is doubled. It does not apply to Live Events.
Cash Grab Cash Grab Icon A chance to enter the Cash Grab minigame when you land on the Chance tile. In the minigame, whatever cash you grab, you get to keep.
Egyptian Treasures Egyptian Treasures Icon Grab your pickaxes and be the next archeologist by finding these treasures :eyes:
Free Parking (Dice) Free Parking (Dice) Icon Land on the Free Parking tile to collect dice.
Free Parking (Cash) Free Parking (Cash) Icon Land on the Free Parking tile to collect cash.
Golden Blitz Golden Blitz Trade your golden stickers!
High Roller High Roller Icon A higher multiplier is available during this event, with the additional multiplier options of x200, x500, x1000.
Landmark Rush Landmark Rush Icon You will receive a cash reward and 10 dice per landmark you complete.
Mega Heist Mega Heist Icon Every Heist has a chance to be a Mega Heist when this event is activated. Find the 3 gold bars hidden in your targets' bank to earn bigger rewards.
Rent Frenzy Rent Frenzy Icon Extra rent targets will appear on the board, allowing you to charge more rent from friends.
Wheel Boost Wheel Boost Icon Every time you complete a color set, you will have the chance to spin the color wheel twice!
Sticker Boom Sticker Boom Icon Boom! Here's your chance to get 50% more stickers when getting sticker packs.


Attention to detail and strategic planning are the keys to mastering this important part of the game of Monopoly Go where you have to finish milestones. This guide enables the players to sail through tournaments saving time, understand what they should accomplish as well as how to accomplish it and use multipliers to their own good. As a player in a competitive tournament, always keep the goals of such tournaments before your eyes as you adjust your playing for best results.

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