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4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 50 Customers ratings)

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19 Jul
5 / 5

Love the FFXIV service. It's been flawless and has significantly enhanced my gaming experience.

18 Jul
5 / 5

My Gil from GGWTB is a reliable workhorse. It's made my gaming experience much better, and I have no complaints.

17 Jul
4 / 5

Happy with my purchase. The FF14 Gil I got at GGWTB is a good value for its price. It's functional and durable, making it a smart choice.

14 Jul
5 / 5

The FF14 Gil service from GGWTB was flawless. Highly recommend for any serious gamer.

12 Jul
5 / 5

The FFXIV Gil from GGWTB is a solid game. The graphics are impressive, but there are a few minor issues with game mechanics.

11 Jul
5 / 5

GGWTB's Gil service has made FF14 unbelievably fun. Can't stop playing!

What is FFXIV Gil?

Gil is the essential/primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV. It is used to trade, buy things such as gear/housing/crafting materials, as well as for other economic activities that are available. FFXIV Gil can be earned by players through various methods including quest completion, participation in guildleves and dungeon clearing or using duty roulettes and selling items to NPCs or on Market Board.


Gil Making

There are several different ways of accumulating Gil that caters to all styles of play. The most popular includes;

  • Questing: After finishing main scenario quests, side quests and daily repeatable quests, players will often find themselves with some extra gil.
  • Dungeons and Trials: These instanced group activities award Gil upon completion with additional rewards for first time clears or via the Duty Roulette
  • Crafting and Gathering: Players can gather materials or craft items to sell on the Market Board to other players.
  • Treasure Hunts: Becoming involved in treasure hunts may result in finding valuable items which can be sold at a significant price for several Gil pieces.
  • Player Housing: In some cases, those who possess houses could develop crops or host events that generate income.


Gil Managing

FFXIV long-term financial stability necessitates effective management of one's Gil. Consider:

  • Budgeting: Keep a record of expenses and avoid unwarranted expenditure on what can be obtained through involvement within the game.
  • Investing: Buy stuffs whose worth appreciate over time or give rise to more money such as rare crafting components or high-end content gears.
  • Saving: Reserve part of earned gil against upcoming costs like gear update or housing expansion.


Gil Using

Buy consumables like food/potions; purchase crafting resources; mounts/pets/glamour items; personal housing/furnishings; raid ready pentamelded gear.


For Final Fantasy XIV players who want to improve their gaming experience without compromising on speed, reliability, fairness and safety, buying FFXIV Gil from GGWTB.COM is a smart move. The company meets the needs of the adventurers in Final Fantasy XIV by offering an outstanding service that allows them to concentrate on what they enjoy most: exploring Eorzea's huge world.


Fair Pricing

We maintains competitive prices whilst adhering to fairness principles. We have a policy of openness about our stock levels while also adjusting Gil allocations according to market rates so that you get value for your investment without extra costs being incurred.


Prompt Delivery

We realize that time is money. That's why our primary concern is swift delivery of your FFXIV Gil. In general, transactions are completed within 5-20 minutes after payment and this guarantees you can continue your adventure with minimal interruptions.


Safe Delivery

Every transaction involving Gil that takes place through our platform will be treated as confidentially as possible. To ensure account protection during trading, it is recommended that a balanced item be included in the trade window. Your defense usually comes first.


Superior Reputation

We take pride in its good image among Final Fantasy XIV gamers. This commitment to quality comes out in our customer reviews as well as additional steps aimed at proving our trustworthiness like giving live updates and pictures showing the actual transactions made.


Guaranteed Money Backs

If situations change and you choose not to take an order made prior its delivery then be sure we will give your money back in no minute since we have simplified refund procedure for you. Unconditionally refunded if undelivered Gil ensures peace of mind when making each purchase.et us make it quick for you!


Is Gil in FFXIV legal for sale?

Direct in-game purchases of Gil are against the game's terms of service and can result in account bans. However, GGWTB provides a legitimate third-party platform for safe and secure Gil transactions.


Is it safe to buy FFXIV Gil from GGWTB.COM?

Certainly Yes. GGWTB has made sure that all its procedures are reliable and protective. We will always strive to protect your safety while purchasing through secured methods so you will never worry about your account again.

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