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FFXIV Beginner’s Full Guide: All You Need to Know

FFXIV Beginner’s Full Guide: All You Need to Know

The initial stages of starting your adventure in Final Fantasy XIV are always thrilling. This guide aims at assisting novice gamers make their way through the maze of choices they have to begin with. By settling on a particular data center or race, players prepare themselves for a distinct experience in FFXIV.  It covers all essentials you need to know before starting off in Eorzea.


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Data Center

One of the first things you'll need to decide when you start playing Final Fantasy XIV is which data centre you want to use. Each data centre has regional servers that connect people:

  • For example, North American data centres allow engagement with North American players.
  • Similarly, there are European ones for European players and so forth.

FFXIV Data Center Selection

Choose a data centre and server where your friends play if you want to join them. Follow these steps if you would like to change your data center:

  1. Go to the character selection screen.
  2. Right click on your character's name.
  3. Select 'Visit Another World server' or 'Visit another data center'.
  4. From the list displayed select the desired world you wish.


Just remember that moving onto other servers has certain restrictions such as not being able to be part of that server's Free Company (guild), but you can still interact through Linkshell (chat systems open across different servers).



Final Fantasy XIV features a potion called Fantasia. It allows players to totally change their character's appearance. This is a potion that players are given for free during their gameplay journey in order for them to change the entire appearance of their characters including but not limited to gender, race and body characteristics. This elasticity means you are not stuck with your initial choices forever; start your journey with an exciting character design.


Races Guide

Once you choose a data center, you start creating your character by choosing a race. The game provides several races: Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Roegadyn, Au Ra, Viera and Hrothgar. Racial stats do not matter in this game because the game is mostly about aesthetics.

FFXIV All Races


What to think about when selecting a race:

  • Aesthetics: Please select based on how well it looks to your eyes.
  • Attachment: It is best to go with what you feel inside yourself.
  • Future updates: There may be additional gender variants for some races in future expansions.


Clans are sub-races that offer further cosmetic customization and negligible stat variations. However, clan stats shouldn't determine your choice – just pick whichever one makes you excited most In case you later want to change your character's race or appearance there are options available in-game to make those adjustments.


Character Creation

Designing an FFXIV character involves many details including height, build and hair style. Use the in-game tools to set up the surroundings such as scenery and lighting so that they look good for any scene with the character involved.

Also during this process answer questions about role-playing (RP) such as birthday and patron deity of your character; yet these decisions are only superficial hence will not affect gameplay or characteristics of characters.

FFXIV Characters Creation



Your adventure in Eorzea begins when you choose one starting class between Disciples of War (physical damage dealers) or Disciples of Magic (magic wielders). Each starting class can evolve into certain jobs as shown below:

  • Gladiator -> Paladin
  • Pugilist -> Monk
  • Marauder -> Warrior
  • Lancer -> Dragoon
  • Archer -> Bard
  • Conjurer -> White Mage
  • Thaumaturge -> Black Mage 
  • Arcanist (unique dual-path) -> Summoner or Scholar

These initial choices determine how your character grows and fights.


Unlockable Jobs

Players can access additional jobs in FFXIV regardless of their starting class by achieving specific levels and completing certain quests. You have more options when it comes to jobs, which include Ninja, Samurai, Reaper, Machinist, Dancer, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Astrologian, Sage, Dark Knight and Gunbreaker that can offer you different play styles. Each job has a distinct role in group dynamics through its abilities hence making the game experience more personalized for each player.

Job Code Unlock Quest Name Location & Area X Y Requirement
Bard BRD A Song of Bards and Bowmen New Gridania 15 11 Archer L30
Black Mage BLM Taking the Black Uldah - Steps of Nald Old Gridania 7 12 Thaumaturge L30
Dragoon DRG Eye of the Dragon Old Gridania 14 5 Lancer L30
Monk MNK Brother from Another Mother Uldah - Steps of Nald 9 10 Pugilist L30
Ninja NIN Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night Limsa Lower Decks 8 16 Rogue L30
Paladin PLD Paladin's Pledge Uldah - Steps of Thal 9 11 Gladiator L30
Scholar SCH Forgotten but Not Gone Limsa Lower Decks 4 11 Arcanist L30
Summoner SMN Austerities of Flame Limsa Lower Decks 4 11 Arcanist L30
Warrior WAR Pride and Duty Limsa Lower Decks 11 6 Marauder L30
White Mage WHM Seer Folly Old Gridania 6 10 Conjurer L30


DPS/Limited Jobs

There are three types of DPS (Damage Per Second) jobs: Melee Physical, Ranged Physical, Magical Ranged.

Melee DPS Monk is one choice or Dragoon or Ninja or Samurai or Reaper or Viper (a new job).
Ranged Physical DPS Go for Machinist, Dancer or Bard.
Magical Ranged DPS The available classes are Black Mage as well as Summoner and Red Mage with the newest unique class – Pictomancer.
Limited Jobs This is a special kind of class designed for solo gameplay that cannot be used at endgame which includes Blue Mage and soon Beast Master will be added having similar style of game.

Limited Jobs like Blue Mage offer a unique experience, allowing for powerful early game content soloing but with a lower level cap and limited endgame viability. With the Dawn Tril expansion Beast Master will join as another Limited Job.


Healers and Tanks

The four types of healers in FFXIV are White Mage, Scholar , Astrologian ,and Sage. Similarly there are four tanks namely Paladin ,Warrior , Dark Knight ,and Gun breaker . These roles must both be filled in order to create a balanced party composition necessary to clear any content.


Roles, Icon Colors,Aggro/ Enmity

Jobs have icons that denote their role through colors: DPS is red, Tanks are blue, and Healers are green. Also in combat, the icons have numbers that indicate the order of aggro or enmity. The first subsequent number represents the next enemy target while A denotes the current one, if he falls off or loses aggro.


Role Responsibility

Every role contributes to damage.

  • Tanks: Move enemies away from others and engage them as well.
  • Healers: Take care of party's health and offer support.
  • DPS: Take charge of maximum damage output.
  • In addition to these duties; all roles contribute to damage output when not performing primary tasks.


Changing Jobs

Weapons are used by players to change jobs. Each job has its own gear set that must be leveled separately. Job change is unrestricted thus it can be done anytime out of combat.


Quests Type

There is an extensive selection of quests in Final Fantasy XIV, with different elements of the game play being looked at. From Main Story Quests (MSQ) that are central to Job Quests and increase your characters power, it is important to understand why each quest type exists.

Main Story Quest (MSQ)
  • Symbol: Burning meteor
  • Importance: Key factor for advancement, unlocks dungeons, trials and raids
  • Accessibility: Top left corner button on-screen for guidance
  • Frequency: Throughout as you play the game itself
  • Note: Essential for unlocking game features and understanding the narrative
Job Quests
  • Frequency: Every five levels up to 50, every two levels until 60, every three levels until 70, followed by role quests
  • Benefits: Unlock abilities and passives, enrich job lore
  • Tracking: Located below the MSQ tracker on-screen
  • Note: Critical for character development and power enhancement
Blue Quests (Content Unlock)
  • Symbol: Blue exclamation mark with a plus sign
  • Purpose: Unlock additional jobs, dungeons & trials 
  • Selection: Not all need to be completed ; prioritize based on interest and relevance
  • Example: Gunbreaker job unlock quest 
  • Note: Check rewards to determine the value of the quest 
Side Quests, Repeatable, Red Queests 
  • Side Quests: XP & side stories ideal for leveling alternate jobs .
  • Repeatable quests: Symbolized by a circular arrow , can be done multiple times 
  • Red quests: Key symbol inside red background indicates prerequisites not met . 
  • Strategy: First job focus on MSQ; use sidequests for alt leveling  
  • Note: Avoid overleveling to maintain balance with MSQ progression. 
  • Red quests: Key symbol indicates prerequisites not met such as required level or previous quest completion

FFXIV Quests Type


Mounting And Flying

How to Unlock Mount in FFXIV

  • Getting Your First Mount: Your first mount will be obtained after you finish your level 20 main scenario quest, which in turn leads you to a Grand Company where you can start the "My Little Chocobo" mission. When done, you are rewarded with a chocobo mount.
  • Mount Speeds and Flying: Mounts run faster than walking speed. Enhance their pace and gain flight through collection of Aether currents in every area. By exploring areas and completing specific blue quests, players can obtain aether currents.
  • Flight Across Zones: As it is zone-dependent, flying will not be possible until all the aether currents in that particular zone are collected.
  • Accessing the Mount Guide: You can look at or call out mounts by clicking on the main menu's Mount Guide. It showcases all mounts that have been unlocked so far, for instance those which were obtained from dungeons, trials or quests.
  • Dismounting: Press 'Z' on PC or select the mount button again to dismount by coming down to earth from whichever height you had attained while riding.



  • Character Screen Overview: You can view your gear via character screen. Six pieces of gear can be seen on each side of the screen, the left (main equipment) and right (accessories), and a job specific soul stone.
  • Understanding Gear Stats: You will see the item level and the required class/job by hovering your mouse over an item. Higher item levels are generally a sign of better gear, but end-game choices could vary depending on which stats you prefer.
  • Stat Impact: The gear is mainly responsible for statistics such as intelligence making racial passive differences meaningless. Focus on equipping items that enhance your character's abilities.


Recommended Gear

  • Optimizing Gear Choices: The 'Recommended Gear' button helps to choose from the items in inventory those suitable for current jobs automatically.
  • When to Use Recommended Gear: It is especially useful for beginners and remains effective until end game where specialized compositions may have manually chosen gears.


Gear Set List

  • Managing Multiple Jobs: To switch between job-specific gears easily, use 'Update Gear Set' button to save sets for different jobs.
  • Preventing Accidental Sales: By saving these sets from being displayed during auctions sales, you reduce the risk of accidentally selling valuable stuff.


Inventory Management

  • Accessing Inventory: Pressing 'I' opens up one's inventory where all sorts of things from crafting materials to quest-specific objects are kept.
  • Finding Gear: To view collected gear, hit Ctrl + I so as to open Armory Chest on PC.


Armory Chest Organization

  • Understanding the Armory Chest: This is an organized version of your inventory divided into different sections based on type of worn gears thus simplifying its use during play time.
  • Viewing Gear: Clicking on tabs like weapons and hats will display all gathered items therein respectively.
  • Trying On Gear: If you wish to see how a particular piece fits onto your character model, just right-click on the item and select "Try On".
  • Equipping Gear: Clicking 'Equip Best' often located above your character allows you to change your gear to the most optimal.


Combat Mechanics

FFXIV Combat and GCD / OGCD

  • Global Cooldown (GCD): A timer that restricts usage of abilities until these abilities are ready again.
  • Off-Global Cooldown (OGCD): These are skills that can be used while waiting for GCD to reset hence making combat more fluid.


Proc Abilities

  • Recognition: This is indicated by a yellow symbol circling the skill icon.
  • Usage: Normally, proc abilities should be activated immediately to take advantage of benefits like instant casting or increased damage done.


Common Boss Mechanics

  • Exploding Symbols: Walk away from people with this mark on them.
  • Arrow Indicators: Go stand in marked places and share/mitigate damage.
  • Yellow Areas: Do not stand inside them, because they are harmful zones
  • Red Eye Mechanic: as soon as you observe red eyes on a boss, turn your back towards it so that you will not be affected by mesmerization or instant death et cetera.



Some FFXIV classes have certain skills that actually benefit more if they are executed within various positions. These positions referred to as positionals include;

  • Rear Positionals: To maximize damage, stand directly behind an enemy. It is indicated when there is no circle around the enemy model
  • Flanking Positionals: To deal extra damage, use abilities from left or right sides of a target which can be seen as flanking. A scheme used to detect the flash points of windows for optimum use of ability.

FFXIV Positionals

It is very important that you become familiar with indicators and mechanics of your job gauge because this will greatly affect your ability to perform in the capacity you have chosen.


Job Gauge

Every discipline has its own job gauge, which unlocks as the character levels up. It includes:

  • A resource management tool.
  • A burst window for ability usage optimization purposes.

This is why it is important to learn about the indicators that your job gauge uses and how they work so that you can be able to perform well on your chosen role.


Chocobo Companion

Upon reaching approximately level 30 players will have access to their Chocobo companion, who helps during solo quests. To summon your Chocobo:

  • Complete the "My feisty little chocobo" quest.
  • Use Gysahl Greens; one item lasts 30 minutes and is stackable up to 60 minutes.
  • Go to the "Companion" tab for viewing/upgrading your pet's skills and rank.

Healing spells are considered particularly valuable companions in solo adventuring situations.


Chocobo Saddlebag

Additionally, a player's chocobo will grant them a saddlebag with seventy slots of additional space. This feature works at any time as an addition to personal inventory.

FFXIV Chocobo Saddlebag

What Happens When You Die?

There are two choices available when you die in FFXIV:

  • Stay dead until someone resurrects you
  • Return home or start dungeon


Gear Durability

Your gear comes with a durability rating that decreases over time as well as upon death. There is a green health bar next to each piece of gear in your inventory which shows this degradation state of it.


Repair Gear

Gear can be repaired by doing these steps;

  • Find NPCs tagged repair which have hammer icon in map.
  • Talk to them and get all stuff fixed include equipped armor through armory chest and inventory.
  • Ensure all items are repaired before attempting to apply glamour to them.

FFXIV Repair

In order for it to remain effective in battle, regular maintenance of gear must be done properly always.


Loot (Need / Greed / Pass)

In FFXIV, items are obtained through a "Need/Greed/Pass" system when in group content. It works this way:

  • Need: In the event that an item is appropriate for your current job, you will be given an option to choose "Need" which means it will give you priority over other people. If nobody chooses "Need," then it goes up for Greed rolls.
  • Greed: You will select greed if the item is not suitable for your current job or if you just want it. When several players choose greed, the recipient is chosen by random roll.
  • Pass: If you don't want the item at all, click on "Pass" to remove yourself from distribution.



Fast Travel

Fast travel allows players to move around quickly within Final Fantasy XIV's expansive world thereby making it a key feature in the game.


Aetheryte / Aethernet

  • Aetheryte Crystals: They are large blue crystals that act as teleportation nodes. To attune yourself to them before use right-click on an Aetheryte. At any point in time, after getting attuned with them you can pay a small fee in gil and teleport there from anywhere else.
  • Aethernet Crystals: These are smaller ones found within towns. By attuning these, one can travel freely within towns of the same zone without having to traverse long distances physically. This method is particularly useful when moving about big cities quickly and painlessly.


Set Home Point / World Server /Free Destination

  • Home Point: An Aetheryte can be set as your home point where you respawn upon death and allows free travel via the 15 minutes recast ability 'Return'.
  • World Server Visit: You can also visit servers within your data center from an aetheryte to play with friends.
  • Favored/Free Destination: Setting an Aetheryte as Favored or Free Destination decreases the cost of gil for teleport, useful when going to places often.


Fates / Bi-Color Gems

Fates are dynamic events indicated by a unique symbol on the map. Just approach the Fate and make sure you activate Level Sync if you need credit. Successful completion of Fates provides Experience Points (XP), currency for zone-specific upgrades such as Mount speed and, beginning with Shadowbringers expansion, Bi-color Gemstones.


These gemstones can be exchanged for things like riding maps, Materia, cosmetics, minions, crafting supplies and Triple Triad cards. To purchase rarer items at a profit players need to complete more Fates in that area. Progress on this can be followed using 'Shared Fate' option from travel menu.


Duty Finder

The Duty Finder is a key feature of FFXIV that helps people get involved in a wide range of activities. By pressing 'U' or opening the duty list then clicking on 'Duty Finder', it shows different options:

  • Duty Roulette: Randomly assigns dungeon, trial or raid with bonus rewards; best method for leveling alternate jobs.
  • Adventure in Need Bonus: Extra incentives for roles in short supply like tanks.
  • Specific Queues: Targeting a certain dungeon or trial required for quest progression.
  • Raids and PvP: Joining larger group content or competitive play options.

FFXIV Duty Finder

The Duty Finder is essential when it comes to joining group content without premade party and is highly recommended by experts as it gives XP, Gil, Tomestones for top-tier gear.


Duty Support System

For those who want solo play or are trying to avoid queues, there’s also Duty Support System where main story dungeons can be completed with NPC allies. Trials still require group play, but this system ensures smooth progression through dungeon-based story content.


Map / Teleport

Navigating the world map of FFXIV may not be the most intuitive thing at first glance. The map can be resized or zoomed out using controls provided. Important quests are marked for easy reference. Also, players can teleport to other places by clicking on their action bar.

FFXIV Map and Teleport

The teleport list is sorted by region and also expandable according to expansions to simplify moving around it. This feature becomes very helpful after a player have familiarized themselves with different parts of the gam


Sales with Retainers

  • Auction House Access: Each retainer has twenty slots on the Market Board, which is Final Fantasy XIV’s equivalent of an Auction House.
  • Listing Items: To sell an item, choose it from your inventory or that of your retainer. You can see the present market listings of the item with “Compare prices” and its past sale data with History tab.
  • Price Setting: As you look at market trends, decide on whether should undercut existing listings to increase chances of making sales or set competitive prices.


Retainer Disciplines and Ventures

  • Assigning Classes: In addition, any class unlocked by players can be chosen for their retainers who can go up in levels in any of them up to current player level.
  • Equipping Gear: To take part in missions known as Ventures, your retainer must possess certain equipment items.
  • Ventures: Ventures may either involve quick explorations whereby random items are picked up or target missions specifically for obtaining particular resources. Venture coins needed for this may be obtained from grand companies or vendors .


Banking and Auction House Strategies

  • Efficient Use: The majority of players find two retainers sufficient enough to meet their unique storage and selling requirements at no extra costs involved..
  • Economic Strategy: Regularly check the Market Board to adjust your ads depending on price changes.
  • Venture Management: Engage in activities that accrue Venture coins so as not to run out when your retainer needs missions done by him/her.


Hall of the Novice

The Hall of the Novice is a necessary spot for those who want to refine their class and role skills. Duty tab allows you to get there, and take part in practical exercises that will grant you exclusive gear and cosmetics. This section fits players who want to explore their job more thoroughly.

Objective Training and Rewards
Place Duty Menu
Advantages Gear and Cosmetics


Crystal Bell - Aesthetician

Players can drastically change how their character looks with the Aesthetician. This includes hairstyles, hair color, facial features, etc. While it cannot change gender or race, this is an easy way to give your avatar a new look without having to leave the game.

  • Services: Hairstyle, hair color, facial features 
  • Limitations: Gender and race are untouched 


Glamour Dresser

For fashion-conscious players, Glamour Dresser is a must-have feature. To unlock it you must complete specific quest. When accessed, gear that has no stats but looks great can be stored in it via glamour prisms for use later on by gamers. These items can then be applied as glamours to your current gear, allowing you to maintain an attractive appearance without sacrificing functionality.

  • Requirement for Unlocking: You must complete certain quests   
  • Using For: Fashion customization    
  • Costs: Glamour Prisms (purchasable or quest rewards)   


To Use:

  1. Pick any item from your inventory
  2. Shift it into the dresser using glamor prism
  3. Choose which glamour from the list in your dresser to implement on your present gear.


Group Content

FFXIV Group Content


  • For the composition: Four persons' instances with one tank, one healer and two DPS.
  • Unlocking: Progress through Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) or specific side quests marked with a blue icon.
  • Structure: Typically includes a linear progression through multiple areas culminating in three boss battles.
  • Rewards: Gear, mounts, minions (non-combat pets), and more.



  • Composition: 8-tenant battles with 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, and 4 DPS.
  • Experience: Trials are the final boss fights with no other enemies called "junk mobs".
  • Difficulty Levels: Available in Bronze if you want easier challenges and Gold for more difficult ones.
  • Rewards: Gear, cosmetics, mounts, as well as the amazingness of it all.


Alliance Raids

  • Composition: Three lots of eight players in a twenty four player content (two tanks, two healers and four DPS per team).
  • Structure: Large-scale caverns which have numerous boss fights as well as some trash pulls.
  • Challenge: They are not usually hard but they offer a broad epic scale.
  • Rewards: Cosmetics, gear, mounts and more story passages. 


User Interface Essentials

Ability Bars Customize the number them and how are positioned to suit your game style. Locking them saves you accidents when in combat adlock them so that they do not change accidentally during combat.
Health/Mana Bars Show the status of your character at any time for health or mana respectively.
Experience Bar Shows how far off you are from leveling up; displays current level progress and rested XP .
Inventory Indicator Shows how much space is left in your inventory at a glance.
Menu Options Take these routes to various settings for many games or features on the game.
Quest Tracker It is important to keep track of active quests and their locations; use the map to teleport directly to objectives.
Mini Map Displays immediate surroundings; may be customized to indicate stationary or moving directions .
Weather Indicator This is important particularly because there are events that depend on particular weather conditions.
Time and Connection Status Has day night cycles plus information about server connection quality which can be checked by FFXIV players.
Mail Notification This alerts you to new mail that can be checked in game.


Customize HUD Layout

To customize your HUD in FFXIV:

  1. Press "Escape" and then select "HUD Layout".
  2. Swap around all the UI elements so they fit well with your role such as DPS, Tank or Healer.
  3. Click on an element to adjust its settings such as size and opacity.
  4. Enable or disable elements as needed.
  5. Save multiple layouts for different roles or preferences.

FFXIV User Interface Essentials

Before customizing your UI, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the game so that you do not accidentally misplace important items.


Menu System

The menu system in FFXIV can be accessed by pressing "Escape". Some key sections include:

  • Character: View character gear and attributes
  • Actions and Traits (P): This will take you to where you access class abilities, role actions, and passive traits.
  • General: Find general commands like Sprint and Limit Break.

Some of these options are also found within the same menu system although a bit diffeent on how they get activated such as change stance(key Z)or dismounting which have shortcuts set up for them in the shortcut bar.


Actions and Traits

Access this menu by pressing P. The list includes:

  • Class Abilities: Active skills for use in battle.
  • Role Abilities: Skills shared across roles within your class type.
  • Trait: Passive abilities that affect how a class works.

FFXIV Actions and Traits

 To master your class's gameplay, understanding these aspects is crucial.



Sprint is among the General Actions category of skills, which does:

  • An instant cast lasting for 10 seconds while engaged in combat (20 seconds when out of combat).
  • A cooldown period of 60 seconds.
  • It is crucial to get away from large area-of-effect (AOE) attacks. Make sure this skill is ready to use in your hotbar.


Limit Break

LB or Limit Break is a powerful ability which:

  • This should be placed on your hotbar for quick access.
  • Who uses it depends on the role; normally DPS unless a Healer or Tank LB might be required according to the situation.


Teleport / Return

These are travel skills that must always be at hand:

  • Return: Free teleportation back home.
  • Teleport: Journey to any Aetheryte location visited earlier.
  • Accessible by using the menu or pressing "M" and choosing a destination.

As you progress through and complete job quests new abilities will automatically be added onto your bars. Be vigilant of such additions so as to manage your abilities effectively


Adventure Plate

The Adventure Plate is a customizable display screen that appears at the beginning of dungeons, raids, and trials. Players may alter their character’s portrait, facial expression, and orientation thus giving them an opportunity to express themselves to their group members. While optional but personalizes your gaming experience too.


Currency Menu

Currency Menu can be launched using the 'Currency' tab or Ctrl + C shortcut key combination whereby various in-game currencies are monitored. These include things such as,

  • Grand Company Seals
  • Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP)
  • Gil (the primary currency)
  • Standard currencies (Seals, MGP, Gil)
  • Combat tokens (Tomestones for endgame gear)
  • PvP Tokens (Wolf Marks)
  • Allied Seals for additional purchases

FFXIV Currency Menu


Character Menu 

Character Menu provides a summary of your character's statistics, equipment and accomplishments. It has several features such as:

  • Quick changes of outfit through gear set management
  • Profile information (race, city-state, grand company affiliation)
  • Titles based on in-game achievements that you can assign yourself
  • Levels of each class and job
  • Reputation with beast tribes and player commendations (rewarded at the end of dungeons and trials)

FFXIV Character Menu


Armoury Chest / Inventory Saddlebag

The Armoury Chest is where gears are stored; it only needs Ctrl + I to open it. Equipment is sorted by category such as swords, helmets, chest plates etc. If your items start to overflow into your main inventory then it means you need to de-clutter. The Inventory Saddlebag provides extra space for storing items that are not needed immediately.



Your Chocobo companion can be customized to serve as a Defender (tank), Healer or DPS (damage dealer). The role of healer is generally preferred in solo quests. Companions wear commands and gear that make them more effective in combat.


Mount Guide

Although they are often used by players of FFXIV to quickly traverse the vast game maps, mounts can also be seen as a sign that such a person has seriously gamed hard. Unlocking a new mount is easy, just right click on it in your inventory then add it to your collection. In order to summon a mount:

  • Click and drag the desired icon of the mount from the list into your action bar.
  • Use Mount Roulette when you want one randomly selected whenever you call.
  • Customize your roulette so that only selected mounts appear, through adding them to favorites by right clicking.

FFXIV Mount Guide

Mounts come via different in-game activities such as Gold Saucer, dungeons, trials and quests. Players get satisfaction collecting these cute little creatures within FFXIV gameplay.


Minion Guide

Typically a player's companionship with their own non-combat pets in FFXIV manifests as minions that tag along with them wherever they go. As with mounts, all one needs to do is right-click on an item from their full bag and they will get another minion. When handling minions:

  • Add them through Minion Guide into your collection.
  • Choose some of them whose names are generated through random summon method using Minion Roulette tool.

FFXIV Minion Guide

Minions can be found throughout the game, from dungeons to special events.


PvP Profile

Your PvP profile gives you an overview of how good or bad you are at PvP fighting in general for instance win/loss ratio and ranking. It contains match history details and rankings. PvP may not be important for each gamer but its inclusion adds competition thus changing the nature of the game itself.

FFXIV PvP Profile


Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer is both connected with amusement and rewards hub. This includes:

  • General currency
  • Chocobo racing statistics
  • Triple Triad cards & decks
  • Lord of Verminion data

FFXIV Gold Saucer

Here players can play mini-games and win special mounts, vanity items and much more.



Progress tracking in the form of achievements is a good way to motivate players in FFXIV. The achievement menu is especially helpful for those who like to finish all the goals set by the developers. This includes:

  • Completed achievements,
  • Nearly completed challenges,
  • Recommended achievements for your character.

FFXIV Achievements


Aetherial Compass

The collection feature houses the aetherial compass under it located at Duty menu. This compass is vital when seeking out Flying mounts'Aether currents in certain zones. Players should put this on their action bar for easy access.

FFXIV Aetherial Compass


Key Items

  • Location: Found within Key Items tab with your inventory.
  • Usage: Right click and use them or place them in prompt quests such that you can progress through these quests.
  • Accessibility: Just as easy to find as regular items located in inventory.

FFXIV Key Items



  • Capacity: up to 30 quests concurrently held.
  • Strategy: Focus both on main story questlines and on blue quests that will offer classes you desire or Aether currents location among others;
  • Management: Avoid overloading with side quests; focus on ones that are immediately beneficial only.

FFXIV Journal


Duty Finder

  • Purpose: To ease multiplayer content joining activities;
  • Queue Times: Tanks/Healers have relatively shorter wait times than DPS do;
  • Tips: Use duty roulette to easily level alt jobs post MSQ completion.

FFXIV Duty Finder


Trust Party

  • Function: It gives option of clearing dungeons using NPCs instead of people from outside.
  • Availability : Basically one expansion focused, rest of the game had similar duty support system.

FFXIV Trust Party


New Game Plus

FFXIV New Game Plus

  • Feature: Replay through main story with different job without any experience gains
  • Recommendation: Use this mode if you want to immerse yourself into the storyline rather than leveling your character up again too quickly;



FFXIV Timers

  • Overview: A detailed list of all on-going and upcoming events that are happening.
  • Purpose: Aids in saving up, and also provide, the correct time of departure for flights, publication dates of fashion reports and other tasks that are not to be missed.
  • Gain: Allows efficient management of such participation into different kinds of in-game events.


Hunting Log 

  • Goal: Obtain XP and cosmetic items.
  • Level Range: Through 50th level.
  • Usefulness: Non-obligatory; less vital to gaining XP than before.
  • Purpose: It will help you identify some specific monsters that you may be interested in hunting for various reasons such as farming experience points or looking for a rare item.

FFXIV Hunting Log


Sightseeing Log

  • Objective: Unveiling secret locations within the game world.
  • Rewards: Primarily aesthetic ones.
  • Involvement: These need interaction to unlock them


Gathering Log

FFXIV Gathering Log

  • Relevance: Helpful for players who have interests in crafting or harvesting resources.
  • Accessibility: This is a non-compulsory feature for newbies.
  • Content: Monitors player's progress in terms of crafting and gathering.


Orchestrion List

  • Description: A grouping of music tracks available in-game
  • Usage: Play personal housing background music 

FFXIV Orchestrion List


Challenge Log

FFXIV Challenge Log

  • Benefits: Extra Experience Points, Gil,
  • Activities: Various tasks are included like Completing dungeons,
  • Bonus Tip: Helpful when leveling companions.  


Aether Currents Menu

FFXIV Aether Currents

  • Function: Keeps track of collected Aether Currents needed for flying across zones,
  • Method: Using the Aether compass locate currents,
  • Indicators: Show completed zones with missing currents.


Mount Speed Menu

  • Display: Shows mount speed per zone through stars (0-2).
  • Advancement: Complete story quest line and any other additional requirements that will raise your speed limit.


Shared Fates

FFXIV Shared Fates

  • System records FATE participation and rankings in zones. 
  • Goal is to achieve gold rankings to purchase riding maps. 
  • Currency obtained from NPCs after successful FATE completions.


Teleport Travel Menu / Map

FFXIV map assists players in moving quickly across the game world. You can shrink, enlarge, and move it to gain a better view. Teleporting is possible at any previously travelled location you have tuned to its local aetheryte. Alternatively, use the Teleport Travel Menu for a list-based approach to find your destination, with options to sort by zone.



The Return feature returns you back home by teleporting you directly to your home aetheryte without cost every 15 minutes making it an efficient way of getting around.


Party Member Menu

By pressing 'O' on your keyboard, you can access the Party Member Menu that shows your current team members while offering other features such as friends list, blacklist and player search.


Add Friend to Friends List

To add someone to your friends list from the party member menu use these search conditions. Enter either their first or last name and apply filters like language or location; however note that players must be online in order for them to appear during searches.


Party Finder

Later in the game, Party Finder is helpful in creating custom parties for specific activities. This is more complex compared to Duty Finder which only works well when forming general groups at earlier stages of play.


Signs / Waymarks

Leaders may employ signs for group role or position designation. Place these icons on your action bar for easy retrieval. Likewise are Waymarks placed upon ground areas as an indication of strategic positions during fights.


Ready Check

Ready Check is meant to confirm if party members are prepared for an encounter and hence functionally send out a prompt throughout the group where responsive members would indicate start up time.



Synchronize party actions initiating a Countdown ranging from 5 seconds up until 30 seconds particularly useful prior starting combat or timed events.



Scroll through emotes for role-playing purposes or screenshot taking. For social interactions consider dragging emotes to your action bar for easy access.


Free Corporations

The Free Corporations (FCs) serve as FFXIV's equivalent of a typical MMO guild. Joining an FC enhances the social aspect of the game but it is not a must for one to have full fun with the game. These are some of the benefits that FCs offer:

  • Group leveling.
  • Unlockable buffs for all.
  • Socialization and assistance.


Linkshells / Crossworld Linkshells (CWLS)

Linkshells are private communication channels for players who may be in different Free Companies or none at all. They can be used in many ways such as:

  • Organizing hunts and other specific activities.
  • Real time notifications about what is happening in game.
  • A player can belong to multiple Linkshells based on various interests.

Crossworld Linkshells (CWLS) expand this across servers, allowing for more wide spread interaction and collaboration between players .


System Menu Options

FFXIV System Menu

The system menu contains various support options and settings:

  • Contact support desk to get help.
  • Latest news updates; official contacts points.
  • How to report abuse/harassment or other issues.


Settings for Graphics and Sound

  • Graphical: Adjusting the game's visuals so that they match your computer's capabilities. High performance GPUs will make sure you see everything as it is supposed to be.
  • Sound: Customization of audio levels must prioritize essential sounds. For example, it is possible to set a 80% volume for personal effects, 52% volume for party effects or even lower the sound when playing alongside other players so as to reduce auditory distractions while raiding or trying trials.


Mouse and Control Settings

  • Gamepad: FFXIV has extensive controller support. Console players should configure their gamepad settings accordingly.
  • Mouse: Adapt mouse settings to improve in-game movement and interaction.


UI customization

  • Theme: Decide between dark, light or classic themes depending on what you find visually appealing.
  • HUD Layout: Change how elements of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) are placed on the screen by dragging them around for easy access. This includes assigning frequently used menus to hotbars so that they can be activated quickly.


User Macros

Optional macros can be used in FFXIV for automation purposes such as sending certain messages or performing specific actions. Though not necessary during battles, some people use them when crafting items or adding funny texts like "I'm alive" after using Resurrection skill by White Mage class. Do not create too many unnecessary macro-based sentences into chat.


Key Bindings

Key bindings help one play with efficiency. The player must spend some time setting up keybinds at an early stage. Here are some suggestions:

  • Personalization: Ensure that all abilities are assigned hotkeys within reach so that there is no need to rely on point-and-click tactics during fights.
  • MMO Mouse: One could try searching for an MMO mouse with additional buttons programmed for quicker access to various abilities.
  • Efficiency: Make sure your layout allows convenient use of abilities that are frequently employed thus increasing your game performance.



FFXIV's PvP is optional and separate from PvE but has unique items like cosmetics. Here are the following PvP modes:

  • Crystalline Conflict: Five versus five mode where teams take turns pushing a cart across the map, such as in many popular FPS games.
  • Frontline: Large scale battlefield involving three groups of 24 players each making a total of 72 fighters.
  • Rival Wings: The twenty-four-versus-twenty-four MOBA-like game type with non-player character (NPC) objectives on a linear map.

Any player who wants PvP or collecting cosmetics can find these interesting for FFXIV gaming in other ways.


In addition to catering for social aspects, FFXIV also comes with features designed to satisfy personal needs. Therefore, whether you want to join others at Free Company or streamline your character settings, FFXIV can make sure that everything goes well in Eorzea. Polite interaction within the community and utilization of numerous customization opportunities guarantee great gaming moments in the title.

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