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21 Tips and Settings to Improve Gameplay and Qol in FFXIV, 2024

21 Tips and Settings to Improve Gameplay and Qol in FFXIV, 2024

It's a good time to update your FFXIV quality of life settings with the new expansion coming out in 2024. This guide will cover 21 essential tips and settings to improve your gaming experience; we'll talk about movement settings, auto-skip cutscenes, targeting types, limit target ring movement, etc.



#1. Movement Settings

There are two types of movement settings in FFXIV: standard and legacy. Each type has its own pros and cons which affect how your character moves or maneuvers.

FFXIV Movement Setting Game Screenshot

  • Standard Type: This is the default setting which allows you to turn your character without moving them but requires dedicated keybinds for strafing.
  • Legacy Type: By switching to Legacy, you can strafe more efficiently and have the advantage of running backward – it’s superior for many players.


#2. Auto Skip Already Watched Cutscenes

Use "skip playback of previously viewed cutscenes" option to save some time during gameplay. It automatically skips those cut scenes that have already been watched so there won't be any extra breaks in between adventures.

FFXIV Cutscene Skipping Game Screenshot


#3. Targeting Types

Knowing different targeting types used by FFXIV is important for productive combat and interaction within game world. Be it selecting closest target or using tab-targeting settings – being aware on how best optimize these preferences may significantly impact one's gaming proficiency.

FFXIV Targeting Types Setting Game Screenshot

  • GCD Targeting: Adjust settings to ensure GCD (global cooldown) hits nearest target around you for improved efficiency during fights.
  • Tab Targeting: Depending on playstyle explore options like "ignore depth" or "cone" targeting while customizing tab targeting preferences.


#4. Limit Target Ring Movement

When playing jobs with ground placed AoEs such as ninja, scholar, white mage or astrologian – optimizing ground targeting settings can help increase accuracy and efficiency of actions. Change limit target ring movement to targeting range so abilities are placed precisely without causing unnecessary inconvenience.

FFXIV Limit Target Ring Movement Setting Game screenshot


#5. Mouse Targeting

Mouse targeting can make FFXIV more accessible.

FFXIV Target Display Setting Game Screenshot

Highlighting Enable this feature to easily see which enemies have been targeted thus enhancing accessibility during playtime.
Limit Battle Effect Settings Set battle effect settings to “show limited” for better visibility during alliance raids and encounters.
Enable Clicking on Field to Remove a Target Prevent accidental target loss by enabling this option in the mouse settings.


#6. Inventory Management

Character configuration has settings that can be adjusted to optimize inventory management.

FFXIV Inventory Setting Game Screenshot

  • Inventory Settings: Switch from default "normal" view into either expanded or open views for easier navigation and accessibility.
  • Store All Newly Obtained Items: Have newly obtained items go directly into inventory rather than Armory chest for better organization.


#7. Disable Pop Ups

Want to get rid of the annoying windows that cover your screen when you log in? To stop receiving recommendations and play guide pop-ups, go to Character Configuration > UI Settings.


#8. HP Percentages

Knowing how much HP a target has remaining can greatly affect your tactical awareness. You can display this information as a percentage by going to Character Configuration > HUD > Display Remaining HP Percentage.

FFXIV HP Percentages Setting Game Screenshot


#9. Party List Settings

In high-end content, it's important to be able to see what status effects are on each member of your party. To maximize visibility of buffs and debuffs on the party list, along with other settings such as sorting players by role or job, check out Party List in Character Configuration.


#10. Color Coordination Settings

Customizing color coordination settings can improve visual clarity during gameplay. For example, changing colors for different roles or classes might help you distinguish between them more easily. You could also enable class icons above character names so that they're visible at all times!


#11. Hotbar Settings

Optimizing hotbar settings will make it easier to manage abilities and keep track of their cooldowns. Show recast timers next to each skill button or hide empty slots altogether – whatever works best for you! Additionally, setting up separate pet hotbars can prevent accidental ability use during emotes.

FFXIV Hotbar Setting Game Screenshot


#12. Error Messages

Whether due to failed actions or simple oversights, error messages have a way of cluttering up the screen at inconvenient times. Luckily there's an option in Log Window Settings that lets you turn off certain types such as "Action Failed" warnings so they don't interrupt combat flow unnecessarily.

FFXIV Error Messages Setting Game Screenshot


#13. Mouse Size and Sonar

Adjusting Mouse Size: If your mouse cursor is hard to see or gets lost against busy backgrounds often enough, try making it bigger! Go into System Config -> Mouse and select either Medium (default), Large or Maximum size from the drop-down menu under Cursor Size.

FFXIV Mouse Size and Sonar Setting Game Screenshot

Utilizing Mouse Sonar: In case you lose track of where your cursor is on the screen during heated battles or other intense moments, set a keybind for Mouse Sonar in System Config -> Keyboard to make it appear instantly.


#14. HUD Settings

Target Bar Customization: To show or hide parts of the target bar such as health bars, cast bars, buffs and debuffs independently from each other – even increase their size for better visibility – go into HUD Layout mode via Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display Tab > Target Info.

FFXIV HuB Layout Setting Game Screenshot

Simplifying Job Gauges: If you feel overwhelmed by all the numbers and animations that come with default job gauges (i.e., Astral Fire/Umbral Ice stacks), try changing them to simplified versions under Job HUD Display in Character Configuration.


#15. Action Settings

FFXIV Action Setting Game Screenshhot

  • OG CD Recast Time Adjustment: In Final Fantasy XIV, some actions cause recast times on other abilities. You can turn this on and off according to what you like.
  • Managing Action Chains: Some actions in this game will auto-trigger related skills. You can customize these action chains for your hotbar layout preferences and skill management optimization.


#16. Focus Target

Using Focus Target as a Healer: For healers, it is important to be able to keep an eye on both party members as well as enemy targets. By using the Shift + F command you can set a focus target which allows you to watch boss cast bars while still being able to see your party's health needs.


#17. Adjusting Pet Sizes

Summoners may find their screens cluttered with lots of pets now in D TRIL. To fix this problem, go into 'pet size' under settings and choose small, medium or large depending on how big you want them! This way they won't take up all the space on your screen but still remain visible enough for gameplay purposes.


#18. Glamour Plates to Gear Sets

Link glamour plates to specific gear sets so that when you switch between jobs everything looks seamless! I think this is really helpful for people who have multiple level 100s or just like having different glamours for each job they play. All you need to do is link your desired glamour plate with your gear set and then whenever you change jobs it will automatically change too – so convenient!

FFXIV Glamour Plates to Gear Setting Game Screenshot


#19. Optimizing Camera Angles

Changing where your camera is pointed at can have a huge impact on how well you play the game! Hold down "control" while using the arrow keys to move around and adjust it so that more stuff will come into view (for example during raids) but don't zoom out too far because then everything becomes tiny and hard-to-see – we still need our character model somewhere visible after all :)


#20. Customizing UI Theme

You can personalize your UI theme by going into system configuration and choosing dark, light, classic FF or clear blue. It's cool because this one little thing can totally change how your game looks and feels – try it!

FFXIV Customizing UI Theme Setting Game Screenshot


#21. Easy Materia Extraction and Repairs

The easiest way to farm high level materials required for endgame progression is through materia extraction from spiritbond gear. By using the material extraction feature you can quickly pull off all those pesky spirit-bonded items in one go then get super awesome materia!


Oh and also don't worry about carrying around repair NPCs when your gear breaks. Crafters can use grade 8 dark matter instead so that repairs are done instantly wherever you are. This is really good for keeping everything at its best while leveling up or doing anything else crafty :)


So now that we have these quality of life settings and tips for 2024 what do you think? Do any sound interesting or helpful to you? If not, what kinds of things would make YOUR FFXIV experience better next year?

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