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Ice Cream Partners Event Slot  x 1

Ice Cream Partners Event Slot x 1

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Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 2

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Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 4

Ratings and Reviews

Average user rating
4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 170 Customers ratings)

Rating breakdown

5 ★
Votes(128) / 75.3%
4 ★
Votes(21) / 12.4%
3 ★
Votes(13) / 7.6%
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Votes(8) / 4.7%
20 Jul
5 / 5

Exceptional Mono Go Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 2 purchase! Immersive world and top-notch gameplay.

19 Jul
5 / 5

Monopoly Go purchase on GGWTB was smooth and efficient.

18 Jul
5 / 5

I'm blown away by the quality of GGWTB's Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 2 for Mono Go. Exceptional in every way.

17 Jul
5 / 5

The Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 2 service from GGWTB for Monopoly Go gameplay has been a remarkable experience.

17 Jul
5 / 5

GGWTB did an amazing job with the Monopoly Go Ice Cream Partners Event Slots x 2 service. It's truly transformed my gameplay.

17 Jul
4 / 5

I'm satisfied with my purchase. A solid Mono Go.

What is Partners?

Partner Events have been developed for players to make pacts with others to complete tasks, collect themed tokens, spin wheel for points, unlock milestone and win grand prize.

It requires all participants joining forces to accomplish shared objectives in order to yield returns as a team.

On regular basis, Monopoly GO will organize Partner Events which will give players an opportunity to build attractions in pairs.


Gameplay & Mechanics:

To form pairs with fellow gamers during the Partners Event you need to build attractions on all 4 slots of the board.

You get rewarded with points for progress and upgrading your attractions each time you spin the scrolling wheel.

Accumulate specific event tokens as shared currency on one progress bar and reach certain milestones on it to earn rewards like Top Prize (which is given out after finishing one attraction) or Grand Prize (awarded upon erecting all four).

It's understandable that Net Worth or Board level could determine how much rewards a player gets but individual progress chances remain equal between partners irrespective of difference in money.


How can I find a partner in Monopoly Go?

Use game chat; Join Monopoly GO communities on Facebook, Reddit etc.; Invite friends who play this game to partner up or introduce you to any interested people; Play public games for possible partner search; Visit Internet forums concerning Monopoly GO where you can ask for or provide partnership applications.


Tips & Tricks:

In order for you not to be left behind by other group members during a Partners Event in Monopoly GO, please follow these tips:

  • Communicate and Coordinate: Team up with your team members at every stage of the game so that everyone would know what needs be done in their turn.
  • Active Participation: Never be found lethargic at any point of the Event since every activity contributes towards group development.
  • Strategic Planning: Be careful enough so that all moves made will help more resources be available for contribution.
  • Utilize Power-Ups: Tactically use power-ups to boost performance.
  • Teamwork: Collaborate with your partners and work towards common goals as a team.
  • Stay Updated: Frequently visit the Event page and our website for updates, tasks, deadlines and other important information which you must not miss out so as to meet them in time.
  • Engage with the Community: Reach out to other players on social platforms, join groups that are active enough where you can find reliable partners when needed.
  • Practice and Learn: Participate frequently in such games so that experience from every game could improve your strategies towards Partner Events in future.


Collecting Tokens Faster

- Try landing on the special token spaces as often as possible to get more tokens from them.

- The amount of tokens you earn is directly proportional to your dice multiplier; bigger multipliers mean more tokens.

- Boost your token reserves using free daily gifts, ranking rewards or quick wins.

- Take part in top events for maximum token intake possible.


Getting the Most out of Multipliers

- Be aware that this event is not about luck but consistent strategy application throughout it all.

- Choose a level of multiplier that will balance between spending too many tokens and getting enough rewards back.

- Stick with one same multiplier for better consistency during an event duration.

- Recommended multipliers are X3 or X5 which save spins while still giving significant amounts thereof.


Buy Monopoly GO Partner Event Slots At GGWTB.COM

If no method is working for you then buy your slots directly from GGWTB today to get an invite into our partnership.We guide all our joint builders through those attractions swiftly which result into instant progress, milestone completion and plenty rewards.

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