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AFK Arena Beginner Guide: Essential Tips and Strategies

AFK Arena Beginner Guide: Essential Tips and Strategies

AFK Arena is an idle RPG game that has managed to capture a lot of attention. It has a strategic depth and aesthetic charm that keeps players hooked. If you're new to the game, this guide will provide you with crucial tips so you can get started on the right foot. Navigating your way through would be much easier without stumbling into common beginner pitfalls. Whether you're here because of the crossover event or just looking to explore new games, these tips will give you a solid start in Esperia.



Ascending Heroes

In AFK Arena, Ascension is a vital process that allows heroes to gain power levels. However, it's important not to overdo it, or you'll find yourself stuck in one place. Here's how to manage your heroes effectively:

Ascension Hierarchy Know who your top heroes are by checking out the tier list and focus less on those who have lower potential.
Hero Copies Make sure you have at least four copies of a hero before attempting to ascend them so it won't cause any delays.
Fodder Management Use weaker heroes as fodder only when necessary to help more powerful ones ascend quicker.
Temple of Ascension Save valuable copies for higher-tier heroes so they don't go to waste on weaker ones.

AFK Arena Manage Heroes Effectively


AFK Arena's Idle Nature

Progression walls are naturally scattered throughout AFK Arena as part of its idle gameplay mechanics. To make sure none of them become roadblocks for too long:

  • Patience is Key: Understand that progression walls such as shortages in gold and hero essence exist for everyone.
  • AFK Rewards: Take advantage of the time when playing isn't possible by accumulating resources while idle.
  • Strategic Spending: If real money gets involved, try not to go overboard but speed up progress within reason.
  • Resource Management: Saving chests and other valuable items for later chapters will yield more rewards based on campaign progression.


Diamond Usage

You'll be spending diamonds pretty frequently while playing AFK Arena, so it's important to make sure you're getting the most out of them:

  • Avoid Inessential Purchases: Don't spend diamonds on common items or gear in the shop unless absolutely necessary.
  • Summons are Paramount: Spend your diamonds specifically on hero summons at the Noble Tavern. Do not use single summons; save up 2700 diamonds for the 10x summon option to get better value.
  • Hero Essence is Vital: Buy hero essence from the store everyday, since this resource will stay relevant regardless of how long you've been playing.
  • Gear Enchanting: Save enchanting gear until you have Mythic quality ones. Early on, gear gets replaced quickly and gold would be better spent elsewhere.

AFK Arena Diamonds


Wish List

Setting up your wish list can significantly improve your game progress. Here's how:

#1 Choose Wisely Highlight heroes with high utility and synergy for your team. Support heroes like Scarlet, Rowan, and Rosaline are great examples.
#2 Flex Slots Assign flex spots to heroes that complement your main damage dealers or fill gaps in your team composition.
#3 Ascension Goals Aim to ascend heroes so they unlock their full potential before rotating them out for new ones.
#4 Signature Items Prioritize heroes with impactful signature items such as Damon who can carry teams through early-to-mid stages alone.

Remember, your wishlist should grow and change just as you do. Update it to reflect your current needs – and the meta.


Fast Rewards

As you know, Fast Rewards are a great tool for making quick progress in AFK Arena. They're based on the AFK rewards you collect while offline, with the calculation being done according to your highest chapter unlocked. For maximum benefit, remember these key points!

  • Timing: Use Fast Rewards at the end of each play session to get the most out of a day's progress.
  • Progression: Try to push as far into campaign chapters as possible before using Fast Rewards – since the further you go, the better off you'll be.
  • Resource Management: Early game progression is heavily reliant on hero summons. So use Fast Reward resources primarily for acquiring Scrolls and doing summons.


Using Resources

For early game strategies that focus on summoning heroes (which in turn aids with campaign progression), keep these tips in mind:

  • Scrolls: Collect Scrolls from both Fast Rewards and Chests of Wishes to increase how many times you can summon heroes.
  • Stones: Use Stones to summon heroes too. This will give you a chance at Elite heroes or even just fodder used for progression either way.
  • Hero Management: Don't hoard heroes or resources! Use Summons and get chests open so that you have the heroes needed to move forward.


Progression Strategy

To level up fast and make steady headway in AFK Arena, follow this rotation:

AFK Arena Level Up Strategy

  • Campaign -> King's Tower -> Arena -> Hero Development
  • Once campaign stages get tough enough, stop there and move into farming King's Tower instead.
  • After hitting your King's highest floor yet, visit the Arena for extra loot and other resources that'll help overall.
  • Lastly (but maybe most importantly) spend time leveling up existing heroes, equipping gear and then just return to the campaign and keep your progression going.


Additional Tips

  • Engage in events like Shadow Invasion for extra resources whenever possible.
  • In the first five days, take advantage of freebies like Soldier Supplies and Boot Camp to get exactly that – additional rewards.
  • Set up your wishlist ASAP so hero acquisition is streamlined from day one.
  • And every single time you can claim a free hero, do it. It'll only make your team stronger at no cost!


Remember these tips as you embark on your journey in AFK Arena. Building a solid team of heroes, managing resources, and grasping game mechanics will be key. Stay patient, plan ahead strategically, and you'll become a formidable player before long!

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