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Cookie Run Kingdom PVE Team Building Ultimate Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom PVE Team Building Ultimate Guide

There are various PVE challenges in Cookie Run Kingdom that require a good strategic team building to win. There is no one-fit-all solution due to ever-changing meta and different stages in this game. This guide offers some key tips as well as a general framework for creating an effective PVE team, which can be useful during world exploration.


Team Building Essentials

Having a strong PVE group in Cookie Run Kingdom is vital in order to dominate stages for world exploration. Versatility is important because you encounter different challenges but having a well-rounded team structure can greatly increase your chances of success. Here are things you should know when putting together your squad:

Composition It is recommended to go for balanced setup using the 2-1-2 formation where there would be two frontline tanks, one DPS (Damage Per Second) unit, and two backline supports/healers.
Treasures There are three treasures that must match up with your abilities and strategies thus impacting significantly on how well you play.


For different stages in the game, balanced teams are important. Below are common strategies for mixing players on a team:

Cookie Run Kingdom Basic Set Up For PvE teams

2-2-1 Formation Two tanks leading on, two DPS middle-manning, one healer/support lagging behind.
2-1-2 Formation The setup is more defensive with two tanks; however there is only one DPS and two healers/supports instead.
1-2-2 Formation Such an approach entails having one tank, two DPS’s and two healers/supports.

Keep in mind that these are just basic setups; thus depending on different stage needs or your play style you can vary your units accordingly.



Tanks act as frontline defense for your team absorbing damage and protecting more fragile members.


Top Tank Picks: 

  • Hollyberry: She doubles up as a tank while at the same time being capable of dealing impressive amount of damage.
  • Dark Choco: Still a solid choice for world exploration, providing reliable defense.


Alternative Options:

  • Space Donut: May turn enemies into doughnuts has an exclusive special power making it qualify if you get it.
  • Wildberry: Grants 15% damage resistance to team all the while stunning them where also dealing significant amounts of damage.
  • Pure Vanilla: Go with this if you didn’t choose Hollyberry.
  • Brew: This increases team attack by 15% and stuns for the sake of journeying across the globe.

Don't just look at tanks that can take hits but also deal some noticeable ones back or provide utilities such as stuns or buffs towards the squad's overall damages done (i.e.,).


DPS (Damage)

In your team middle lane, DPS cookies are vital. They are to blame for inflicting massive harm on enemies. For DPS, select those that could be useful in multiple game modes e.g. world exploration, guild boss battles and arena fights.


Top DPS Picks:

  • Squid Ink: Known as having very strong one-shot potential and is effective in guild boss battles as well. Magic candy is required for it.
  • Rye: It deals high single-target damage which particularly helps in the guild boss battle too such that you need to have it equipped with magic candy as well.
  • Captain Caviar: It performs well both in world exploration and guild boss battles.

If any of these legendary or super epic cookies like Moonlight or Frost Queen are available then go ahead for them due to their higher damage output and versatile utility across various game modes.



They are the backbone of any PVE team contributing important support functions and continuous healing. These good healers featured were;

  • Pure Vanilla: Pure Vanilla is an ancient cookie who offers great flexibility both for arena battles and world exploration. It becomes more valuable later on, where damage from injuries becomes higher- it clears injury debuffs by 50%. Furthermore, Pure Vanilla has burst healing with only 15 seconds cooldown time making her an excellent choice.
  • Herb Cookie: If not Pure Vanilla, then Herb Cookie can substitute perfectly while facing several adversities including difficult levels.
  • Cream Unicorn: This character is not very popular especially when compared with other healing options like Herb or Pure vanilla , but remains a strong healing option for your team.


Support Selection:

A powerful support can make your team stronger and change the course of the battle. Here are some top supports;

  • Cream Puff: Cream Puff is certainly the number one offensive support including attack and crit damage buffs (especially with fully upgraded magic candy). Also, her stun immunity helps to add another utility layer for the whole team.
  • Cotton Cookie: Without Cream Puff, you should consider using Cotton Cookie instead. It has multiple roles such as healing, tanking by summoning Sheep, and stunning enemies hence making it a versatile character.

To sum up, while many cookie combinations may work in PVE, having a well-balanced team with good healers like Pure Vanilla or creams puff can improve greatly how it performs. Remember to change your squad according to boss stages and specific challenges to get optimal results.


General Toppings

In increasing the abilities of your cookies, toppings are vital when constructing a PVE team. The following is a summary of the best toppings for each role to assist you:

Tanks For tanks at the front line such as Space Donut and Wildberry, the recommended topping is Solid Almond which augments damage resistance to provide stronger shields for your team.
DPS Cookies Searing Raspberry tops are great for DPS cookies as they increase their output damage. Alternatively, Swift Chocolate can help in speeding up skill rotation making it good for characters like Moonlight, Sherbet and Squid Ink.
Healers Most healers should be equipped with Soy Chocolate toppings that maximize their healing potential. However, Cream Puff is an exception due to her skill mechanics that favor Juicy Apple Jelly toppings.

Cookie Run Kingdom PvE Team Lineup Recommendations

In all roles, focusing on damage resistance is vital during world exploration, ensuring that your team survives. Strive to strike a balance so that enemy attacks do not overwhelm your team.



Your team's performance can also rely heavily upon these treasures. Here are the best picks for PVE content:

Jelly Watch At level 12 both common and epic versions have 25% reduction in cooldowns which enables more frequent use of skills; if you haven’t maxed out the epic Jelly Watch prioritise cooldown reduction over marginal attack boosts.
Whistle This treasure gives percentage boost to entire team along with high attack plus damage resistances buffs on highest attacking cookie and one tank.
Scrolls Teamwide defense enhancements come with epic scrolls and rare scrolls. In case it is not easy acquiring an epic scroll at level 12, a rare scroll at this same level may be a good alternative.

It should be remembered that specific stages might require you to alter your treasure selection so items such as Whistle could be exchanged for feather or monocle etc., which provide stage-specific benefits.


Building a PVE team that is well balanced in Cookie Run Kingdom requires careful consideration of toppings and treasures for every cookie’s role. A good team should consist of a solid tank, high damage outputting DPS cookies, as well as versatile healers. Adjustments may be necessary depending on the stage requirements, but maintaining balance is key.

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