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Monopoly GO Levels Guide: Highly Efficient Tips and Tactics

Monopoly GO Levels Guide: Highly Efficient Tips and Tactics

Monopoly GO is an adaptation of the original board game, brought into mobile platforms. There are 300 levels available where you can build landmarks and increase your net worth competing with others. Leveling-up is key to unlocking more stuff, and this guide has some pivotal ideas on how it could be done efficiently.




Monopoly GO does not use a traditional leveling system. Instead, it features a Network level that reflects your progress and achievements within the game. Your Network level is an indicator of the wealth you have accumulated and the investments you've made in various attractions.

Accessing Your Network Level
  • Start by launching the Monopoly GO mobile application on your device.
  • The upper left corner of the game's main screen shows your Network level.
  • Tapping on your Network level will show detailed information such as current standings and what rewards/features can be unlocked at higher levels.
Upgrading Attractions and Their Impact
  • The game revolves around upgrading attractions to increase their net worth which directly impacts (affects) network levels.
  • Each upgrade boosts the value of an attraction; also, gives you a house that is placed randomly in the board.
  • Houses raise other players' rent payment when they land on your property. When five houses are collected in one property, it allows you to build a hotel which further increases its value.
Achievements Milestones and Features Unlock
  • Different gameplay features are unlocked at each network level like Shields, Roll Capacity or Auto-Roll functions among others (such as).
  • These will help safeguard assets while improving efficiency during playthroughs (streamlining game).
Board Completion and Progression
  • Once all attractions have been fully upgraded on any given board this results in completing that said board which rewards handsomely along with advancing onto another themed fresh content filled map!
  • Currently there are 131 different boards available within Monopoly GO; however more may be added later down the line so keep an eye out for updates please!
  • All boards can be seen from map view, newer ones being placed above recently completed ones.


What Is The Maximum Level In Monopoly GO?

When it was first released, the top level in Monopoly GO was 10,000. This does not mean that you can't play any longer once you've reached this level; players are still able to make money, purchase properties and achieve goals. The cap may change as they update it over time which reflects how much the game is changing.

Monopoly GO Max Levels


3 Methods to Earn XP:

  • Completing daily quests
  • Building properties
  • Passing "GO"


Checking Current Levels:

To see what the current maximum level is on Monopoly GO:

  • Go to the bottom right hand corner of your screen and click "Friends".
  • Then select "Leaderboard" from the drop down menu.
  • Finally choose "Global" so that you can see where you rank worldwide.


Whoever has the most points on this list has achieved the highest possible level at present. Currently, this number sits around 28k after their last update brought it up.


Reaching Higher Levels:

Getting better scores in Monopoly GO involves using tactics along with regular play and knowing how things work within the game. Here are some ways in which people can progress through levels faster:

  • Do achievements with big experience point bonuses first.
  • Buy properties that will give them a higher income when used strategically.
  • Trade or auction with other users for deals that could make them rich quick.
  • Play often so they can get rewards based on time spent playing as well as any other bonuses available to players during certain times.


How to determine your level in Monopoly GO?

1. Check Achievements
  • Every time you complete a task or unlock an achievement in Monopoly GO, it is recorded as progress.
  • Each time you achieve something new, the game will notify you like "upgrade" or another milestone reached.
2. Monitor Unlockables
  • The game has many unlockables that can be accessed as one plays.
  • These are found in the game menu when scrolled through.
3. Engage in Activities
  • Regularly participating in activities within the game increases your level.
  • Increase how often and differently parts of Monopoly GO are played with for faster leveling up activities by engaging in them more.
4. Track Your Network
  • In Monopoly GO, your overall development and status are expressed by "network".
  • When this network is being improved, it means leveling up and there are some new features and benefits that come with it.


How Do You Quickly Level Up On Monopoly GO?

A quick advancement on Monopoly GO requires strategies, property acquisitions and smart playing tactics. Here are key things that will speed up your progress through various levels:

1. Make Property Ownership A Priority Start buying properties from day one so as soon as possible own many. The more properties you own increases your chances of collecting rent from opponents.
2. Invest In Property Development Once one has acquired all of a given colour group's properties, add houses or hotels on them to increase rent values.
3. Trading Smartly Strike bargains with other players for vital assets that either make it feasible for monopoly or strengthen ones bargaining position.
4. Maintain Financial Health Be careful with what you spend your money on. Avoid unnecessary expenses that do not make you grow.
5. Use Cards Effectively Chance and Community Chest cards can be of great help . Use them wisely to stay ahead of competitors.
6. Strategy Jail Time When necessary, jail time can be used advantageously to evade high rents paid out to opponents.
7. Purposeful Auctioning Be thoughtful when participating in auctions. Acquire properties that work with your strategy, but don’t go beyond your financial limits.


How Many Levels Are In Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO adds a dynamic level system that brings depth and complexity to the traditional game of Monopoly. Players pass through different levels each with its own challenges and opportunities. It is important to understand these levels so as to develop good strategies and improve gaming as a whole.

Monopoly GO All Levels


Level Breakdown:

Level 1 Beginner's Luck A starting point with simple Monopoly rules—focus on property acquisition and empire building.
Level 2 High Stakes Introduction of "Event Cards" which change gameplay dynamics; increased strategic play to deal with new risks.
Level 3 City Expansion Capability to construct sky-rise towers thus increasing rent potentiality-"City Planner" card is brought in for influencing building chances
Level 4 Fortune Favors the Bold "Risk and Reward" mechanic added at "Chance"; decisions on taking risk become very critical for amassing wealth
Level 5 Monopoly Elite The challenge of establishing a high-end hotel chain; introduction of "Elite Properties" with high rent and bonuses.
Highest Level Mega Tycoon Get ultimate property control and wealth. This implies great strategic intelligence at this level. It does not stop there, rather, it allows players to strengthen their grip on the board.


Levels Unlocking and Boards

Monopoly GO features the classical board with 40 spaces that accommodate properties, railroads, utilities, and special spots such as Community Chest and Chance. The game's map has been designed in such a way that it looks familiar and engaging to both beginners and experienced players.

Monopoly GO Board

It has a total of 8 different boards representing various cities. Initially players start with the classic board before unlocking others by completing numerous challenges offered throughout the game. This will enable them experience different environments with more gameplay challenges upon unlocking all eight boards.


Tips for Different Levels

Advancement on Monopoly GO needs balanced strategic thinking and financial acumen. Here are some tips to help you through your levels:

  • Strategic Property Investments: Ensure acquisition of highly returnable properties is given priority.
  • Financial Management: Keep an eye that is keen on your budget while acquiring or investing wisely.
  • Negotiation Skills: Enhance negotiation skills to obtain favorable deals.
  • Risk Management: Assess risks that may arise in order to evade their effects.
  • Continual Learning: Be updated about the mechanics of a game so as to learn from your playthroughs.


Monopoly GO Tips and Strategies


Benefits of Leveling Up

As you advance on levels on Monopoly Go, these include certain perks: 

  • Multipliers: These boost your returns from specific undertakings held inside the contest.
  • Arrow Cash: A unit of exchange exclusive to the running of transactions.
  • Stickers: What could make it a really personal experience? Collectible items available for users within the gaming world deigned to add a unique touch upon their online presence.


How Many Boards Are There in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO boasts 130 unique boards each with distinctive themes and challenges. Here is a full list of every available stage through which you have to pass while playing the game:

  1. Martian Colony
  2. Treetops Resort
  3. Antarctica
  4. Pooch Park
  5. M. Aquarium
  6. Paris
  7. The Roaring 20's
  8. San Francisco Nights
  9. The Old West
  10. Lunar City
  11. Pleasant Pastures
  12. Sunset Shores
  13. Tokyo
  14. Martian Colony
  15. Reader's Roastery
  16. New York Nights
  17. Istanbul
  18. Monopoly World
  19. Monopulon 5
  20. Madrid
  21. Celestia
  22. Marrakesh
  23. Amsterdam
  24. Galactic Flats
  25. Pleasantville
  26. Cairo
  27. Earth Village
  28. Chef Showdown
  29. Thimble Farms
  30. London
  31. Boo U
  32. Barcelona
  33. Crystal Depths
  34. Ancient Egypt Nights
  35. Small Business
  36. Seashell Islands
  37. LA Premiere
  38. Hairsalon
  39. Gnomeburg Nights
  40. Sherwood Forest
  41. Train Town
  42. Buenos Aires Nights
  43. Aquapolis
  44. Atlantis
  45. Gnomeburg Heights
  46. Monopolton's Ball
  47. Ulysses' Travels
  48. Seoul
  49. Prosperity Drive
  50. Ceasar's Rome
  51. Alchemy Academy
  52. M's Club
  53. Dark Vale
  54. The Waterworks
  55. Fire Isle Nights
  56. Philadelphia
  57. Haunted Hamlet
  58. Winter Village
  59. M Jewelers
  60. Gnomeburg
  61. Cairo
  62. M. General
  63. Boardwalk
  64. Water Woodlands
  65. Scottie's Mansion
  66. Monopoly U
  67. Antarctica
  68. Creature Kingdom
  69. Sofia's Shop
  70. Monopoly Studios
  71. Treetops Resort
  72. Mt. Monopolis
  73. Seville
  74. Pawfee Shop Electric Company
  75. Norse Nebula
  76. New Orleans
  77. Catfe
  78. M. Industries
  79. Thimble Farms
  80. Fit-It Heights
  81. Worn Woods
  82. M. Elementary
  83. Fire Isle
  84. Apel's Orchard
  85. Camp Greenback
  86. Air Acres
  87. Marrakesh
  88. Egypt
  89. Monopoly Con
  90. Crystal Depths
  91. The Waterworks
  92. Chef Showdown
  93. Monopolis 3000
  94. Washington D.C.
  95. M. Industries
  96. Camelot
  97. The North Pole
  98. Block City
  99. Las Vegas
  100. Haunted Hamlet
  101. M's Museum
  102. San Francisco
  103. M's Cave
  104. New Orleans
  105. Ulysses' Travels
  106. New Orleans Nights
  107. Los Angeles
  108. Ceasar's Rome
  109. Montreal
  110. Doubloon Bay
  111. Brussels
  112. New York Nights
  113. Monopolis 3000
  114. Washington D.C.
  115. Mt. Monopolis
  116. The North Pole
  117. Block City
  118. Las Vegas
  119. Alchemy Academy
  120. Egypt
  121. Amsterdam
  122. Lunar City
  123. Storybook Woods
  124. Monopoly World
  125. San Antonio
  126. Maine
  127. Sunset Fjords
  128. M's Club
  129. All Citizens Bank
  130. Massimo's


With so many stages on offer, each board guarantees a novel thrilling sensation.


Strategies for Each Levels

In order for one to do well in this version of monopoly go he should have the following strategies that match each levels:

  • Stay Active: Consistently log into this app to perform daily tasks thus advancing at a steady pace.
  • Complete Challenges: Prioritize those tasks which carry good amounts of experience points as rewards.
  • Plan Strategically: Make informed choices which could improve your monetary system and network growths while playing around with others’ cash on board games.
  • Engage with Community: Herein lies answers regarding how to quickly go up the levels of the game.



For Monopoly GO's level system, it brings life into a timeless board game by providing new challenges along with interactive gameplay. Players can also embark on an endless quest for property empire dominance since there are five distinguishing levels in the same game. 


Getting to level 10,000 shows a players' commitment and strategic acumen. However, once a player hits this milestone, they will no longer gain XP; though it can be hastened through smart playing skills and regular participation in daily challenges. Remember: Monopoly GO is not only about reaching level 10000 but also enjoying the game for its depth in strategy.

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