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Monopoly GO Bank Heist Complete Guide

Monopoly GO Bank Heist Complete Guide

In Monopoly Go, players must navigate the challenge of building their city while defending against Bank Heists. Although this mini-game can bring you more wealth, it also comes with financial losses! So this guide provides insights into the mechanics of Bank Heists and offers practical advice on how to prevent them, thus making gaming more secure.



Bank Heist: Overview

The Bank Heist minigame in Monopoly Go is activated upon landing on a Railroad Tile. Players are presented with 12 vaults, each concealing an image of a silver coin, stack of cash, or diamond ring. Your objective is to match three identical images to rob your chosen opponent and claim varying amounts of money, depending on the pattern matched.

Monopoly GO Bank Heist Explained


How to Play Bank Heist in Monopoly Go?

  1. Land on a Railroad Tile for triggering a minigame;
  2. Choose vault doors that hide treasures inside them;
  3. Match any threesomes for identifying your loot amount during heist activities;
  4. Use dice multipliers to increase your take home pay.

How to Start Bank Heist In Monopoly GO?


The rewards are categorized into three heists:

  • Diamond Ring Diamond Rings Icon (Bankruptcy): The sum total is attained when there are rings numbering exactly three.
  • Cash Stack Stacks of Cash Icon (Large Heist): Three stacks of cash yield a significant portion of the target's funds.
  • Silver Coin Silver Coins Icon(Small Heist): Three stacks of cash yield a significant portion of the target's funds.


The Most Effective Bank Heist Heist Patterns

1. The L-Shape Pattern

  • Description: A pattern that looks like the letter "L" in any position.
  • Execution: Start by selecting middle row vaults, opening one at each end. If a ring is exposed, continue to uncover neighboring vaults until an L-shape has been formed.
  • Success Rate: This pattern is common and well-liked by most players who have used it.


2. The Rook Pattern

  • Description: Movement of chess rook consisting of straight lines and right angles.
  • Execution: If the L-Shape doesn't appear, change strategy. Open another vault without considering any single ring located earlier and look for the Rook pattern in any direction.
  • Success Rate: Though not as frequent as the L Shape, it has saved some players from desperate situations leading to successful bank heists.


Tips on Strategy

  • Pattern Recognition: Always be looking out for signs of patterns manifesting and do not hesitate to change tactics when necessary.
  • Adaptability: Being able to adjust your course in the middle of a heist can mean the difference between a small win and a major jackpot.
  • Probability Management: These patterns may tip chances slightly in your favor even if luck plays its part.


How to Avoid or Prevent Bank Heists?

To protect your funds from bank heists, be sure to spend all the money before logging out due to lack of Monopoly GO shield; make sure you log in regularly so as not to become a target; bear in mind that what you lose is just but a drop in the ocean compared to what you already have; lastly, there is a note that no player can target the same player in succession. 


How To Cancel A Bank Heist?

Once initiated bank heist cannot be reversed but this can be stopped by either closing down the game, clearing cache or force stopping it without any impact. if you do not want a big heist, aim for exactly one small heist by matching three silver coins. 


Are there cheats, hacks or bugs in Bank Heist?

There are no actual monoploy go cheats for bank robberies that work according to some people's belief. The outcome of these heists is not left to chance but is predetermined by the game's system.

  • 1. Predetermined Outcomes: The items found behind each vault door when a heist occurs don't appear randomly. If you were tasked with repeating a heist, chances are high that you would experience similar events such as finding gold first followed by jewelry and then lots of cash as shown on various YouTube channels- which further suggests that outcomes are fixed regardless of tricks like airplane mode cheat.
  • 2. The Illusion of Randomness: The game presents itself as random when it offers 3x4 grid of doors on their vaults where players must choose from. However, reward sequence follows straight line and does not depend on gamer’s decision at all. But they put other icons in empty spaces on the screen so that it seems like players have influence over the final outcome while in reality they do not change anything.
  • 3. Community Research: Some players have tried to organize and analyze the results of bank heists in order to identify any potential trends. One example entailed compiling information into a massive spreadsheet, which ultimately proved inconclusive either. This supports the notion that the heist outcomes in this game are fixed irrespective of player's choice.



Any talk or rumors about how to hack Monopoly Go bank heists should be viewed with suspicion as it concerns such speculations. These cheats do not exist because they are not supported by the mechanics of the game.



While Monopoly Go does not provide a shield against Bank Heists per se, there are certain strategies like being mindful on how one spends and also religiously playing that can help prevent huge losses from occurring. The game is designed such that losses are acceptable, but revenge is prohibited hence providing equal chances for all participants. (46 words)

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