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Monopoly GO Shields and Shields Skin Ultimate Guide

Monopoly GO Shields and Shields Skin Ultimate Guide

Monopoly GO is a mobile version of the popular board game that has introduced such dynamic gameplay features as shields which can protect your properties from hostile moves. The guide will walk you through how to use shields that can greatly enhance your defense plan, keep your position in the game secure by all means And how to get and change Shield Skins!



What are Shields in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO Shields

Shields are similar to protecting walls for houses in Monopoly GO. They prevent opponents from causing any potential harm or destroying your properties through deployment of shields. You create a buffer against aggressive plays by accumulating shields, ensuring the longevity of your real estate investments.


How to Collection/Acquire Shields?

You'll need to collect shields for securing your assets. These orange icons can be found on the monopoly board in this app.  There are several ways:

Navigate The Board Look out for any tiles with shield symbols while traversing across the Monopoly GO board. These shields are collected directly when you land on these tiles and will automatically be equipped onto the player's property.
Quick Wins Aim for quick wins that come with instant rewards like landing on certain squares or reaching a specific number of shutdowns. Once accomplished; they grant items such as shield skins among others.
Participate Events In each event held regularly within Monopoly Go there are always different types of awards including limited-time shield skins given away! Enter those time-based competitions and complete specific challenges to add unique styles into your defensive arsenal!  


Deploy Shields

When you have them, put up defense mechanism around building which is essential if there is an attack being directed towards it here is how:

  1. Watch carefully for notifications signaling imminent assaults on your structures.
  2. Open up the dialogue box instructing you o deploy a shield.
  3. Agree that you want this particular structure defended through using one such shield.
  4. Observe that the remaining shields count becomes one less than it was before.


Shields Management

For a proper shield inventory management, think strategically. Consider the following tips:

  • You need to prioritize on protecting high-value properties or those at high risk of being attacked.
  • Keep in mind that while you collect shields, other aspects of the game play should also be taken care of for a well-rounded strategy to be maintained.
  • By keeping track of opponents' trends and behaviours you can anticipate when and where shields will be most needed.


What are Shield Skins?

Monopoly GO Shield Skins

Shield skins in Monopoly GO are special cosmetic items that serve as collectibles for personalizing the experience during gameplay. These skins are mostly released during the course of unique seasonal events and they tend to be rare due to limited availability. As desirable game pieces, acquiring shield skins bestows some prestige and customization on individual players.


How Can I Get Shield Skins?

You can get these exclusive shield skins into your collection by following several methods such as:

Daily Check-ins Log in daily because it helps. This way Monopoly Go rewards regular players with variety of stuffs even sometimes this includes chance to acquire new shield skins.
Weekly Rewards Interact with Quick Wins and try reaching Weekly Rewards. Every day tasks complete will accumulate points contributing towards weekly reward where there might include shield skins.
Seasonal Events Take part in time-bound challenges within seasons. These can vary from rolling dice certain number of times to landing on particular tiles. Successful completion of these kinds of events may unlock new shield skins.


How Do I Change Shield Skins?

Customizing your game with different choices for shield skin is easy:

  • Use the horizontal lines at the topmost part on your screen to go back
  • At the bottommost part, choose 'shields' which is second among other options available.
  • Go through your collection and select a skin by tapping on it when you want it equipped.
  • This menu shows all available skins allowing you modify your shield anytime you want.


Briefly, Shield is a crucial part of your defense in Monopoly GO. Avoiding major setbacks from the actions of opponents is possible through collecting and using shields prudently. Be aware that the more shields you have, the better placed you are for absorbing attacks and retaining ownership of your properties.

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