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Cookie Run Kingdom: Stormbringer Cookie Ultimate Guide - Biscuits and Topping

Cookie Run Kingdom: Stormbringer Cookie Ultimate Guide - Biscuits and Topping

Stormbringer Cookie is a force to reckon with in the world of Cookie Run Kingdom, making it necessary to choose biscuits and toppings intelligently so as to maximize its potential. In this extensive guide, we will show you how to select the right cookies and toppings for Stormbringer cookie, thereby ensuring that you play around its strengths effectively.



Stormbringer Cookie is a recent recruit to the game's lineup with a charge role and frontline position. She is very good at her specialization, which involves supercharging ally cookies (electricity type) and resulting in powerful chain lightning assaults. Her potential can only be fully realized by having the right Beascuits and Toppings on her.

Stormbringer Cookier Overview


How to Get Free Stormbringer Cookie?

Through gacha system, players can obtain Stormbringer cookie. Also, by logging into the game for 10 days consecutively you can obtain free of cost Stormbringer cookie. For those gamers who are not willing to spend money here is our guide offering strategies that help them increase their chances of collecting more storm bringer cookies at no cost.


Skill Set Overview

Skill Description
Heaven Splitter Deals damage to enemies and causes zap that may evolve into overcurrent for increased damage.
Supercharge Buff Boosts resistance and HP for electric type cookies; when crit hits percentage is high.
Chain Lightning It deals supercharge damage if activated correctly.
Stormbringer Aura Enhances attack power while at maximum stacks triggers storm bringer punishment.
Stormbringer Punishment It inflicts heavy harm on opponents while stunning them thus changing from zap to over current.


Stormbringer Cookie: Biscuits

Securing a biscuit is vital to elevating your Stormbringer Cookie's abilities. It will push up its attack by 20% and HP by 25% when leveled to twenty. Here are some of the most important things you should consider when selecting biscuits:

  • Damage Resist Bypass: The Stormbringer Cookie, being in the front-line gains much from this stat that can only be found on biscuits.
  • Critical Hit Rate: Go for at least a 30% critical hit rate so as to maximize Stormbringer's offensive potential.
  • Attack Scaling: Raising the attack helps in scaling the cookie's total damage.
  • Cooldown Reduction: While not as important as above attributes, it is also good to have.
  • Damage Resistance: This one also increases survivability during battle.

Stormbringer Cookie Right Biscuits Overview

Balance is necessary while setting up your cookies. Make sure you synthesize high critical hit rate with other stats for optimal performance of your Stormbringer Cookie.


Stormbringer Cookie: Toppings

Toppings boost some features of the cookie. For Stormbringer Cookie, these are recommended:

  • Apple Jelly (Critical): It is essential if you want to get past or reach level of critical hits going beyond 30%.
  • Searing Raspberry (Attack): If you would rather concentrate on increasing attack power then this topping becomes an alternative choice worth considering.
  • Survivability Toppings: Select toppings that give HP and damage resistance for increased frontline staying power.

Stormbringer Cookie Right Toppings Overview

When applying toppings, aim for a mix that complements the attribute of the biscuit. Do not forget about damage resistance, cooldown reduction and attack scaling even though prioritizing high critical hit rate. As such, together they will ensure that your Stormbringer Cookie remains a force to reckon with.



Our most recent gameplay showcase tested Stormbringer Cookie extensively. We wanted to show its high attack power of 579 against an opponent with 257, proving how much damage it can actually do. Despite some empty spaces in lineup, Stormbringer Cookie's performance was tremendous.

Stormbringer Cookie Showcase Overview


Key Highlights:

  • The special move of Stormbringer Cookie caused a whooping 900 thousand hit points' loss.
  • Supercharged attacks on the character increased critical hits as well as general attack power.
  • As such, the game play on cookies enabled players to potentially kill off bosses within six seconds.


Recap & Final Thoughts:

Stormbringer Cookie is imbued with Heaven's might and therefore does exceptional damage in combat. In order to maximize the abilities of this cookie, players must strive for a critical hit rate that is more than 30%. Stormbringer Cookie's efficiency largely depends on the balance between attack and critical damage.



  • Put emphasis on upgrading essential skills for Stormbringer Cookie that enhance critical hit chances
  • Determine the scaling ratio of attack to critical damage as you build your character.



Stormbringer Cookie is a powerhouse that is sure to have a massive impact on your gameplay. Following instructions from this guide will help players realize the full potential of this character and improve their gaming experience. Always keep running and bring storm into every battle.

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