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Monopoly GO: Community Chest Completed Guide

Monopoly GO: Community Chest Completed Guide

The Community Chest in Monopoly GO can be a significant game changer for players looking to increase their wealth. A player's cash stack could be substantially increased by drawing the x50 rewards, making movement on the board strategically important. This guide will give players clear strategies for them to improve their chances of landing on community chest spaces and optimize their opportunities of drawing an x50 card.


How do I Unlocking the Community Chest?

To unlock and participate in Community Chest mini-games, players must meet specific requirements to gain access. The steps include:

  1. Gather friends by inviting them into the game, at least 5 need to be invited.
  2. By clicking on green "Invite" button located under the community chest icon send invites.
  3. Once you have enough number of players, then mini-game will be available for playing.


Remember that you can only start the community chest once per day; therefore; it becomes like a unique daily challenge because it is advisable not to engage with it until later in your gaming session so as to gain maximum profit from it.


How do I win The Community Chest Jackpot?

Every 24 hours, Daily Jackpot mini-game resets offering new chances of winning. It operates based on RNG dictating your moves and outcomes that follow up next while playing;

  • Tapping simply starts off with pressing 'Start' button for starting such mini-game.
  • Your piece will start moving automatically while watching out for the game.
  • In order to remove friends' avatars from the board, you should aim at the keys of Community Chest.


How to Increase the Daily Jackpot Prize?

Increase your winnings by implementing these strategies:

  • Make sure you land on community chest spaces during normal play time to boost it further.
  • Be smart and remove friends from the board while playing mini-game so that your final prize becomes multiplied.
  • Clear all the properties on a board and get 50 times multiplier for that.

Do not forget, however, that luck is very important in this game unless you possess an Active Friend Bonus which gives you control over your next move.


Tips & Strategies 

Though focusing on x50 is profitable; however, staying flexible for other outcomes from community chest deck is important. The whole idea is having a plan that can change depending on circumstances thus keeping you strong in this competition.

Plan Your Moves Study the layout of the board and find a way through as many Community Chest spaces as possible.
Play with Friends Unlock extra chances to land on Community Chest space by allowing multiplayer with friends.
Character Selection Opt for characters that have special abilities to help you move along or direct dice rolls towards Community Chest spaces.
Maximize Dice Rolls Accumulate more dices available in order to increase movement across the board and raise chance of landing at desired spots.
Draw Extra Cards In case there is availability, use powers such as a pass or an item which lets one draw more cards within one's turn from the community chest deck.
Timing Think about holding off on using any movement-enhancing items or abilities until later in the game when better strategic plays can be made around community chest spaces.


This simple guide enables participants master how they could get through huge money-making areas like these along with picking up x50 rewards. Just remember to take it easy since different changes from local chest may jeopardize your plan.

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