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Monopoly Go Partner Events Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Monopoly Go Partner Events Guide: Everything You Need To Know

In the competitive world of Monopoly GO, Partner Events offer players the opportunity to secure substantial rewards, including dice rolls and various prizes. Success in these events hinges on strategic collaboration and resource management. This guide provides players looking to stand out at partner events with the best focused tips and strategies to plan an effective build approach



What is Partner Event?

Such collaborative challenges as partner events may involve collective efforts aimed at gaining points or winning some prizes.  Unlike solo events, the ones require joint accumulation of scores thus unlocking unique awards not obtainable from single participation.


For such events to be successful at:

  • Four partners should combine their efforts.
  • Towers should be raised together.
  • Tokens must be gathered for spinning the prize wheel.
  • The main goal has to be winning grand prize.


Find Reliable Partners

Success in Partner Events hinges on a solid team. Here's how to assemble the best crew:

Connect with Friends Partnering with friends ensures smoother communication and coordination.
Join Communities Explore the Monopoly GO Trading Group on Facebook or the Monopoly GO Discord server to find active players.
Gather Tokens Participate in concurrent events and tournaments to collect the necessary event currency.
Spin Wisely Use tokens to spin the partner wheel, but manage your resources carefully to avoid running out.


Plan Out Your Building Approach

Strategize your construction efforts for maximum efficiency:

  • Review Rewards: Examine event milestones to tailor your building strategy accordingly.
  • Focus or Diversify: Decide whether to concentrate on one attraction or work on multiple ones based on the potential rewards.
  • Sync with Partners: Coordinate with your team to maintain a balanced contribution from all members.
  • Communicate: Keep an open line of communication to ensure everyone contributes equally and no one feels overburdened.


Essential Tips and Gameplay Strategies

Below are some proven strategies for Monopoly GO Partners Event focusing on how to select partners, achieve milestone achievements, and play the game better.


Selecting Active Partners

  • Identify active players: Only add partners who are always online and involved in the game.
  • Monitor partner activity: To ensure that your partners are still actively participating during the whole event, track them through their contributions.


Achieving Milestones Efficiently

  • First milestone priority: Try to complete this initial landmark as quickly as possible in order to gain a large dice bonus.
  • Strategic dice usage: Use dice multiples (e.g., x5,x10) to get points towards milestones more efficiently.


Maintaining Momentum

  • Continuous play: Roll as many times as possible within an event period, to make progress continuously.
  • Event optimization: Make most out of concurrent daily or bi-daily events happening in order to earn more dices and puzzle piece collection.
  • Multiplier strategy: Maximize multipliers considering highest sustainable level based on remaining dices knowing that getting higher scores depends on luck sometimes.


Leveraging Events and Boosts

  • Utilize wheel boosts: Take part in wheel boost events so as to increase chances of getting extra dice and rolling again.
  • Upgrade Landmarks: Spend money on upgrading landmarks. This will increase your dices thus be able roll more times as well as accumulate more puzzle pieces.


Adapting to Gameplay Dynamics

  • Adjust targets: If necessary change targets so that you avoid opponents with active shields protecting themselves.
  • Skin strategy: Look at new shield skins' potential for an edge over others in terms of competitiveness. 


Resource Management 

  • Dice Allocation: Save up your dice for strategic rolling sessions. 
  • Partner Choices: Choose wisely which partner you want to roll with based upon their contribution and how often they are online.


Final Push and Rankings

  • Top Rankings Goal: Aim high on daily events to get more rewards.
  • Free-to-Play Considerations: Be very active in the few hours for a final push if you are not spending any money in order to improve your standing.


How to Solo Partner Events?

Solo partner events are a good way of taking charge of your gaming experience. By creating multiple accounts, players can participate in events without the unpredictability of partnering with others. In this guide, several ways on how to do it will be outlined and a valuable bonus tip.


1. Setting Up Multiple Accounts

Extra Device Method
  • Obtain another smartphone or tablet.
  • Download Monopoly Go! app and generate new account.
  • Choose Full Account than guest account for data retention purpose.
Emulator Method for PC Users
  • Get a stable emulator like LD Player or BlueStacks.
  • Install Monopoly Go! within the emulator environment.
  • Handle more than one game at the same time.
Samsung Phone Method
  • Use dual app feature from Google Play and Galaxy Store.
  • Switching between apps for efficient gameplay.


2. Account Management Tips

  • Avoid usage of guest accounts due to no data saving features provided by them.
  • For each Monopoly Go! account create separate Facebook and email accounts,
  • Additional rewards can be available if you follow official monopoly go page on facebook.


3. Preparing for Partner Events

  • Make sure all accounts reach board 5 at least making them eligible for partner events.
  • Send confirmation requests between accounts to establish links.
  • Manage up to five accounts for full control over the partner events.


4. Bonus: The Ultimate Dream Team Setup

  • One mobile phone with many emails and facebooks' profiles.
  • 5 unique Monopoly Go! accounts.
  • Change account smoothly during trading, extended gameplay times, and solo partner events.


5. Account Switching Process

  • Open Monopoly Go!, go to settings.
  • Disconnect any existing linked Facebook accounts.
  • Login into desired Facebook profile.
  • Reconnect the account again within Monopoly Go!.



Monopoly Go Partner Events are not only about collecting dice but also collaborating strategically to fill your sticker album and win exclusive rewards. Stay aware of event timings, look for dedicated partners and take opportunities for extra dice.


Through understanding how partner events work, selecting teammates tactically and assessing their value to your current album status, you will make prudent choices that will optimize your gaming experience.

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