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Goddess of Victory: Nikke - A Complete Guide for Beginners

Goddess of Victory: Nikke - A Complete Guide for Beginners

Welcome, Recruits, to a primer that serves as the anchor stone for beginners who are just starting out on NIKKE: Goddess of Victory. We will present you with some background information about the game and then take you through its basics so that you can make a great start and become a champion. Come along with me as we learn the workings behind one of the most fascinating gacha games.



Our main goal is to move players from "Zero to Hero" by providing insights into essential game mechanics and resource management. 


The Basics

It is very important for anyone playing NIKKE to understand how gacha mechanics work. Here's what they entail:

Banner System NIKKE features multiple banners, each with different pull rates. At 4%, this rate is quite generous. Pilgrim Units—usually have a higher Rate-up Characters rate at 2%, but often drop down to only 1%.
Recruitment Vouchers To summon on banners, you'll use ADV ban set or Rec vouchers. Based on banner type, every summon will earn you either Gold or Silver Mileage tickets.
Pity System Unlike some gacha games, NIKKE doesn't guarantee a character after a set number of pulls. Nevertheless, if you accumulate 200 pulls, mileage tickets will allow you to buy a specific character directly. With gold tickets one can get new units while silver ones allow for duplicates of existing unit.
Friendship Banner This banner offers a 2% pull rate and excludes Pilgrim units. It’s harder than normal banners but offers an alternate pathway for summons.
Resource Management Patience pays off when it comes to Old Post system in NIKKE. Resources accumulate slowly over time and can be used strategically without immediate commitment.

Nikke Probability Info

Remember, NIKKE is a game for fun. While it can be played competitively, most players should focus on interactions, fan service, characters, music and story (the true core of the game).


The Outpost

The Outpost serves as a critical hub in NIKKE that gives passive resource income to players every 24 hours. This is also made possible after a major update, whereby the accumulation cap has been increased to 24-hour period hence aiding players to gather resources without frequent check-ins.


Resource Accumulation:

  • Tax Collection: Resources need to be collected within a time frame of 24 hours before levying begins.
  • Outpost Level: The level of your outpost directly correlates with the advancement on both main and hard campaign stages. Every five levels cleared will advance your outpost by one additional point in its leveling up.
  • Resource Bonuses: Some resources come with bonuses that are specified beforehand.

Nikke Outpost Defense and Rewards Overview


Outpost Defense & Campaign Progression:

Your defense capabilities at the Outpost are attached to your campaign milestones. As you progress through the campaign, your Outpost’s defense and resource output will increase accordingly.


The Real Outpost

The Real Outpost is an extension of basic Outpost mechanics with more game modes, build options, etc…


Key Features:

Building Several structures can be constructed that provide different benefits within the main campaign.
Brief Encounters They occur five times per week and feature additional lore for account characters.
Stamina Gain five stamina per week alongside weekly mission refreshes.
Bulletin Boards It is similar to dispatch missions found in lots of gacha games.
Recycling Room By using this capability you will improve unit stats.
Infrastr Core Provides passive bonuses for both account and dispatch missions.


Nikke Bulletin Board

Note: Always check red notification dots for any new updates or tasks available in The Real Outpost



Characters 101

Characters are what NIKKE is all about; hence, understanding these basics will assist you while assembling your team. Below is a breakdown of character elements:

Core System Characters can be upgraded from zero stars (a base copy) to Core 7 (requiring 11 copies). The power level of a character depends on this system.
Burst Type Characters have different burst types apart from Red Hood. These influence special abilities of a given character.
Element Advantage The elemental matchups in NIKKE only give advantages without disadvantages, for example, a 10% increase in damage for having an elemental superiority.
Weapon Type Each character uses a certain weapon type which influences fire rate and fighting style.
Class System In the beginning, attackers, defenders and supporters were under specific classes. However, that has become irrelevant as some characters no longer follow their traditional roles.
Manufacturer Within the game characters belong to different factions each with unique traits and backgrounds.

Nikke Characters Overview


Leveling Units

Knowing how to level up your units is important in NIKKE. Here are some steps to optimize your leveling process:

  1. Focus on Your Core Team: Concentrate more on developing five key units than spreading your resources across the entire roster. This strategy ensures that you have got a solid team for various challenges.
  2. Resetting Levels: Not to worry in case you mess up during leveling because one unit may reset its levels at only 10 gems fee; which is cheap compared to possible missteps corrections costs.
  3. Synchro Device: Using the synchro device will bring all of your units’ levels down to match the level of their lowest leveled member from among their core five units if it’s below that number. Therefore if your weakest unit has reached lvl100 then every other unit synchronizes into level 100 too.
  4. Acquiring Synchro Slots: One can acquire additional synchro slots either by purchasing them with gems at the rate of 500 per slot or through progression in Tactics Academy.
  5. Skill Investment: Be careful when investing in skills, since these skill resets are rare and only happen two times a year, so always upgrade your skills to level four to avoid wastage of resources normally.

Nikke Skill Info


First Team Composition

Building your first team in NIKKE can be both thrilling and challenging. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Initial SSR Unit: This is your first 10-summon that gives SSR unit assurance; while all SSRs may not be equally useful for you, they will still determine the base of the early game team.
  2. Free Units: In the first month of playing, you will receive Privaty for free who is very valuable to put into any starting line up.
  3. Purple Units: At the beginning, purple units will be your key reliance area. Even though there are over 116 characters available in this game don’t get discouraged if you cannot find some of them immediately.
  4. Recommended Units:
    • For B1 (Burst 1), N102 enhances team attack power.
    • An is a good option for Burst generation because she has strong Burst capabilities.
    • P3 (Position 3) options are limited; however there are Rapia and Miara which can be chosen out of these choices with other purple units being subpar but still have their uses if necessary.

   Nikke First Team


Basics of Team Building

Knowing how to build a strong team is essential in NIKKE. While we will not discuss it further here, it is important to note that overcoming the "160 wall" requires employing character copies strategically. To surpass this threshold:

  • Get a three-star character who will be able to increase their max level from 160 to 200.
  • You should aim for five characters with three stars which means base character plus three duplicates each.


However, we will save the discussion on resource management strategies for another day but always ensure resources are not wasted and seek guidance/resort other developers/ community resources when needed.


Free Characters

There are free characters available in the game through various updates and events:

  • Typically players are given a free three-star character after six months.
  • Starting from less useful ones such as Ray going up to more valuable Small White type of heroes.
  • Be ready for these promotions as you may have an opportunity to acquire a free Major League Baseball (MLB) unit that can help break the 160 wall.


Follow Your Missions

Missions guide your progression and offer clear objectives:

  • Always concentrate on main missions and challenges presented in game.
  • Red dots on Arc interface indicate unplayed game modes or pending tasks so you should pay attention to them closely.
  • In addition, red dots could notify about modes such as Thrive Tower, L sector, and Arena.
  • Therefore if ever undecided about systems or what next simply reach out by asking from other platforms like Discord,Reddit,Twitter etc

Nikke Main Mission

Although NIKKE Outpost is more recommended community resource over NIKKE Mobile for reliable information and support.


CP Deficit

Combat Power (CP) is a crucial measure in NIKKE, showing the strength of your team and affecting your battles. Prior to engaging in a level, you will see two numbers: the current CP and the recommended CP. If your CP goes below the recommended amount, you get a deficit that leads to a statistical reduction of your team. Consequently, this may cause your characters to be “one-shotted” easily by opponents.

Nikke Base Defense

Try not to exceed 30-35% off from the recommended range thus reducing chances for CP Deficit. Unless you have well-optimized team makeup that can counteract this, exceeding it could greatly impede your progress. In most cases though, normalcy is restored once these five strongest units are included in the team composition for positive figures.


The Tactics Academy

Newbies should never take for granted what they can learn from the Tactics Academy. Among its numerous advantages are increased credits and data sets that all contribute towards building up an Outpost base with cordat as well. These include:

  • Passive income boosts
  • Enhanced dispatch missions
  • Additional Synchro slots
  • More building options
  • Superior rewards from special interception missions.

The Rewards for completing The Tactics Academy are high but there is substantial credit investment involved which takes one or two months. However, such rewards will significantly boost your game development.


Useful Sources

Several external resources exist beyond personal strategies to aid one during his NIKKE journey:

  • Nikke.GG: Guides, character analysis among others gathered in one place.
  • PRYDWEN.GG: A resource covering various gacha games with a lot of information on them.
  • LOOTANDWAIFUS.COM: It contains open-source tools and insights backed by top-ranked players.

These resources provide more strategies and tips as well as community support.


In conclusion, this beginner's guide is just the first step in mastering NIKKE: Goddess of Victory; look forward to more specific content on subjects such as resource distribution and advanced tricks.

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