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Monopoly GO Events and Tournaments: Rewards, Dates and Strategies

Monopoly GO Events and Tournaments: Rewards, Dates and Strategies

There are various events and tournaments hosted by Monopoly GO that offer players exclusive rewards. These time-limited opportunities have different durations like hours or a week each having their own strategy. This guide to stay current on the functionality of each event, what strategies will work best for them, what we should anticipate about current and forthcoming events, types of competitions in tournaments as well as hints on how to claim victory.



 Monopoly GO: Current Active Events

Active events give numerous rewards when certain actions are completed in relation to them. They are distinguished from flash events by their duration but they still come with special runs such likes Partner and Peg-E token events.

  • New Main Event - 1st Anniversary Bash (Apr 21-23)
  • New Tournament - Electric Escape (Apr 21-22)
  • New Special Event - Prize Drop (Apr 21-25)


Monopoly GO Current Active Events

Stay informed regarding both current and upcoming events to fit your gameplay into these schedules. Save resources for Builder's Bash to upgrade Landmarks or wait for Sticker Boom before participating in high-reward tournaments. Through playing along with event timetables your Monopoly GO experience may be dramatically improved.


Monopoly GO All Tournaments Rewards

The game offers many different types of activities with specific objectives attached to them. The following is an extensive rundown:

Names Frequency Rewards
Partners Event Daily objectives Weekly reward progress, milestone rewards
Golden Blitz Event-specific dates Trade gold stickers (up to five per day)
Tournaments Limited-time Event-specific currency and prizes
Milestone Events Limited-time Objectives-based rewards
Board Rush Limited-time Completion of a board yields additional rewards
Bank Heist When landing on Railroad tile Small heist, large heist, or jackpot based on matched symbols
Cash Grab During event Monopoly money for tapping floating notes
Cash Boost Limited-time Doubled cash earnings from gameplay
High Roller During Special Event Increased Dice multiplier, higher Dice usage
Mega Heist During High Roller Special Event Enhanced Bank Heist rewards
Sticker Boom During Special Event Increase in stickers from Sticker Packs
Prize Drop Lasts a few days Collect tokens for prize chances, fill bottom bar for additional rewards
Community Chest When landing on Community Chest tile Money added to chest, open with invited friends for shared rewards
Free Parking Random times every few days Accumulate free dice rolls, cash upon landing on Free Parking tile
Landmark Rush Limited-time Additional rewards for completing landmarks
Rent Frenzy Limited-time Increased rent targets and income on the board
Property Wheel Boost Limited-time Double wheel spins upon completing sets and landing on hotel tiles
Quick Wins Daily objectives Weekly reward progress, milestone rewards
Daily Treats Daily login Increasing rewards for longer streaks


Monopoly GO Tournaments List and Reards

Such flash events like these have a limited lifespan within which they become active. Take advantage of this kind of occasion by checking out its schedule so that you can plan your gaming strategy accordingly.


5 Tips for Event and Tournament Success

  • Prepare yourself: know what the aim of the event is first before indulging yourself in it, get stuff that will raise your efficiency.
  • Take part actively: play this game every day to accumulate rewards over time and keep the event going.
  • Choose your strategic partners wisely: this is in respect of team based events as you need those who will give you good back up.
  • Check on the timeline of the event: so that it assists in planning its playtime for maximum rewards and not miss out.
  • Consider using multipliers: Prize Drop events include multipliers which can boost your progress rapidly towards completing the reward bar.


6 Pro Strategies To Play Monopoly Go

Know the moves and strategies, how to negotiate, and the game mechanics that will enable you to overtake your opponents like a pro.

  1. Acquire Monopolies: In order to increase rent collection build houses and hotels on these sets as they form complete color sets.
  2. Strategic Trading: Engage in trades that will help your property portfolio. Aim for trades that establish monopolies or thwart opponents.
  3. Cash Flow Management: Maintain a healthy balance between cash reserves and property investment. This will prevent you from being cash-poor which can mean missed chances or bankruptcy.
  4. Invest in Property Improvements: Once monopoly is secured, then consider investing in houses and hotels. Increased rental income resulting from improvements can quickly accumulate wealth.
  5. Utilize Cards Effectively: Use Chance and Community Chest cards advantageously for profit gainings only. Such benefits include boosting financial balance or getting an upper hand.
  6. Avoid Jail Time: Modify strategy according to long-term duration of the game; emphasize economic power rather than risky plays focusing on property acquisition



Monopoly GO's addition of dynamic events and tournaments offers players additional prizes and diversity in gaming. By understanding what each event means to players and being part of them at the right moment, one can have a lot of fun with these features. As you journey through Monopoly GO, don't forget to keep this handbook handy; this way, you will be able to dominate in its virtual property market.

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