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Monopoly GO FAQ Summary: All The Answers You Want Are Here

Monopoly GO FAQ Summary: All The Answers You Want Are Here

Monopoly Go is a board game that challenges players to make money through tactical acquisitions and smart negotiations. Getting lucky isn't enough to win this game; you have to understand how it works first. From figuring out how the Airplane Mode Glitch works to knowing when monetization takes place, this guide has direct answers for all of your Monopoly Go questions.



Monopoly GO: How Do You Play?

How Do You Play Monopoly Go?

Step Description
1. Setup Choose your token and place it on "Go," then each player starts with $1,500.
2. Turn Sequence Roll by tapping the dice icon; Move clockwise around the board based on the number rolled.
3. Actions Based on Space
  • Property Space: Buy if unowned or let it go to auction.
  • Rent: Pay rent if owned by another player.
  • Chance/Community Chest: Draw a card and do what it says.
  • Jail: Specific rules upon landing here.
4. Building Build houses/hotels when you own all properties of a color set (increases rent).
5. Bankruptcy If you can't pay debts, you may be bankrupted and eliminated.
6. Winning Play until only one remains — this person wins.


Monopoly GO: How To Play Like A Pro?

How to play monopoly go like a pro?

  • Acquire Monopolies: Focus on getting complete color sets. Building houses/hotels exponentially increases rent.
  • Trade Strategically: Make trades that give you an advantage. Aim to halt opponents' progress by preventing their monopolies.
  • Cash Flow Management: Balance property investment with a cash reserve. Avoid liquidity issues that force property sales at bad times.
  • Improvements Investment: Once monopoly is yours, build houses and hotels. More valuable properties result in greater rental returns.
  • Utilize Chance and Community Chest Cards: These cards can provide big boosts or hinder strategies; Plan for potential setbacks they may impose as well.
  • Stay Out of Jail: Early game jail time can stunt property acquisition; Manage risk-taking to avoid unnecessary visits there.
  • Adapt and Endure:  Monopoly Go is a long race, not a short sprint to the finish line; Build a robust economic foundation and gradually expand your empire.


Monopoly GO: Can You Play With Friends?

Can you play monopoly go with friends?

Monopoly Go is already a single-player game against AI opponents, but it's possible that some versions come with a multiplayer feature too. Here's how to check if your version has multiplayer:

  • Step 1: Check Game Features - Review the game's settings menu or description to see if it mentions multiplayer mode.
  • Step 2: Multiplayer Accessibility - If it exists, this mode might be available locally or online.
  • Step 3: Inviting Friends - Try going into the "Friends" option in-game and invite friends from your contact list.


Monopoly GO: How To Add Friends?

How To Add Friends on Monopoly GO?

Making friends in Monopoly Go is a piece of cake. Here's how:

  1. Get the game started: Start up Monopoly Go on your device.
  2. Find friends: Tap the ‘Friends' button, typically located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Suggested contacts: The game might recommend some people for you to add as friends. Just tap their name and send them a request.
  4. Use contacts: If there are specific people that you want to play with, tap ‘Use Contacts' to see who's available.
  5. Invite: You can send invites to play Monopoly Go directly from the game as well.
  6. Catch up and compete: Once they're added, see what others have been up to by checking out their timelines and comparing stats on leaderboards.


Monopoly GO: How To Level Up Fast?

How To Level Up Fast In Monopoly Go?

Leveling up might seem pointless, but it actually plays a big part in how much you'll enjoy playing this game in the long run. Follow these strategies if you want to improve quickly:

  • Properties first: Buy as many properties as you can early in the game; Owning real estate means more rent money coming in from other players.
  • Improve your land: Once you monopolize all of one color property, build houses and hotels; This will raise rent prices so that when others land on your spots, they pay more cash.
  • Trade like a pro: Make deals with other players to complete your monopoly or get into a better overall position; Aim for agreements that make both parties happy and benefit your strategy down the line.
  • Spend smartly: Avoid spending money just because it's available; Keep cash available for important investments so you don't go bankrupt.
  • Cards = power-ups: Use cards like Chance and Community Chest cards wisely - They can boost your finances, give you free property or offer strategic benefits
  • Jail is for suckers: Avoid landing in jail so you can keep making money and moving across the board.
  • Auctions: Participate in property auctions to get properties at a lower cost.


Monopoly GO: How to Make Another Account?

How to Make Another Monopoly Go Account?

Starting fresh or trying a new strategy can be done by creating an additional account in Monopoly Go. Here's how you can set up a new account:

  1. Launch the Monopoly Go app.
  2. Tap on the three lines (menu) option.
  3. Access 'Settings'.
  4. Look for 'Manage Account'.
  5. Disconnect from your current account when prompted.
  6. Find the option to create a new account after disconnection.
  7. Sign up with different email address or user ID than your original account.


Monopoly GO: How to Give Rolls?

How to Give Rolls in Monopoly Go?

While Monopoly Go is mainly played solo, multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends or join tournaments together. Here's how you can assign roles if the feature is available:

  • During a multiplayer game, access the game's settings or chat interface.
  • Look for options that may say 'gift roles' or 'share roles.' 
  • Set desired quantity of roles.
  • Choose player you want to give rolls to.

Please note that not all versions of Monopoly Go include this feature so if it cannot be found then it may not exist in your game version.


Monopoly GO: How to Reach Board 101?

How to Reach Board 101 in Monopoly Go?

Moving forward and advancing stages is important in every game, especially Monopoly Go! Follow these steps to reach board 101:

  • Press and Roll: Use dice and roll token around board.
  • Pass Space: Get money each time you pass "Go" space as per game rules
  • Play Game: Keep rolling dice moving token according to numbers rolled
  • Reach Stage: By playing strategically and persistently, you will eventually reach stage 101.


Monopoly GO: What are the board rules and restrictions?

What are the board rules and restrictions in Monopoly go?

Setup Each player selects token and places it on "Go" space; Players receive starting capital ($1500 usually)
Gameplay Players take turns rolling dice moving tokens clockwise around the board; Actions are taken based on space landed (buy properties, pay rent, draw Chance or Community Chest cards).
Property Acquisition Players can purchase unowned property when landing on it; If declined, property is auctioned to other players.
Building Houses and Hotels Houses and hotels increase rent for others who land on your upgraded property.
Income and Taxes Rent is collected from those that land on your properties; You also earn money by passing "Go."
Bankruptcy Players unable to pay expenses must declare bankruptcy and exit the game.
End of Game The game ends when all but one player are bankrupt, with the remaining player declared the winner. 

For variations and detailed rules, refer to official Monopoly rule book or consider house rules.


Monopoly GO: How to Post Your Link?

How to Post Your Link on Monopoly Go?

  1. Open Monopoly Go app on device: Navigate to chat section.
  2. Add Friends: Add individuals to your chat list for communication.
  3. Share Links: Start a conversation with a friend; Look for attach or insert link option; Paste desired link.


Monopoly GO: How To Get Rich?

How To Get Rich In Monopoly Go?

  • Own All The Things: Snatch up as many properties as possible during the early stages of the game. That way, you'll be sure to have lots of money coming in through rent.
  • Invest: Once you own a full set of properties, put houses and hotels on them to increase your rental income
  • Strategic Swaps: Trading is encouraged — so go forth! Use it to complete sets or get advantageous positions on the board.
  • Keep Cash Flowing Smoothly: You don't want to find yourself drowning in debt or landing on someone else's hotel without enough cash to pay up. So manage your finances wisely.
  • Bust Out Those Power-ups: If you have any power-ups or bonuses at your disposal, use them! They're there for a reason.
  • Wealth Takes Time: Remember that Monopoly Go is about building an empire over time, not becoming a millionaire overnight. Patience really is key here.


Monopoly GO: Where do you post your link?

Where do you post your link in Monopoly GO?

  1. Open App: Just open up the app and launch Monopoly Go!
  2. Navigate to Chat: Then head over to the chat section so that you can get talking with friends.
  3. Add Or Select Chat: Start with finding or creating the right chat bubble.
  4. Attach Link: There should be some sort of button that allows you to add a link where you need it. Look for it.
  5. Paste Link: Just drop your desired link into the field provided!


Monopoly GO: How to Reach Board 5?

How to Reach Board 5 in Monopoly Go?

Board 5 is a great milestone to achieve on Monopoly Go! If you're wondering how to get there, here are a few tips:

  • Complete tasks: Make sure to do your daily goals, quests and login bonuses every day.
  • Collect rent: Buy properties that will make opponents pay regular rent.
  • Increase net worth: Making wealth by buying more and more valuable properties is key.
  • Accumulate coins: Participate in gameplay that rewards you with coins for progression purposes.
  • Invite friends: Some versions of the game have benefits when playing with friends for progress.


Monopoly GO: How To Get Tokens?

How To Get Tokens In Monopoly Go?

Tokens are necessary in order to play Monopoly Go properly, here's how you can get them:

  1. Initial selection: When you start or join a game, you'll be prompted to select a token.
  2. Gameplay rewards: Sometimes games will reward additional tokens through achievements, events or reaching milestones.


Monopoly GO: How can I get infinite money?

How can I get infinite money on Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is built on balance. This means that it's against the mechanics for a player to have endless amounts of money. Cheating and hacking will only get you banned or suspended from the game so don't even try it! With this in mind, there are still many ways to maximize your monetary growth, these include:

  • Property Acquisition: Focus on properties that will give you high returns.
  • Investment: Use houses and hotels onto your land to increase rent prices.
  • Smart Trading: Only trade when it's advantageous for you in the long run and look for property sets that'll give you an advantage.
  • Financial Management: Stay aware of your cash reserves and avoid spending too much money at once.


Monopoly GO: How can I obtain stickers?

How can I obtain stickers in Monopoly Go?

Stickers in Monopoly Go are collectibles that players can earn throughout gameplay. You usually receive them after completing specific goals or reaching particular milestones. Here's how anyone — including you! — can get these awesome collectibles:

Achievements Finish objectives given by the game for rewards.
Challenges Time-limited task you must complete within a certain period of time to get rewarded a sticker.
Events Keep an eye out for special events or promotions offering stickers as part of their rewards.
Daily Rewards Check back every day to claim your sticker.
Purchases If all else fails, use some real life cheddar cheese to buy some virtual stickers directly from the store.


Monopoly GO: How Can I Get Cards?

How Can I Get Cards In Monopoly Go?

Obtaining cards in Monopoly Go is an essential part of the game. The following are a few ways you can expand your collection.

  • Gameplay Achievements: Completing certain objectives and achievements while playing will reward you with cards.
  • Challenge Completion: Compete in and finish in-game challenges to earn card packs.
  • Event Participation: Participate in special events for a chance to win exclusive cards.
  • Milestones: Reaching specific gameplay milestones will give you card rewards.
  • Direct Purchase: Use the in-game currency or real money to buy cards directly from the store.
  • Daily Login Bonuses: Log in daily to receive bonus cards as part of ongoing promotions.
  • Special Promotions: Keep an eye out for limited-time offers and promotions that include card giveaways.


Monopoly GO: How To Trade Cards?

How To Trade Cards In Monopoly Go?

Trading cards is an important strategic element to impact your Monopoly Go gameplay significantly. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit The Album Menu: On the bottom right side of the screen, there's the album menu in the game interface. Click on it.
  2. Review Your Collection: Take a look at your sticker collection so you know what cards you have that can be used to negotiate trades.
  3. Initiate Negotiation: Propose A Trade And Negotiate It!
  4. Agree on Terms: Discuss and agree upon terms and conditions with other players before finalizing anything.
  5. Complete the Trade: Once both parties have agreed, finalize the trade to exchange cards.


Monopoly GO: How Can I Get Dice?

How Can I Get Dice In Monopoly Go?

  • Starting a Game: Every player receives dice at the beginning of their turn, automatically provided at each player's turn start.
  • Rolling The Dice:
    • Open up Monopoly Go app.
    • Find your game & enter it.
    • When it's your turn, locate dice icon on screen.
    • Tap the icon to roll dice.
    • Watch your token move the number of spaces specified by dice roll.
  • Gameplay Integration: Dice are a fundamental part of Monopoly Go gameplay. Players have them automatically provided without extra action required, as they're integrated in to the turn-based system of the game.


Monopoly GO: How do you get more dice?

How do you get more dice in Monopoly Go?

Login Bonuses Login every day, You may be rewarded with increased amount of dice per roll.
Progression Rewards Keep moving forward, Earning rewards will allow for better outcomes.
Use Power-Ups Apply power-ups once earned, These can multiply your rolls temporarily until removed.
Leveling Up Progressing through levels will unlock permanent boosts, Higher levels often grant access to features that enhance rolls .
Use Bonus Efficiently Use bonuses at an optimal time for maximum impact.
Supplemental Purchase When all else fails, purchase additional boost from the store.


Monopoly GO: How Do You Turn On Airplane Mode?

How Do You Turn On Airplane Mode In Monopoly Go?

Airplane mode lets you play the game without an internet connection, so you don't have to worry about ads or notifications getting in the way. Here's how to do it:

  • If your phone has a built-in airplane mode, go into settings and enable it.
  • If not, start up Monopoly Go.
  • Look around for an Airplane Mode option in the settings menu and turn it on.


Monopoly GO: How To Win A Tournament?

How To Win A Tournament In Monopoly Go?

Winning a tournament isn't just about being lucky enough to land on all the right squares—it's also about planning ahead and making strategic moves at crucial moments. Here are some strategies that can help you become a champion:

  1. Know The Rules And The Format
  2. Have A Strategy
  3. Be Ready To Change Your Plans
  4. Manage Your Money
  5. Play Aggressively Without Overextending Yourself
  6. Negotiate With Other Players
  7. Stay Focused And Positive


Monopoly GO: Where Can I Find Limited Editions?

Where Can I Find Limited Editions Of Monopoly Go?

If money is no object—or if you're just looking for a fun new iteration of the much-maligned but still beloved real estate trading game—you might be able to find some different versions of Monopoly at brick-and-mortar toy stores or big-box chains, as well as online retailers like Amazon.


However, many special editions come out in limited quantities during certain times of year (like Black Friday), so you'll probably have to resort to the secondary market if you want something super specific.

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