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Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event Guide: Trading of Gold Stickers

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event Guide: Trading of Gold Stickers

Monopoly Go gives a new digital spin on traditional board games by introducing players to several interactive features. The addition of the Golden Blitz event addresses the problem of collecting duplicate gold stickers. This guide will show you how the Golden Blitz works and how you can maximize it for your gaming experience.



Golden Blitz Event Info

Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO changes the game dynamics by allowing players to trade gold stickers that are otherwise not tradable. Players can also cooperate with friends or connect with other participants during this time to exchange stickers, which help complete their albums. Filling an album earns significant rewards.


The timing is crucial in this short-term golden blitz that takes between 16 - 24 hours only, meaning one should start actively participating instantly when it commences. Keep in mind that, you cannot change the stickers set aside for trading; each day allows a maximum of 5 trades thereby raising chances of acquiring wanted stickers.


In case one does not have friends within the game's network, there are many alternatives offered by Monopoly GO. Players are able to utilize "Ask" option or even look for trade partners through external platforms like Facebook's Monopoly GO trading group or relevant Discord channels.


How can I trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO?

Trading Monopoly GO gold stickers is a simple yet effective way towards improving your gaming experience. Trading Stickers During The Golden Blitz Is Straightforward:

Step Specific Operations
1. Accessing Album Open up the app from your device when you wish to access monopoly go. Scroll downwards on your main display then click upon "Album" icon.
2. Choosing Cards for Trade Within your collection search for any gold cards you have that are repeated. (It should have a glimmering animation during Golden Blitz) Tap on the gold card that you want to trade.
3. Initiating a Trade After selecting you will see the option of 'Send'. Choose 'Send' in order to trade.
4. Selecting Trade Recipient Adding friends from your contact list or through social media connection within the app will make it smoother in terms of trading. Pick a friend from your Monopoly Go friends list as this is who the card goes to.
5. Completing the Trade Confirm your decision and send the gold card to your chosen friend. Wait for confirmation that your friend has received it.


Trading Gold Stickers Strategies

Golden blitz trading demands strategic thinking. 

  • Know sticker values: Understand varying rarity and value, and thus carry out good business when trading stickers. 
  • Trade smartly: Common stickers offer more flexibility in trades, while rare stickers demand a more cautious approach to leverage their higher value.
  • Watch for trade-locked stickers: That are locked by trade as the worth of trade locked stickers may go up upon lifting of trading restrictions. Try to make trades in a manner that will help your album completion while considering trading possibilities in the future.


How Can You Maximize Album Value in Monopoly GO?

  • Go for completion: Concentrate on finishing albums, as this often leads to access valuable resources and therefore it enhances your game experience.
  • Use incomplete collections: However, if you can't complete an album, single stickers might be important to other players thus bargaining chips during trade talks.


Therefore, by being keen on Golden Blitz schedule, practicing efficient trade methods, maximizing sticker albums' worth and joining friends; players can effectively manage their gold sticker duplicates thereby advancing towards earning their prizes. So as to interact with the community and use your daily deals beneficially for a good gaming time.

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