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Monopoly GO: Golden Blitz (Events) FAQs

Monopoly GO: Golden Blitz (Events) FAQs

In Monopoly GO, Gold Stickers are not like ordinary ones. These stickers are so valuable that they are really highly demanded by the players for their uniqueness. So Golden Blitz often becomes the only time-limited event which enables the trading of certain gold stickers. As with Partner Events, each time it happens some issues will arise for the players. Today we will be answering all questions one might have during this event. 



What is Golden Blitz?

Golden Blitz is an exceptional trade-fair in Monopoly Go that normally lasts from 15- 24 hours. During this window there will be 2 specific golden stickers available for exchange with other players. These stickers are different at every occasion though some may make a reappearance later on within the season. 

Golden Blitz Logo

While participants can obtain any number of selected gold stickers during this event, no more than 5 can be sent per attempt. This cap operates independently from the 5 standard sticker trades given each day. The right side of the board has an icon representing the event.


Key Features

  • Trading Limit: You can trade up to 2 specific golden stickers five times per day.
  • Direct Trades: Trade directly with friends to complete sticker sets.
  • Rewards: Get lots of cash and free dice rolls by completing sticker sets.
  • Unrestricted Access: Add and chat with friends irrespective of their level.


Golden Blitz Schedule

Knowing when Golden Blitz events are scheduled can be helpful in terms of strategic planning. For instance, the average time between successive Golden Blitzes is 1 - 2 weeks, even though the length may differ.

Golden Blitz Duration

The frequency of Golden Blitzes accelerates as albums approach their end. To increase your chances of success, keep a close eye on event schedules and plan accordingly.


All Past Golden Blitz Events (Date & Gold Sticker) | Making Music

The following are the specific dates and Gold Stickers Involved for the Golden Blitz that have been released in the Making Music Season.

Date Gold Stickers Involved
May 17 - 18, 2024 New Hobby (17) + Clean Win! (20)
May 14 - 15, 2024 Funky Music (18) and Broom Rock (19)
May 2 -3, 2024 All In (12) and Daydreams (19)
April 25 -26, 2024 Rare Find (14) and La Traviata (21)
April 11 -12, 2024 Merch It! (13) & We Did It(16)


How to Trade Gold Stickers in Golden Blitz?

After which we will now look at how you can trade Gold Stickers during Golden Blitz:

  • 1. Go to the Album: Open your Monopoly Go app and go straight to 'Album' segment.
  • 2. Pick out Gold Sticker: Find that one special kind of Gold Sticker that you will be able to exchange within this event.
  • 3. Choose a Friend: Click 'Send to Friend' right under it then choose a friend who would like it back
  • 4. Send the Sticker: When you are done and you want to send the sticker, click on the Continue! button.

Trade Gold Stickers Step Preview


Are there limitations on trading gold stickers in Gold Blitz?

Yes, there are two major restrictions for trading Gold Stickers during these event:

  • Daily Trade Limit: Every day up to five golden stickers can be exchanged.
  • Specific Stickers: Only two particular golden hued signs may be swapped.


Should You Trade During Golden Blitz?

It is highly recommended that you trade your extra Gold Stickers during Golden Blitz events. This is due to their high demand at all times as well as their uncommon occurrence.


Should one of them have an edition with one or several same cards go ahead and engage in trade. Otherwise, they will remain useless after the album ends because they will turn into stars which mean no value lost. Take advantage of opportunities like these when they appear.


Tips for Golden Blitz

  • Plan Your Trades: Find out which ones you lack and get in touch with friends who possess extra copies.
  • Daily Trades: Utilize max trades every day possible to increase probability of completing series.
  • Communicate: Keep in touch with your pals and tell them which set you still miss cards from.
  • Stay Updated: Be sure to check if the Golden Blitz event is live or not to get a chance for trades.


To know what's up with Golden Blitz, kindly check in game notifications regularly or visit Monopoly GO official website for updates so that you can be better prepared.

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