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Monopoly GO: Martian Treasures Event Guide | June 6–10, 2024

Monopoly GO: Martian Treasures Event Guide | June 6–10, 2024

And the up-and-coming Martian Treasures event in Monopoly GO (June 6th –10th, 2024) is no exception. This guide covers everything you need to know about participating, achieving milestones and gaining rewards during this exciting dig event.



What is Treasure Digging Event?

Treasure Digging events add an exciting twist to the traditional board game experience in Monopoly GO. Players go on quests where they have to discover hidden treasures scattered around the board by digging at different locations using Pickaxe Tokens.


A mix of luck and strategy is needed as these events require players to figure out where they should dig among other competing spots on their way through the board so as not only aim for but also secure most valuable hauls before others do.


Martian Treasures Event: Information

Martian Treasures event follows similar procedures like Jungle Treasures or Galactic Treasures before it. Players are required to collect tokens, extract items and make progress over the course of this event.

Event Period: June 6-10, 2024


To find artifacts under a grid during this time frame; one has got to dig using earned Pickaxe Tokens. These tokens are mainly achieved through tournaments & banner events (among others) that have milestones which if met then helps in advancing within Martian treasure hunts


Martian Treasures Event: Milestones and Prizes

The event of Martian Riches will have 25 levels – a significant increase over the previous 16 levels, and more than the traditional number of 20 levels for past seasons. At each level you reach in the game, there is an opportunity to win unique prizes which are valuable.


Martian Treasures Event Key Rewards Overview


Main Rewards:

Wild Sticker  A versatile item which can be used to complete any collection.
Peg-E Rover Token Unique in-game item that enhances strategic play.
Martian Runes Shield An exclusive shield that adds both protection and beauty.
Thousand Dice These dice are essential for advancing in the game and used heavily during strategic planning stages.


Breakdown Milestone & Prizes:

Milestone Prizes
1 50 Dice
2 Cash
3 100 Dice
4 2-Star Stickers Pack
5 150 Dice
6 5 Pickaxe + Cash
7 175 Dice
8 3-Star Stickers Pack
9 200 Dice
10 Cash
11 Martian Runes shield
12 250 Dice
13 4-Star Stickers Pack
14 10 Pickaxe + Cash
15 300 Dice
16 1000 Dice + 5-Star Stickers Pack
17 Cash
18 150 Dice
19 17 Pickaxe + Cash + 3-Star Stickers Pack
20 Peg-E Rover Token
21 250 Dice
22 4-Star Stickers Pack
23 400 Dice
24 Cash
25 Wild Sticker + 3000 Rolls + Cash


Tactical Tips

  • Maximising Dice Usage: Use your dice wisely so as not to waste any moves but still progress through all levels required.
  • Collecting Wild Stickers: It is worth focusing on collecting wild stickers as they allow you to complete any collection thereby increasing flexibility within gameplay.
  • Leveraging Unique Items: Both Peg-E Rover Token as well as Martian Runes Shield not only improve overall playing experience but also add aesthetic value. Consider this when strategizing against other players.


What are some ways to earn Pickaxe Tokens in Martian Treasures event?

Pickaxe tokens are the basic currency in Martian Treasures – so, here is how to get them as much as possible by breaking down all twists and turns:

  • Done Quick Wins: Stay focused on your quick win goals because this strategy will help you earn more pickaxe tokens in less time.
  • Free Gifts: Pay attention to what's inside daily gifts – more often than not, there are pickaxe tokens hiding among other items.
  • Daily Tournaments and Events: Get involved! Participating actively in timed events and tournaments which happen every day could bring a bunch of pickaxe tokens.


3 Tips for Martian Treasures Event

The details of the event are still kept secret but there are a few things you should know about it before it starts:

  • Use Your Pickaxes Wisely: Start digging from center (middle) of the grid – such an approach will give you wider coverage with higher chances of finding treasures.
  • Multi-Event Participation: Play other simultaneous events or tournaments where Pickaxe Tokens can be earned.
  • Watch Progress Closely: Monitor your own progress throughout the event so that you never miss important milestones which lead to rewards.


Treasure Digging Events: Previous Schedule List

With each treasure hunt appearing monthly, players have been looking forward to these thrilling missions even more since their first release. See below for a complete history of all past events reflecting changes made over time across this genre.

  • Sunken Treasures: May 23 - 27,2024
  • Nocturnal Treasures: May 03 - 07, 2024
  • Anniversary Treasures: April 16 - 21, 2024
  • Spring Treasures: March 30 - April 03, 2024
  • Sunset Treasures: March 18 - 22, 2024
  • Galactic Treasures: February 23 - 28, 2024
  • Jungle Treasures: January 22 - 26, 2024
  • Moonlight Treasures: December 10 - 13, 2023
  • Egyptian Treasures: November 13 - 16, 2023


Note: To increase your odds at striking treasure save up large amounts of Pickaxe Tokens rather than spending them little by little on single digs. The most sought after items in Monopoly GO require patience and strategic planning to unveil.


Keep yourself updated and ready for the Martian Treasures event in Monopoly GO now! This guide contains everything necessary ensuring both fun-filled adventure rich with rewards.

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