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Monopoly GO: Partner Events FAQs

Monopoly GO: Partner Events FAQs

The Partner events is the longest-lasting and most rewarding event in Monopoly GO, and is very popular among players! However, it is not easy to easily complete each milestones and win the final grand prize. To this end, we have collected all FAQs about partner activities, and you can find the correct answers to any questions you encounter during the activities here!



What are Partner Events?

Partner Events are social activity in which players have to work together with other participants towards common objectives on Monopoly GO. They take the form of boards with 4 slots that can only be filled by constructing attractions. For cooperating, people get rewarded with fantastic prizes that include 5,000+ dice, special sticker packs and wild sticker too. 


When do Partner Events come out and how long?

To figure out when Partner Events come out and for how long they stay active look at specific release and end times for various past Partner Events examples. 

Partner Event Logo Start/End
Robo Partners Robo Partners Event Logo May 16 - 21, 2024
Parade Partners Parade Partner Event Logo April 26 - May 01, 2024)
Fountain Partners Fountain Partners Event Logo April 06 - 11, 2024
Hot Rod Partners Hot Rod Partners Event Logo March 08- 13, 2024
Valentine's Partners Valentine's Partner Event Logo February 09-14, 2024
Gardening Partners Gardening Partner Event Logo January 08 - 13, 2024
Gift Partners Gift Partner Event Logo December 15 - 20, 2023

Through the above list you can get: Partner Events are published at least once a month and last for 5 days!


What is the aim of the Partner Events?

Partner Events are meant to foster cooperation and teamwork among players. These events are unique in that they enable you to join forces with other real-life individuals and work as a team to complete tasks on the board.


Key Features

  • Forming Partnerships: On this particular event, there will be certain spaces on which you must pair up with another player in order to build attractions. This encourages tactical collaboration.
  • Interaction: By partnering with friends or strangers, you can chat and synchronize your moves which adds more fun socializing into the mix .
  • Exclusive Prizes: Achieving goals set by Partner Events will win for you different rewards and prizes that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. This gives people an reason to take part.
  • Difficult Missions: The Partner Events comes with harder challenges that need joint strengths leading to greater satisfaction after success.


How can you participate in partner events?

In order to unlock and participate in Partner Events, players must have Reached the 5th Board in the game which is called M. Industries. Once they achieve this milestone, they will be automatically registered into any ongoing Partner Events.


How do Partner Events work?

Partner Events work much like main events such as Twinkle Tree; however, instead of completing tasks alone on the board to win rewards players need to team up with other real-life Monopoly GO players.

  1. Create a team: You can invite friends or let other people join your group randomly. Each group should have four members 
  2. Collect Tokens: During the event, unique tokens should be collected by spinning the wheel, reaching milestones or buying them. These tokens are used for spinning the wheel again and getting more points so that you can upgrade attractions quickly with partners 
  3. Build Attractions: There are usually four slots on the game board where Partner Events attractions go. Players work collaboratively with their team members upgrading these attractions step by step using earned points from tokens.
  4. Rewards: Different kinds of prizes like dice, boosts and other in-game items can be obtained as long as you make progress through event milestones increasing reward values at higher stages.


How to Get More Tokens For Partner Events?

If your goal is to complete every Partner Events for maximum rewards then Event Tokens become very crucial for that matter Below listed are ways on how to get more Partners event tokens:

  • Take part in Events and Tournaments
  • Complete Daily Quick Wins
  • Collect Partners board tokens
  • Redeem Free Store Gifts


Are Partner Events worth participating in?

These events are best for those nearing the completion of their Monopoly GO sticker album. Main events require collecting dice, whereas partner events give Special Sticker Packs, 5K+ Dice and Wild Sticker . These rewards are important in getting the Golden Stickers that don't trade.


But if your album still has many holes, doing partner events might not be worth it. You could spend lots of dice and get low-rarity stickers, which is demoralizing when you’re after rarer items. So it’s better to fill up as much as you can before starting on these so-called partners.


Where to find partners for event participation?

Finding reliable partners is key to succeeding in a Partner Events. Here are some steps:

  • Invite random players: Use the event popup within the game itself to invite any player suggested at random.
  • Online communities: Join online communities such as Discord servers dedicated to Monopoly GO where one can find like-minded individuals looking for partners too.

It is advised that one should join online communities because they have members who would commit necessary time and dice investments needed for token collection completion during an event but not strangers brought together by chance who may contribute less having benefited more from another player’s effort while doing nothing themselves.


Can I change my partner during the Partner Events?

Participants cannot change their partners once they have partnered with someone else in a Partner Events. The choice made here is also permanent throughout this time period and therefore should be taken seriously by all parties involved prior to committing themselves into it fully


Best Strategies for Partner Events

Partner events need effective cooperation and strategy for maximum gains and movement across the board. Below are some of the best tactics to follow:

Get Trustworthy Partners A partner event can only be successful if the partners are active and reliable in their contributions. You should look out for players who have shown commitment in previous events as well as those who work well with others.
Coordinate Token Placement Talk to your team about how tokens should be placed strategically. Concentrate on collecting them from specific places so that you can unlock awards easily and complete tasks faster.
Maintain Open Communication Maintain a clear line of communication with all your partners throughout this process. Share updates regularly, talk about different strategies when necessary and address any arising issues that might hinder smooth collaboration among team members.
Consistency Is Key Be active during the entire event by logging in frequently and ensuring that you contribute tokens consistently. It is through such efforts where one can keep up their pace thereby enabling the whole group achieve milestones faster.
Rotate Token Placement Consider changing the person responsible for placing tokens from time to time so as not to overwork or demotivate anyone. This will also ensure fairness since everyone gets an equal chance of contributing towards success while still maintaining enthusiasm levels required throughout.
One Task At A Time Rule Instead of spreading tokens across multiple attractions or tasks at once, direct them towards completing one goal before moving onto another area of interest worth pursuing within this game phase. Such singularity breeds swiftness which eventually leads into efficient utilization; thus accelerating progress made with regard to token accumulation speed during such events.

Looking into these approaches plus promoting effective teamwork will heighten your odds of prevailing over partner events thereby gaining topmost rewards available in monopoly go!

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