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Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures Event: Latest Dates, Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures Event: Latest Dates, Rewards and Milestones

From May 23rd to May 24th tentatively, Monopoly Go's latest event Sunken Treasures takes players underwater. They have to get through 16 levels with each giving different rewards like dice rolls, sticker packs or exclusive game pieces. This guide lists every milestone and reward along with strategies for getting enough pickaxes needed to finish the event successfully.



Sunken Treasures Event: Rewards & Milestones

The mini-game known as the Sunken Treasures is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2024. It comes with 16 levels of rewards which makes reaching the Wild Card more attainable than in previous events. Here's what you get for every milestone rank:

Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures Event Rewards List

  1. Level 1 (4x4 grid): 50 free dice rolls
  2. Level 2 (5x5 grid): Cash prize
  3. Level 3 (4x6 grid): 100 free dice rolls
  4. Level 4 (6x4 grid): Two-star yellow sticker pack, 5 pickaxes, cash prize
  5. Level 5 (5x5 grid): 200 free dice rolls
  6. Level 6 (4x6 grid): Cash prize
  7. Level 7 (7x4 grid): 150 free dice rolls
  8. Level 8 (7x6 grid): Three-star pink sticker pack, cash prize, Ship's Wheel shield skin
  9. Level 9 (8x5 grid): 200 free dice rolls
  10. Level 10 (8x6 grid): Four-star blue sticker pack, 800 free dice rolls
  11. Level 11 (6x7 grid): Cash prize
  12. Level 12 (8x7 grid): 400 free dice rolls
  13. Level 13 (7x6 grid): 15 pickaxes, Octopus board token
  14. Level 14 (8x4 grid): 300 free dice rolls
  15. Level 15 (6x6 grid): Cash prize
  16. Level 16 (4x4 grid): 2,000 free dice rolls, wild sticker, cash prize

Hitting these milestones guarantees a lot of awards when the event ends. One of the major prizes is still the Wild Sticker with 2,000 dice (down from 2,500 last time) and a significant amount of cash.


How to Get Pickaxe Tokens for Sunken Treasures?

To complete Sunken Treasures players are going to need a lot of pickaxes. Historically dig events have required around 350-400 pickaxes to finish. With only 16 levels it's hard to say how many will be needed this time until we see it in action


To make sure you have enough pickaxes to complete all the way through consider the following:

Quick Wins Found under the 'WIN' tab, Quick Wins give a steady stream of pickaxes particularly if done daily over the course of the event
Tournaments Located on right side of game screen, tournaments offer additional pickaxes within their milestone rewards
Main Banner Milestone Events The large center events at top middle of your game screen are where most pickaxes will come from
Event Progression Moving up levels in Sunken Treasures may reward you with pick axes some levels also give them on unsuccessful digs
Shop Gifts Collect a free gift from shop every eight hours often includes pick axes during digging events

Strategically this means acquiring Pickaxe tokens however possible before entering into any digging mini games. It is inefficient to open the game and attempt to reveal items with every batch of 10 new Pickaxe tokens acquired.


Treasures Event Tips

  • Review Milestone Lists: Be sure to familiarize yourself with milestone lists for concurrent events and tournaments via our daily events schedule so that you can strategize your gameplay accordingly.
  • Strategic Guessing: Consider item dimensions you need to find and only select board locations where they can fit.
  • Checkerboard Technique: For initial guesses skip every other square to increase chances of uncovering hidden items (note: may not apply to single square items)
  • Item Rotation: Items can be oriented both horizontally and vertically within the game board.


In the end, winning Sunken Treasures requires strategic play and collecting lots of pickaxes. Refer back to this guide to keep track of your milestones as you progress through them and use our tips for better chances at securing the Wild Sticker among other great prizes.


Prepare your shovels – it's almost time to start digging!

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