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Monopoly GO: How to Get More 5-Stars and Gold Sticker?

Monopoly GO: How to Get More 5-Stars and Gold Sticker?

One of the most exciting features in Monopoly GO is the Sticker Albums. In order to win big rewards, players must gather any nine stickers that are found within these albums. The most rare and sought-after of these are the 5 Star and Gold stickers, which offer a serious challenge for players. This guide aims to make it easier for you to get them.




Monopoly Go stickers are collectible items that can be extremely valuable. By collecting entire sets players can earn lucrative rewards like in-game Cash and extra dice rolls. These stickers come from Sticker Packs that are earned through various in-game activities such as using dice rolls or spending gems. Each sticker has its own star rating which denotes its rarity; the rarer a sticker is the better the reward when added to a set.


Rewards Mechanism

If you tap on the safe icon located at the bottom right of your screen while viewing your Sticker Album, it will open up "Stickers For Rewards". With this feature players can exchange duplicate sticker stars for safes filled with different rewards. The number of stars determines how good each tier is.


Monopoly GO 5-Star Stickers


Sticker Stars and Reward Tiers

Stickers stars work just like they sound; if you have 5 1-star stickers then you have 5 sticker stars total. Players can trade away totals of 250, 500, or even 1000 sticker stars at once to receive safes with varying rewards based on quality.


Reward Breakdown:

250 Sticker Stars Green Safe Available by default Rewards: 100-145 Free Dice + Three Star Sticker Pack
500 Sticker Stars Blue Safe Unlocks at Level 450 Rewards: 225-300 Free Dice + Four Star Sticker Pack + Three Star Sticker Pack
1000 Sticker Stars Purple Safe Unlocks at Level 1400 Rewards: 400-550 Free Dice + Five Star Sticker Pack + Four Star Sticker Pack + Mystery Sticker Pack


Duplicate Stickers

As you continue to expand your Monopoly Go sticker collection, the game will give you duplicates. Although it feels like a waste, those duplicates are far from it; their value lies in your total sticker stars count which is crucial for rewards.


How Can I Get More 5-Star Stickers?

Quick Wins Earn points by playing quick games, and increase your chance of getting a 5-star sticker as you fill the rewards bar.
Events & Tournaments Place high enough on leaderboards during limited-time events or tournaments to get 5-star stickers among other prizes.
Exchange Look out for special events run in partnership with brands, which tend to offer stickers not available anywhere else.
Trade With Others

Swap surplus stickers for a chance at a 5-star one. Collect stars to unlock safes:

  • Green Safe requires 250 stars; contains up to 4-Star stickers.
  • Blue Safe requires 500 stars; contains up to 4-Star stickers.
  • Purple Safe requires 1000 stars; guarantees a 5-Star sticker.
Trade With Friends Use this option if some of your pals have what you're looking for. Tap the Facebook icon on the main home screen to join the designated trading group.
Daily Deals Sometimes the home page throws up daily deals that involve premium purchases including 5-Star stickers.


Monopoly GO Gold Stickers


How Can I Get More Gold Stickers?

Gold stickers are rare and can't be obtained in the same manner as regular ones, but here's what you can do to get them:

  • Quick Wins: Play quick games to earn sticker packs.
  • Daily Check-In: Collect rewards every day when you log in. You may find sticker packs among these freebies.
  • Tournaments/Events: Join competitions or participate in timed events. They often include sticker packs as rewards.
  • Partner Events: Keep your eyes peeled for special events run in collaboration with partners. These offer extra opportunities to earn gold stickers.


Remember, gold stickers are rare, so don't expect to see them dropping all the time. Higher-value sticker packs may increase your odds a little bit, though.


How Can I Send Gold Stickers?

You can only share gold stickers with friends during Golden Blitz events when trading specific pairs is allowed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap the album icon located next to the GO button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Go through your collections and find the one that contains the gold sticker — it'll have a sparkle on its top right corner during Golden Blitz.
  3. Select the desired sticker.
  4. Look through its details.
  5. Tap "Send to Friend".
  6. Pick a recipient from your friends' list.
  7. Confirm by tapping "Send".


Outside of Golden Blitz events, you won't be able to send gold stickers even if you have them in your possession, so keep that in mind as well.


Monopoly GO's Stickers for Rewards feature can be a game of strategy in and of itself. It may not seem like much, but collecting and trading these stickers can lead to some pretty great rewards. The trick is to know how to manage them effectively. With the right moves, players could end up with free dice rolls or even rare stickers that no one else has. So get out there and collect as many as you can!

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