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Monopoly GO Wild Sticker Guide: Acquire, Use and More

Monopoly GO Wild Sticker Guide: Acquire, Use and More

Monopoly GO Wild Sticker can be game changers for players who want to complete their sticker albums. There are rare and versatile objects that can be used to select any missing sticker, potentially turning the course of the game in your favor. This guide offers insight into what wild stickers are, how they can be acquired and strategic ways of using them effectively.



What Exactly is Wild Sticker?

Wild Stickers helpfully serve as a tool in Monopoly GO, Can be called "Universal Sticker" or "Universal Card". It allows players to pick which stickers they still need to finalize their album collections. Every album has its own assortment of stickers available through gameplay.

Monopoly GO Wild Sticker Picture

When someone is just one or two stickers from filling up an album, the value of wild stickers goes beyond measure. Wild Stickers for one thing let you choose any sticker in the whole collection including gold ones.


How to acquire Wild Sticker effectively?

To have more Wild Sticker at your disposal, You can do this in several ways:

  1. Take part in limited-time events and tournaments that give away a chance of winning wild stickers.
  2. Purchase a sticker pack with stars (it may contain some "wild" items).
  3. Achieve particular game milestones.
  4. Pink Vault replaced by Golden Vault is another means for players to add their collections. For 1000 stars in costs which were similar to those required for access to its predecessor, it is situated within the 'Stickers for Rewards' section. The golden vault opens once every day providing rewards such as:
    • 400 – 550 dice rolls
    • A pack of Blue Stickers (4 pieces), with one being 4-star guaranteed
    • Six-squad Purple Sticker Pack containing five star-guaranteed labels with
    • Now you're talking about a valuable card called Wild One
  5. Watch out for special packs during the Sticker Boom Event where exclusive rewards will surprise even the most experienced players


How to use Wild Stickers wisely?

When you receive a Wild Sticker, it will give you a list of stickers missing from your current album. Choose the sticker you want, but be careful because once you choose, it cannot be changed.

Tips:Use wild stickers as soon as they are received. Give priority to the rare ones in order to maximize their worth.

Note: You can't use wild stickers for duplicates.


Whatever you like


How to Complete Sticker Albums quickly?

To complete any Sticker Album, players have to gather all necessary set stickers before the time runs out on an album. Consistency and strategic gameplay increase the chances of album completion.


1. Getting More Stickers

You can get lots of stickers by:

  • Opening Sticker Packs which are obtainable through Quick Wins on daily basis.
  • Gifts from shop.
  • Milestones achieved during Events and Tournaments.


2. Stars for Rewards

Sticker Stars are duplicates of stickers whose rarity determines their value. Sticker Stars are worth their weight in gold in terms of rarity. The Golden Stickers are more valuable and yield twice as many stars as the normal ones. These stars can be used to open up safes containing special things. If you go on the Album tab, you will notice that there are safes that may be unlocked once every twenty four hours in three different levels:

Rewards Require Stars
Orange Safe: Dice (170-230) +  3 Pink Packs 250
Blue Safe: 3 Pink Packs + 4 Blue Packs 500
Gold Safe: Dice(425-575) + 4 Blue Packs+12 Purple Packs. 800

Monopoly GO Stars Rewards Overview


3. Requesting Stickers

If a player does not have enough cards, they can request them from other members of the Facebook Monopoly GO group. Among these is the call for Golden Stickers during Golden Blitz events to encourage user-to-user interaction and trade stickers among peers.


Monopoly GO's most coveted items include the Wild Stickers. Also, limited-time events and regular logins can yield extra rewards such as free stickers and dice. We believe this guide will help you understand more about Wild Stickers to be used for Monopoly GO Strategy. In case you have any further questions, comments or ideas please do not hesitate to drop it down below. Thank you for your time!

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