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Top 10 Essential Tips and Tricks in AFK Journey

Top 10 Essential Tips and Tricks in AFK Journey

AFK Journey can be a very strategic game which requires you to plan carefully as well as make use of your resources wisely if you want to move forward. This guide is meant to be helpful by giving valuable hints and tricks for players, especially those who are new or free-to-play, so that they can enjoy their gaming experience more fully and reach endgame faster. 



Early Game

  1. Complete AFK Stages as Soon as Possible: Start doing AFK stages right away in order to gain experience points fast.
  2. Winning Hard Battles: Every five levels there will be a hard battle that you have to fight through. Using Synergy Battle feature once per day lets you borrow a unit from another player which helps a lot with winning these tough fights.
  3. Put Emphasis on Economy: Focus on boosting your in-game economy at the beginning for sustainable long-term growth.


Recommended Heroes for Early Game:

  • Brutus: his invincibility allows him tanking hits what gives other units time to act.
  • Coco: with her ultimate ability she mitigates damage significantly making it essential in underleveled compositions.
  • Tandra: taunts and shields make her versatile tank useful even without many copies.
  • Rowan: provides energy for team thus being invaluable even with one copy.


Final Push

As you progress further into AFK Journey there will come a time called "The Final Push". It takes place usually around 30 days after server creation and greatly boosts rewards (often more than doubles them). 


Late Game Tips:

  • Maximize AFK Stages: Ensure that your afk stages are set up in the best way possible to take advantage of the massive reward spikes during “The Final Push”
  • Hero Recommendations: Focus on heroes who bring a lot of value even with few copies.


Key Heroes for Late Game:

  • Krueger: his debuffs amplify your team's damage output during pve content.
  • Scar: gives shields to your team which are necessary for progressing through afk stages.
  • Riner: great for pvp due to unit teleportation and boss debuffing abilities.


Dream Realm

In the AFK Journey, Dream Realm is the main source of a specific currency used in purchasing different heroes. Here are some tips on how to maximize it:

  • Give priority to ODI: In both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) contexts, ODI can play multiple roles. Therefore, you should invest in this character until you reach full potential.
  • Put Merily second: After completing ODI hero build, start focusing on Merily as he becomes very strong at later stages of the game.
  • Try Corin: The third spot should be reserved for Corin who happens to be a great PvE bossing unit.
  • General advice: It's worth mentioning that eventually all copies become available so don't fret over things that won't last long.

Dream Store


Arena Shop

The shop offers heroes and resources which can greatly help with your progress in the game. Here's an optimal approach:

  1. Prioritize Ssia: Even though she falls off late game according to some players' feedbacks; but getting there without her would be really hard.
  2. Invest in Huan: Healers are crucial; therefore, consider focusing on Huan as soon as possible.
  3. Other notable units:
    • Rowan - solid unit but doesn't need many copies;
    • Brutus - only one copy needed;
    • Cassidy – best magic dps investment for long term results.
  4. Daily/Monthly purchases: Never skip daily ticket or monthly items;
  5. Guild tokens: Use them all on Riner since he's among strongest units available.

Area Shop Legendary III


Mythic Plus

By upgrading characters up till Mythic Plus levels unlocks powerful abilities and specialty items for them which makes their overall strength greater than before here is how you can do that:

  • Resource management: it's important not waste limited resources so choose wisely what to upgrade first;
  • Key units:
    • ODI - highly recommended for all content, try to get weapon to +10;
    • Merily - best for pushing content, consider prioritizing her for economy benefits at highest level possible;
    • Thorin - at 5+ becomes immortal tank and useful on harder levels where extra survivability is needed.
  • Haste skills: if a unit has haste in its legendary plus abilities it usually means that this ability will be good because haste speeds up ultimate abilities and animations thus making them more viable in most cases;
  • Meta units: these are widely used across different contexts such as ODI or Merily which always perform reliably regardless of where they're placed within team composition.




The Arena is an essential part of AFK Arena, giving many rewards that can significantly boost a player’s progression. Here are some things to consider:

  • Weekly Rewards: Always complete your weekly quests for guaranteed currency.
  • Daily Activity: Spend time daily in the Arena winning fights and counterpicking.
  • First Time Rewards: Push into different ranks to earn first time rewards.
  • Higher Ranks: Once you reach higher ranks, you can start getting Legendary or S-rank heroes from the shop for free.
  • Spend Gems: Sometimes spending gems on extra fights is worth it, especially if you’re close to ranking up.
  • Long-Term Investment: More arena fights and higher rankings means better rewards so think of it as a long-term investment in your game economy.


Not Ready

Knowing when not to push forward is just as important as knowing when to push in AFK Arena. Here are some tips:

  • Know Your Limits: Understand that sometimes you don't have the units or levels needed to progress further at the moment.
  • Legend Trial: Some floors in legend trial can be extremely difficult and may require ascending or leveling before being able to beat them.
  • Don't Get Frustrated: If you're stuck on a level for more than 20 minutes and really cannot beat it, just come back another time; maybe after restocking scrolls or leveling up more heroes.
  • Progression Gating: Most of the time your current level and unit strength are what's gating your progression, so be patient.

Tower of Light



Joining a guild can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in AFK Arena, here's why:

  • Guild Chests: Actively participating in a guild will earn you valuable chests that help with progression
  • Early Server Advantage: Joining one of the first guilds on a new server can put you in contact with highly active players which will greatly speed up your early game progress.
  • Rank-based rewards: Higher ranked guilds offer substantial rewards including currency for Hypen and Celestial units
  • Battle Drills: Participate in battle drills to get extra loot, chests, and reputation quests
  • Long Term Benefits: Even being in a lower ranked guild provides significant medals for long term account progression.

Guild Chest



Managing the Wishlist:

AFK Journey's wishlist will change as you gain more heroes. Here are some general tips to help optimize it:

  • Rowan: Include Rowan until you get him. He is versatile and can fit into most teams.
  • Val: Besides pvp, Val is good for specific PvE bosses so keep her in your wishlist
  • Brutus: You should have at least one copy of brutus for DPS purposes.
  • Smokey/Coco/ODI: These heroes are also going to be kept until they’re maxed out.
  • Huan: Max Huan out before considering anyone else.
  • Damian/Ardan: Both of these healers are strong and should be focused on.
  • Sisia: Get Sisia to mythic plus because she is valuable long term.
  • Thoren: Thoren becomes very strong once he's maxed out.

Hero Wish List


Prioritization of Heroes:

  • MERS: Brutus and other dps units
  • Wilder: Prioritize Huan; after that work on damian etc.



Epic Recruitment:

When it comes to Epic recruitment, focus on heroes that aren't available from the arena shop. Here's what I recommend:

  • Brutus & Rowan: include them until you get a copy.
  • Non-Arena Shop Heroes: Focus on those which cannot be purchased with arena tokens. 
  • Artifacts: unlock all eventually, but We'd prioritize star shard spell first as it has a lot of versatility between PvP and PvE.  Confining spell is also great for locking down backline.



Recommended Artifacts:

  • Star Shard Spell - Reduces enemies' attack speed and deals damage over time.
  • Confining Spell - It's great for holding down backline.
  • Iron Wall - Can niche use this artifact in order protect tanks at front line.



Acquisition of Gear:

Gear can be obtained from various sources like chests. Prioritize heroes you use most often when getting them kitted out.

  • Focus on Main Heroes: First improve the gear for your key heroes.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Spending: Don't waste a lot of money on rare used characters' equipment.
  • Utilize Shops: Fill in gaps with items from shops available within the game.

Mage Equipment


Optimizing Gear:

  • Crafting Caution: Be careful about crafting because drops may quickly make crafted items useless.
  • Seasonal Updates: To maximize your gear strategy, new seasons come with fresh challenges and gears. Keep up to date!


AFK Arena provides an ever-changing and deep gaming experience. Efficiently progressing through the game can be done by effectively managing your Wishlist, making Epic Recruitment choices strategically and optimizing on gears. Keep abreast with new updates and keep fine-tuning strategies for optimal outcomes.

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