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Monopoly GO: Tycoon Racers Event Gameplay, Rewards and Strategy

Monopoly GO: Tycoon Racers Event Gameplay, Rewards and Strategy

Monopoly GO has recently added an exhilarating cooperative event called Tycoon Racers where players compete against each other with their friends to win fantastic prizes through races. Discover the mechanics of tycoon racers, tips on how to triumph in this brand-new pvp tournament mode and clinch ultimate rewards!



Tycoon Racers Gameplay

Tycoon Racers is a player versus player mini-game featured on Monopoly GO which emphasizes collaboration with teammates. Players form teams with 3 others similar to partner events then take on different groups of opponents during thrilling races that occur around the monopoly board on the go.

Tycoon Racers Event In-Game Overview

The tournament lasts for 3 days and consists of 4 stages:

  1. Team-Up: Send invitations or join randomly created teams.
  2. Matchmaking: Teams are matched up against other teams with similar skill levels for balanced competition.
  3. Race: Various races are held during the event, each having its own unique challenge and reward.
  4. Event Finale: Finish strong to claim the grand prize.


To win, you need to work together so that you can acquire checkered flags while using dice popper for movement along race track. In order to get flags players can land on flag pickup tiles, complete quick wins or buy gifts from shop. These flags then activate a special dice popper containing three dice where one roll costs 20 flags; numbers rolled on dice popper contribute towards overall team progress on race track.


At the end of race each position earns a medal – therefore most medals points secure top rank which means winning tycoon racer grand prix!


Tycoon Racers Rewards

In Tycoon Racers, you can get prizes by passing the races. Some of them are milestone rewards and others are called dice and flag tokens. Apart from this, grand prizes are distributed among teams according to their position in the race; it could be anything from a dice roll to an exclusive sticker pack.

Rank Prizes
1st Wild Sticker + 2,700 Dice Rolls
2nd Purple Sticker Pack (5 Stars) + 750 Dice Rolls
3rd Blue Sticker Pack (4 stars) + 375 Dice Rolls
4th 125 Dice Rolls

Tycoon Racers Rewards In-game Screenshot


How do I play Tycoon Racers?

Tycoon Racers is still being tested but currently it is only available in few countries such as Philippines, Brazil or Malaysia. If players live outside of these regions they can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the game. Eligible players just need to log into the app and start playing.


Please Note that if beta testing goes well then Tycoon Racer might become a regular feature on Monopoly Go. However Scopely has not released any official information about it until now.


How to get more Flags in Tycoon Racers?

To be good at Tycoon Racers, you need to make a strategic team and collect checkered flags quickly. The flags act as money for spinning the special event dice and helping your team progress. You should do everything possible to take many flags because that will give you the highest chance of winning. This can be done through the following ways:

  • Completing Daily quick wins
  • Solo events and tournaments participation
  • Landing on the flag pick up tiles designated on the board
  •  Getting gifts from Monopoly GO shop
  • Keep an eye out for free flag links

Tycoon Racers Earn More Flags

After collecting some flags, activate the event dice roller where each roll costs 20 Flags at x1 multiplier. The cumulative value rolled helps in advancing ones team whereby higher rolls attract more points. The main goal is to score higher than other teams so as to secure top positions for ultimate victory.


Finally, Tycoon Racers is an interesting addition to Monopoly GO which brings out elements of collaboration and competition among players. It offers challenging races, valuable prizes, and a chance to test one's strategy skills in this fun-filled mini game.

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