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Monopoly GO: Treasure Digging Event Manual Gameplay, Tips and Tricks

Monopoly GO: Treasure Digging Event Manual Gameplay, Tips and Tricks

In Treasure Hunt Events players have the chance of collecting treasures by using pickaxes, lasers etc in Monopoly GO. This guide will help you understand this event comprehensively and also provide gameplay advice as well as tips & tricks on how-to gain tools that would make your gaming experience more enjoyable.



What is the Treasure Digging Event?

A treasure dig event is a challenging game play in monopoly go which is also known as Treasure Hunt or Pickaxe Events where players use tokens to chip away at tiles on a grid to uncover hidden artifacts and treasures.

Monopoly GO Digging Event Overview

Players must collect pickaxes, lasers or any other tool that can help them dig through boards and discover hidden prizes. The size of the board varies but each stage needs certain number of tools for completion.


Once all treasures are found in one grid, dice packs as well as sticker packs are awarded for winning after which another grid with even better rewards awaits them. There are usually upto 20 grids filled with prizes during each event.


How To Participate In Digging Event?

To access this event during Treasure Digging Events , players can find it from small pill located at right side of screen. Players need Pickaxes in order to dig out hidden artifacts which can be obtained through various activities like daily quick wins , hitting milestone events or tournament achievements.


How to gain tools for the Treasure Digging Event?

There are a few strategies to help maximize your tools for the Digging Event.

  1. First, always watch out for the top event as it gives most number of tools for the event. So make sure you take advantage of this top event by collecting a lot of tools during its time duration.
  2. Secondly, rank high to get more chances of collecting tools before entering into the Treasure Hunt. Different ranks give different numbers of opportunities for collecting these items.
  3. Thirdly, don't forget to use daily chances – claim gifts x3 times per day or go with quick wins (which gives plenty) in order to receive them fast and easy.

By using these ways in strategic manner players can gather huge amounts of tool sets for their Treasure Digs during Events.


Treasure Digging Event Schedule

The schedule for treasure hunting events is quite flexible: usually they happen once in every month; so there could be from 20 up to 30 days between each two events. The developers (Scopely) try not overlap other major activities like Golden Blitzes, Partner Events or Prize Drops with treasure hunts; thus dates may be shifted sometimes – just not to put all these things together.


Previous Treasure Digging Events

As usual, knowing what's happened before might give better idea about when will next one come. here are all previous Treasure Digging Events:

Event Name Start/End Time
Sunken Treasures May 23-26, 2024
Nocturnal Treasures May 03-07, 2024
Anniversary Treasures April 16-21, 2024
Spring Treasures March 30 - April 03, 2024
Sunset Treasures March 18-22, 2024
Galactic Treasures February 23-28 2024
Jungle Treasures January 22-26, 2024
Moonlight Treasures December 10-13, 2023
Egyptian Treasures November 13-16, 2023


Tips and Tricks for Playing

Click on the icons to begin the event and unveil galactic treasure. The event is made up of several levels, each containing its own unique obstacles. What you need to do is reach level 20 by gathering enough tools to complete every stage.

  • Strategic Clicking: Begin clicking on the board from the middle so that you can cover more ground. Memorize different symbols' patterns and their corresponding tile requirements in order to plan your clicks strategically.
  • Analyzing Rewards: Always look at what rewards are available at the top. This will help you understand how to manipulate them for your benefit.
  • Elimination Strategy: Use elimination strategy when there are many possibilities; it will help you narrow down where treasures might be buried. Start with larger tiles before moving onto smaller ones.
  • Optimizing Tools: Take care not to waste any click, instead try covering as much area as possible with each tool used; don't randomly click around but rather aim for strategic coverage.
  • Utilizing Special Rewards: Be aware of special rewards like stickers or boosters which could improve your gameplay significantly; use them wisely so that they bring maximum benefits.
  • Timing Your Completion: It may be worth considering delaying completion until nearer end of event duration – this way extra tools (which convert into dice) keep being collected during this period.


To become a Master of Monopoly GO Treasure Digging Event one has to be patient, think strategically and seize opportunities whenever they arise . It is important also that one treats every level with some tactics , assess possible outcomes then make decisions which will make him or her succeed through the whole process .

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