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Watcher of Realms: The Definitive Guide For Beginner

Watcher of Realms: The Definitive Guide For Beginner

If you have just joined Watcher of Realms or want better insights into winning in different realms then this manual will provide you with necessary knowledge and tips needed while navigating through these territories intelligently. From champion picking strategies down to level optimization techniques together with resource management skills improvement we got it all covered so that one can grow powerful thereby overcoming any challenge fearlessly.




When it comes to your Watcher of Realms journey, the champions are the most important. Some examples of a well-rounded team include:

  • Healers: They keep the team alive. An example is Vortex.
  • Tanks: These take damage for the rest of the team. Olag, which can be obtained from the Void Rift, is one of the best tanks in the game.
  • Fighters: They help you progress through early game. A good free fighter to get is Raph.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second) Units: There are two different kinds
    • Marksman: Does physical damage mainly.
    • Mage: Deals magic damage and can be AoE (Area of Effect) or single-target focused.

Watcher of Realms Champions Image

It's not good to focus on one hero; try to improve all members of your squad equally as you go along.


Levelling Up

Level up together as a team. Here are some things to remember:

Event Timing Level heroes during events for chances at rewards like legendary crystals.
Experience Pots Use these items to level up your champions; they're farmed from specific levels.
Promotion After maxing out a character's level, promote them using 'food' units which will increase their star rating.
Quick Star Up This feature becomes available later in the game and streamlines promotions once it does.

Watcher of Realms Levelling Up Image


Decent Rares

While common or uncommon heroes tend to be thought of as "fodder," there are some rares that stick out:

  • Decimus – Great even at lower levels because he's effective;
  • Autum – Gives crit hit bonuses to your team and shines in endgame;
  • Na'vi – Grants cost points needed for deploying troops, making her very useful;
  • Cook – His poison ability is especially good against single targets such as guild bosses.


Selling Rares

Please select Heroes to dismiss on the left in Watcher of Realms Image

  • Summoning strategy: Use diamonds from dismissed rares to summon new heroes, ideally during weekend events for extra benefits.
  • Dismissing heroes: Exchange undesirable three-star heroes for diamonds using the dismissal feature. Lock desired characters so they won't get dismissed accidentally.



  • Recognizing Lords: Look for a crown on the card; this indicates that it's a Lord and should not be dismissed lightly.
  • Lord bonus: Keep them in your roster because they have unique advantages.



  • Importance of promotion: Promoting unlocks new skill elements, enhances stats, and improves ability ranges – all crucial for hero development.
  • Promotion raids: Take part in these events which will award you with insignias needed to advance hero strength.



To be able to progress one's character, it is important to understand how gears work especially when they are already transitioning from the early game to late game. Following this point we will guide you through gearing up by giving hints on gear farming; when, where and for whom.

Watcher of Realms Mythic Gear Image

Early Game Strategy
  • Prioritize campaign progression over gear farming.
  • Focus on acquiring gear from the Dwarven Association shop.
  • Aim for rare (blue) and epic (purple) gear for your early heroes.
  • Upgrade gear to level 4 or 8 as it's cost-effective and provides a significant power boost.
Stat Prioritization
  • Attack is essential for damage dealers; seek attack percentage or flat attack stats.
  • Crit rate and crit damage are secondary and considered luxuries in the early stages.
  • Tanks benefit from HP and defense stats.
  • Healers vary; some scale with HP, others with attack—gear accordingly.
Damage Dealers Attack remains a primary focus; supplement with attack speed and crit where possible. Adjust gear based on hero abilities, e.g., attack speed for heroes that benefit from faster hits.
Tanks Concentrate on HP and defense to enhance survivability. Rage regen can be beneficial if the tank has a strong ultimate ability.
Healers Gear based on healing scaling; HP for HP-based healers, attack for attack-based healers. Consider healer's range while positioning them on board.
Specialized Roles Marksmen may require more crit stats due to better scaling. Mages generally scale well with attack; read through skills to understand specific needs.
Hero Promotion and Star Rating Promote heroes to increase star ratings and base stats. Flat attack stats are more effective early on due to lower base stats. As heroes are promoted, percentage-based stats become increasingly valuable.


Acquisition Tips

  • Shop Purchases: The Dwarven Association shop offers gear that scales with campaign progress. Evaluate gear in the shop before purchasing; only invest in pieces that suit your needs.
  • Gear Raids: Delay significant investment in gear raids until able to complete stage 13 or higher. Mythical gear obtained from higher stages is worth leveling up.


Skill Dust

Skill Dust is valuable in boosting the skills of heroes for players. While Blue Dust is plentiful and can be used to quickly max common heroes, Skill Crystals need to be used more sparingly early on.

Watcher of Realms Skill Upgrade Image

  • Use Blue Dust freely on common heroes you use frequently.
  • Be selective about using Skill Crystals; prioritize heroes who benefit significantly from skill upgrades.
  • Think about stopping the use of Skill Crystals once a hero's ultimate ability (Al) is maxed out, as this is usually the most impactful upgrade.
  • Skill Crystals are rarer and should be allocated thoughtfully to avoid wasting them.



Awakenings is a process that allows you to boost your hero's capabilities by using duplicate heroes or special tokens.

Watcher of Realms Awakenings Image

  • Always apply Enlightenment when possible; it increases stats and may improve abilities.
  • Watch out for fusion exceptions; some duplicates are needed for legendary fusions such as Abomination.
  • Tokens should be used on key heroes like Raph who becomes much stronger at higher levels of Awakening.
  • Check hero guides before doing Awakenings so that resources aren't wasted.



Relics give significant stat boosts and unique abilities which can turn the tide of battle in favor of your heroes.

Watcher of Realms Mythic Artifact Image

  • Give your heroes artifacts in order to gain additional stats and special talents.
  • Use dust collected in game to level up relics further at 10, 13, 16 etc..
  • Promote relics with duplicates which improve their innate abilities and overall effectiveness.
  • Prioritize upgrading relics as a way to strengthen characters and make progress through the game easier.



Watcher of Realms Campaign Image

  • Progress through campaign: Focus on progressing through campaign especially up to Stage 7 Normal Campaign unlocks XP dungeon - crucial resource for leveling up your heroes
  • Experience farming: Utilize experience dungeons effectively. Only farm in these dungeons when they are highlighted for bonus rewards. Plan 24-hour stints of intense experience farming by using stamina efficiently.
  • Resource Management: Save experience tokens for when they are most needed. These can be acquired from faction trials, pantheon and in-game shops.
  • Shop Utilization: Regularly purchase stamina potions and summoning crystals in the arena shop. Prioritize legendary crystals due to their rarity. Shards require a large investment for minimal gain so avoid spending too much on them.


Gold Farming

Watcher of Realms Gold Farming Image

  • Unlock Hard Campaign: Progress to at least Stage 7 Hard Campaign before focusing on gold farming.
  • Double Gold Events: Only farm gold when double gold events are active to maximize earnings.
  • Token Usage: Purchase gold farming tokens from Feld shop to activate gold farming days dedicating your time to accumulating this important resource.
  • Gear Upgrades: Gold is essential for gear upgrades so efficient farming is crucial for progression.


Gear Rolling

Watcher of Realms Gear Rolling Image

  • Cost Efficient Upgrades: Initially enhance gear from Level 0 - 8 as it requires minimal gold investment.
  • Stat Filtering: When searching for gear, filter for desired stats such as attack percent, speed, critical rate etc..
  • Enhancement Decisions: Enhance gear incrementally to determine its value before committing more resources. Aim for purple tier quality or higher on high end pieces.
  • Stat Priority: If you need a certain statistic like crit rate, then the only gear that is allowed before stage 4 or 8 should roll this stat to reduce risk.
  • Sell or Keep: In order to save gold, I might consider selling off any equipment that doesn't roll well or lacks key stats.


Set Bonuses

Watcher of Realms Set Bonuses Image

The set bonus works as a power up for heroes in the game Watcher of Realms. Here are some tips on how best to use them:

  • Prioritize equipping items with set bonuses that work well with your character build.
  • Attack percentage gears should be focused on during early game regardless of their sets.
  • Do not upgrade any gear until the set bonuses become active.
  • Move through the campaign quickly so that rewards and higher level gears can be unlocked.
  • For efficient use of resources, avoid gear raids until able to farm stage 13 or higher.



The Tide is an important source of dust, diamonds, and crystals. To excel:

  • Three tries are the target for everyday resources from The Tide.
  • Compete with your power of battle with the recommended levels per stage you are on to count how much probability there is for success.
  • Develop stats and skills in your heroes so that their battle power can go higher thus improving performance too.
  • For advantages during a fight use talents that belong only to this area called The Tide
  • Enhance damage output based on stronger hero classes first but do it strategically.


Guild Boss

Watcher of Realms Guild Boss In-Game Screenshot

Though this may seem like just another part of the game where everyone has to work together, in reality there's much more at stake than meets the eye when fighting against a Guild Boss. To progress:

  • Every day participate in guild boss battles using 2 free keys
  • Go as far as possible for better rewards and chest drops
  • Fight different bosses after defeating one so that attacks won't be concentrated at a single point
  • Make sure your team is strong enough to handle the Guild Boss encounters
  • Use heroes with special abilities (such as poison attacks) which will cause additional damage


Faction Trial

Watcher of Realms Faction Trial In-Game Screenshot

The Faction Trial is an important part of Watcher of Realms which should be played every day once unlocked by players. Participating in Faction Trials should not be considered optional because it helps in character growth and advancement throughout the entire game.

  • As soon as Faction Trial becomes available daily engagements must begin. If people consistently engage themselves then they would accumulate enough insignias which play a big role towards beefing up one's character stats.
  • Insignias obtained from Faction trials also contribute towards global stat boost across all modes within the game hence benefiting such an individual’s personal development universally.
  • Even if you find yourself unable to move past current level please continue auto farming x3 daily at least try farm medals too so that they contribute towards more stat ups. 
  • Among early game strategies include prioritization of Faction Trials alongside promotions, resource management and daily boss fights.



Watcher of Realms Black Market In-Game Screenshot

The Dwarven Association shop is a market that can save you time and energy while providing items at discounted prices. Efficient use of this Market allows for significant gear upgrades without having to farm extensively for resources.

  • Whenever there's a 20% discount offer always make purchases especially on green characters since they provide huge experience boosts.
  • Prioritize purchasing epic or even legendary pieces from the market before farming your own gear sets if possible during early stages of gameplay so that heroes are adequately equipped 
  • Spend gold liberally on such items like insignias but be mindful about maintaining healthy reserves by taking advantage all daily gold refreshes



Watcher of Realms Summons In-Game Screenshot

Summoning in Watcher of Realms is not only an exciting aspect of the game but also a strategic one. Here's what you need to know to enhance your summoning strategy:

Summoning Events
  • Keep an eye on the in-game banners to identify active summoning events.
  • Events typically occur on weekends and can offer increased chances for Legendary heroes or special promotions.
  • Plan your summons around these events to maximize your chances of acquiring powerful characters.
Guaranteed Legendaries
  • After a certain number of summons (usually 70), you are guaranteed a Legendary hero.
  • Look out for events that offer additional Legendaries or increased summoning odds.
Event Calendar
  • Utilize the events tab to preview upcoming summoning events and promotions.
  • Anticipate events like "Double Drop Rate" for Legendary heroes to strategically time your summons.
Event Participation
  • Engage in events like "Corridor of Glory" to earn rewards, including Legendary Crystals and summon tickets.
  • Balance event participation with campaign progression, focusing on events that align with your current goals.
Summon Types
  • Base Summons: Accessible for free or via in-game currency, providing a steady stream of new heroes.
  • Divine Summons: Offer higher chances for Legendaries and Epics, best used during favorable events.
  • Ancient Summons: Less frequent but provide better odds for acquiring Lords, powerful characters.
Resource Management
  • Free-to-play users can accumulate a substantial number of summons by actively playing the game.
  • Spend in-game gems on summons during high-value events to build a robust roster quickly.
  • Prioritize summoning over other gem expenditures in the early stages of the game.
Luck Factor
  • While strategy is important, luck also plays a role in summoning outcomes.
  • Even with enhanced odds, acquiring Legendary Lords can be rare and unpredictable.


Team Compositions

Watcher of Realms Team Stage In-Game Screenshot

In Watcher of Realms, building a team composition that works is key to taking on different levels and raids. The enemies' resistances and the specifics of each raid level should guide your approach.

Common Strategy for Composition
  • Gear Raid 1: Go all out with AOE Mages or AOE damage dealers.
  • Gear Raid 2: Tanks and healers should be prioritized, accompanied by some damage.
  • Gear Raid 3: Marksmen are the best choice with potential support from healers; tanks are less effective here.
Hero Selection
  • Each raid level suggests highly recommended heroes.
  • Review successful team compositions for guidance.
  • Consider heroes' resistances and strengths relative to enemy weaknesses.
Map Information
  • Analyze enemy resistances so you can choose heroes accordingly.
  • High magic resistance enemies work best against Marksmen.
  • If there's low magic resistance, then opt for Mages as they will be more effective in this case.
Lord Bonuses
  • Do not dismiss rare Lords because they can provide great bonuses.
  • The rarity of the lord increases the amount of bonus (rare, epic or legendary).
  • Legendary lords give better shields and defense boosts than others will do.
Fusion Events
  • Monthly fusion events may introduce new potential lords into the game.
  • You need to evaluate if these upcoming lords would benefit your current or future raids?
Lord Abilities and Faction Bonuses
  • Identify key Lord abilities that support your team's strategy.
  • Faction bonuses might give attack speed up etcetera.
  • Even if they don't remain on the board use them wisely to get maximum bonus points.
Hero Deployment
  • Fill open slots to increase options but only play essential heroes needed at that time.
  • In higher-level campaigns hero slots may be limited therefore choosing carefully is important.
Adapting to Enemy Types
  • Choose tanks who can take damage and healers for sustainability
  • Deploy Mages when fighting against enemies with low magic resistance
  • If dealing with mixed resistances incorporate Marksmen and Mages together .
Lord Bonus Activation
  • Position heroes such that they benefit from their respective lord bonuses.
  • Some bonuses activate automatically whereas others require manual adjustment.


Gameplay Mechanics

Watcher of Realms Gameplay Mechanics In-Game Screenshot

Watcher of Realms is a game with complex gameplay that needs players to grasp different mechanics if they are to succeed. Here, we take an in-depth look at some key gameplay elements such as unit positioning, managing speed and allocating resources which will help you navigate through battles effectively and progress further into the game.

Speed Settings Beginners should start with 1x speed in order to understand how the game flows. Lower speeds give more time for thought during setup.
Unit Placement
  • Deploy a defensive unit first so that it takes oncoming attacks instead of your base.
  • Positioning matters; place units tactically for maximum impact.
  • Use mages against enemies weak against magic damage.
  • You will need marksmen units when dealing with enemies having high magic resistance or flying enemies only vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Resource Management
  • Always keep track of your tank's health so as not to be caught off guard by sudden deaths.
  • If one of your units is about to die, remove it from the board to get back its cost and then redeploy somewhere else where it can do better.
  • Watch out for available resources (displayed bottom right).
Unit Types and Their Roles
  • Defense Units: Block & reduce incoming damage.
  • Mages: Deals magical damage hence effective against some types of enemies.
  • Marksmen: Best suited for taking down high resistance or aerial foes.
  • Healers: Should be positioned strategically since their healing power depends on proximity to other units; they provide coverage too!
Adaptability Be ready to change tactics and shift positions depending on how the battle unfolds. Use AOE (Area Of Effect) mages when dealing with groups of enemies at once.
Battle Strategy Understand what you have to do in a given level e.g., stop all enemy units from reaching your nexus etc.. Take advantage of the game's no-stamina penalty for restarting battles so as to fine tune strategies.
Campaign Progression Completing campaign levels earns you more rewards & unlocks new challenges. Try getting three-star completions by meeting specific level criteria.



Watcher of Realms Arena In-Game Screenshot

Area is a place in Watcher of Realms where players can fight against each other using their teams. The challenges posed by the Arena change regularly, and so players must adapt their tactics and team setups.

  • Rotating Challenges: Periodically, the Arena throws different challenges at you; it's best to be flexible.
  • Team Formation: Create a team that can deal with different challenges using any hero available initially, though later you should focus on specialization.
Power Evaluation
  • Assessing Power Levels: Compare your team's power level with other teams' early to know if you're ready for a battle or not.
  • Optimal Matchups: Fight people slightly weaker than you or people with equal power levels as yours for more wins.
Team Optimization
  • Saved Teams: After finding success once, the game saves the team combination used so that players can reuse it again quickly later on.
  • Auto Fight Feature: Use auto fight feature whenever possible as long as there aren’t any surprises along the way that might require manual control over battles like unexpected loses due to low hp etc..
Daily Engagement
  • Consistent Participation: You should make it a point to engage in battles every day because this will earn you resources from the arena shop over time.
  • Time Management: Make sure not spend too much time fighting in one area at expense of others when all could have been done within same period only if prioritized well enough..
Arena Shop
  • Resource Investment: Be careful about how invest your gathered resources into items available through purchase within the game so that these investments could help improve performance levels among members making up ones own group;
  • Shop Offerings: The things sold here are very good indeed – they'll give anyone who buys them an edge over any opponent encountered anywhere else!
Strategic Play
  • Adaptability: Don't be afraid to take control manually if there are signs showing strategy failures during battles fought automatically;
  • Team Synergy: When setting up offensive teams against enemy mobs consider what kinds of enemies will be fought against thus determining type of heroes needed for an efficient attack wave.
Understanding Opponents
  • Analyzing Enemy Tactics: Always make sure to learn from other players' strategies by studying their team setups and overall performance in battles;
  • Counterplay: Always be ready to adjust your approach based on the strengths and weaknesses shown by different types of adversaries encountered throughout various stages within this game.
Power vs. Strategy
  • Misleading Metrics: Higher power does not always mean better team; focus more on synergy and strategy rather than raw stats alone!
  • Tactical Decisions: Know when and where to engage in manual combat for better results especially if you had already identified which areas require more attention in terms of leveling up or acquiring better gear etcetera.


By following these instructions, players can maximize their gaming experience on Watcher of Realms. Keep those rare units leveled up, balance out team composition and remember to level evenly across all party members!

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