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Monopoly Go Account Guide: All Questions You Need To Know

Monopoly Go Account Guide: All Questions You Need To Know

Monopoly GO is a popular mobile board game where players need to take care of their accounts for better gaming experience. This guide offers basic details on how to personalize your profile, handle several accounts, switch between them smoothly and recover lost ones. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your Monopoly GO account stays secure and suits your preferences.



Monopoly GO: How to Change You UserName?

Monopoly GO Username

It's an easy process to change the username in Monopoly GO but only 3 changes can be made. Here's what you have to do:

Open the Game Launch Monopoly GO on your device.
Access Profile Tap on the three-bar icon located at the top right corner of your screen which opens up profile panel.
Edit Profile Click on your profile photo that brings user interface (UI) for editing profiles into view.
Change Name Touch pencil icon next to current username.
Enter New Name Type desired new name.
Confirm Changes Press 'Submit' button; a prompt reminds about limited number of name changes (three). If sure then confirm it otherwise no need .
Save After confirming click save so that new username could take effect immediately.

Be careful while selecting another name because once used thrice all chances get depleted prematurely missing out genuine opportunities later on .


Monopoly Go: How To Change Your Avatar?

Monopoly GO Select Profile Picture

  1. Open Monopoly Go -> Three Bar Icon -> Right Corner Top
  2. Click Current Picture
  3. If Guest Account, Choose Different Avatar Provided
  4. For Facebook Connected Accounts Update Facebook Profile Picture Via facebook .com Or App
  5. Once Updated Fully Close Down The Application Then Restart So That New Profile Picture Can Be Seen


 Monopoly Go: How to Make Second Accounts?

1. Connect Your First Account to Facebook:

  • Ensure that your primary account is connected to a Facebook account for easy management
  • Go the in-game settings menu and choose 'Connect Account' to link your account with Facebook


2. Make a Second Facebook Account

  • You will need another facebook account to manage a second account
  • If you need help creating a new facebook account, check out our channel for tutorials


3. Clear Data for New Account

  • Locate the monopoly go app on your device and access 'App Info'
  • Choose 'Clear Data' and confirm by selecting 'Clear All Data'
  • Launch monopoly go and begin new account setup


4. Connect Your New Account 

  • Select Play As Guest or Play With Friends 
  • Make sure you are logged into your second facebook account before proceeding 
  • Link this new account to your second facebook account


Monopoly Go: How Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

To have several Monopoly GO accounts, follow these steps:


1. Create Additional Facebook Accounts:

  • Each account of Monopoly GO needs its own unique Facebook account.
  • So make sure you have different Facebook accounts ready for each additional Monopoly GO game accounts you want to create


2. Connect Your Current Monopoly Go Account:

  • Open up the MONOPOLY Go app on your device.
  • Tap on the three-bar icon in the top right corner.
  • Then tap on "Settings".
  • Lastly, tap "Connect Account" so that it can link up with FB.


3. Switching Between Accounts:

  • Before switching accounts please ensure that your current game is linked with FB otherwise you'll lose all of what's been done already!
  • Exit out of MONOPOLY Go App
  • Hold down on app icon then select "App Info"
  • Scroll down until finding "Clear Data" option
  • Tap on it and confirm clearing data
  • Reopen MONOPOLY Go App and this time login into it using other FB account


Monopoly Go: How to Change Accounts?

Switch Accounts in Monopoly GO

1. What are the Types of Accounts in Monopoly Go?

  • Guest accounts: They save data locally so if the device is wiped or the app is deleted, then it can be lost
  • Connected accounts: These can be backed up and recovered by linking your account with Facebook or Google Play


2. How to Connect Your Guest Account?

  • Launch Monopoly Go and tap on three bars icon situated at the top right corner
  • Choose the option to connect with Facebook or sign in using Google
  • Follow instructions provided to ensure that your account is securely linked


3. How do I Switch from a Guest to a Connected Account?

  • Before you proceed make sure your current progress is linked to Facebook or Google Play
  • Exit from Monopoly Go then find its icon on your device's screen
  • Tap & hold this icon then select 'App Info'
  • Pick 'Clear Data' and confirm by tapping 'Clear All Data'
  • Reopen Monopoly Go, agree to terms and conditions, select 'Play with Friends'
  • Log into preferred connected account (Facebook or Google)


4. How do I Switch Between Connected Accounts?

If you've got several different social platforms where multiple accounts are linked:

  • Open Monopoly Go and agree any terms if asked
  • To access main menu tap 'Play as Guest'
  • After entering main menu tap three bars icon, go Settings > Connect Account
  • Sign in with Google or connect through Facebook
  • Select desired account for switch over and accept choice made


5. What Should I Do When Having Troubles With Changing My Account? 

If any troubles arise during process of switching between these two types:

  • Make certain correct Facebook/Google account is signed into on device being used;
  • Check for updates of game or reinstall application when needed;
  • If problem continues get support help from developers team behind monopoly go.


Monopoly GO: How to recover lost account?

To recover a lost Monopoly GO account, follow these simple steps:

1 Confirm Account Connection
  1. Open the app
  2. Check if your missing account was linked to Facebook or Google
2 Reach Out to Customer Service
  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Support and Legal'
  3. Choose any article in the customer service section — this will give you access to the chat feature named 'Chat with Us'
3 Ask Support for Help
  1. Start a chat conversation with support by selecting 'Chat with Us'
  2. Let them know that you need help recovering your lost Monopoly GO account

Recover Lost Monopoly GO Account Step


Always link your socials for backup reasons too plus don't hesitate reaching out whenever necessary; now equipped with knowledge gained here about these things there should be no fear when it comes to managing various aspects involved with monopoly go accounts.

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