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Monopoly GO Sticker Pack Guide: Types, Trading, and More

Monopoly GO Sticker Pack Guide: Types, Trading, and More

Each season of Monopoly GO brings an exciting sticker collection event where players try to complete collections of stickers and then the whole album for big rewards. Sticker packs are crucial for any player who wants to fill their album and succeed. This guide covers all different kinds of sticker packs available in detail – from the exclusive Galaxy Pack – as well as giving advice on how best to get them and trade effectively.



Sticker Packs Types and Odds

There are 6 different types of sticker packs that contain stickers of various rarities in Monopoly GO, each having its own set of chances to draw stars. To complete one's album people must be strategic because it is unlikely to get many high-star stickers out of single pack draws.


Below is a breakdown of what players can expect from each kind along with probabilities (in stars) per pack:

Color Description 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star 4 Star (Gold) 5 Star (Gold)

Monopoly GO Green Pack

Green Pack

2 stickers, with 1 guaranteed 1-star >57.8% ≈30% ≈10% <0.9% <0.2% <0.9% <0.2%

Monopoly GO Yellow Pack

Yellow Pack

3 stickers, with 1 guaranteed 2-star >53.2% ≈30% ≈14% <1.1% <0.3% <1.1% <0.3%

Monopoly GO Pink Pack

Pink Pack

3 stickers, with 1 guaranteed 3-star >51.8% ≈35% ≈10% <1.1% <0.5% <1.1% <0.5%

Monopoly GO Blue Pack

Blue Pack

4 stickers, with 1 guaranteed 4-star >44.8% ≈35% ≈16% <1.2% <0.9% <1.2% <0.9%

Monopoly GO Purple Pack

Purple Pack

6 stickers, with 1 guaranteed 5-star >50.4% ≈28% ≈17% <1.7% <0.6% <1.7% <0.6%

Monopoly GO Galaxy Pack

Galaxy Pack

6 stickers, with 1 guaranteed new sticker >50.4% ≈28% ≈17% <1.7% <0.6% <1.7% <0.6%


What About The Galaxy Pack?

The Galaxy Pack is unlike any other item that it guarantees a new sticker not currently in the player's collection, along with 5 additional stickers. This pack can be obtained by exchanging 1000 stars.


Stars are earned by collecting duplicate cards – each card has a star value equal to its star level. For example, a one-star card is worth one star. It is recommended that after getting other packs first; this way if you don't have many stars when you open the Galaxy Pack there won't be as much disappointment from receiving lower-star gold cards.


How to redeem a Galaxy Sticker Pack?

To get a Galaxy Sticker Pack, do the following:

  1. Go to the game's Albums Section;
  2. Tap on the pink vault found on the bottom right corner;
  3. This will bring up the 'Stickers For Rewards' menu;
  4. Find the Galaxy Sticker Pack and tap on the '1000 Stars' button;
  5. Confirm it to receive your Galaxy Sticker Pack.


How to get different types of sticker packs in Monopoly GO?

While the Galaxy Pack can be bought with 1000 Stars, other sticker packs are also available through gameplay and events. Here’s what you need to know about different types of sticker packs:

  • 1 Star Guaranteed Pack: Standard reward for winning a pack daily.
  • 2 Star Guaranteed Pack: Earned through top 10 tournament placements, events and weekly Quick Wins prizes.
  • 3 Star Guaranteed Pack: Attain 3rd-5th place in tournaments, reach event milestones and look for Quick Wins weekly prizes.
  • 4 Star Guaranteed Pack: Secure 1st-2nd place in tournaments or spin the color set wheel.
  • 5 Star Guaranteed Pack: Occasionally available as tournament rewards or through Quick Wins and event milestones.
  • Any 1 NEW Missing Card: Exchange 1000 stickers in the vault or buy sporadically in the shop.

As seasons progress, free Galaxy Packs become more abundant with appearances in tournaments.


Trading Stickers for Stars

To collect 1000 stars players need to gather many duplicate cards. Once enough stars have been accumulated they can be traded for a Galaxy Pack within the purple vault. This pack is great because it guarantees a gold card that is not currently owned by the player.

Monopoly GO Trading Stickers for Stars

However if all gold cards are already owned then there will be no guarantee on what comes out of this pack. At season's end save 1000 stickers to convert into a pink vault for next season which will give you an advantage start.


Gold Stickers and Trading

Monopoly GO has rarest Gold Stickers that can only be traded during Golden Blitz events because they're so valuable being both high rarity items with low drop rate (less than 0.1% chance) from any pack in game!

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz events

Collecting each brand new album requires different packs; every sticker pack is guaranteed to give one of certain star level, but there isn't much chance getting multiple good quality stickers out of single packs together like this often happens . Collect many different types of packs; use strategic trading during Golden Blitz events to fill collection gaps!


Success with Monopoly GO depends on knowing how much to save up for each sticker you'll need later on – don't spend all your coins at once! An updated guide for sticker packs takes into account changes occurring during Monopoly Origins season where probabilities may have shifted slightly. Start holding onto duplicate cards now because these will be used for trading when Galaxy Pack becomes available since this might just decide whether or not someone finishes their set.

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