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AFK Journey: Essential Guide for New Players

AFK Journey: Essential Guide for New Players

AFK Journey is the spiritual successor of AFK Arena with unique art and complex mechanics. The Overworld is a place where one can only succeed by planning strategically and developing heroes. For the newcomers, this guide will show you how to get started in the game and give you a step-by-step guide on what to do and how to do it.




Overworld exploration and quest completion will be your main focus as a new player. This is where you'll discover treasure chests, enemies, puzzles and so much more that makes up the map.


In order to move about simply tap on any point of interest for auto-pathing. Check out unique symbols that indicate puzzles or opportunities for summoning. Co-op battle markers are also found here as well as teleport points in order to facilitate quick travel and allow players to engage in collaborative gameplay.

AFK Journey Overview

Quest management involves finding the quest marker on the map; just click on it for auto-pathing or alternatively choose another quest line for tracking purposes. Hero Essence which is key to character development can be obtained from town quests. After reaching a plateau during your main story progression, consider tacking side quests for extra rewards.

AFK Journey Map Overview

Mobile controls – use finger movement or keyboard keys W.A.S.D on computer keyboards. 'F' key interacts with elements inside games.


Stages Loot

AFK Journey uses idle mechanics where players collect loot over time. You should collect your idle rewards at the end of each gaming session after progressing further into the game.

AFK Journey stages

The level reached in campaigns matter because higher stages will give you more valuable quantities of AFK loots such as gems, summon scrolls, gear chests etcetera. Advanced stages serve as building blocks for campaign's driving force while enhancing its growth means increasing your chances of getting better loot faster.

AFK Rewards

Make sure not to miss anything important on stage requirements or stop at stage limits when they appear during your journey through various chapters from 1-30. AFK stages allow you to keep going with the storyline and further empower your heroes for future trials.



How effectively you manage and upgrade your heroes could have a huge impact on your progress. Let's now delve into an essential overview of the hero management that includes leveling strategies, ascension, skill optimization, affinity and equipment management.


1. The Leveling and Resonating Hall:

  • The top quintet in your collection becomes part of the Resonating Hall where they dictate level cap for the other members of your team.
  • Maintain not more than 10 level differences between these heroes for optimal growth.
  • To adjust levels, simply switch out heroes on the resonating hall interface.
  • For all other characters, their level will match with the lowest among your top five heroes.

AFK Journey Choose the Hero to be replaced


2. Hero Ascension:

  • Duplicates of a character and specific items like acorns are required to ascend it.
  • It is necessary if you want to make a hero more powerful while unlocking new abilities for him or her.
  • A detailed Ascension guide will be provided separately for in-depth strategies.


3. Skills and Abilities:

  • There are three base skills that every hero starts off with and more unlock as they go up in tiers.
  • Hit 'simple' button to get quick summary or see full skill descriptions for details about effects aside simple multipliers.
  • Exclusive equipment becomes available at Mythic plus level giving significant bonuses.
  • Generally, Supreme plus tier comes with additional stat gains.

AFK Journey Class Upgrade


4. Affinity and Gifts:

  • Improving affinity through gift-giving enhances affinity levels which also give bonus summons.
  • To maximize efficiency raise all characters to an affinity of 1300 before focusing on any further increments.


5. Equipment Management:

  • Equipment here is faction-specific rather than character-specific.
  • Equip your best gear to one hero class; all heroes belonging to this particular class will benefit from it.
  • Crafting decisions should be made based on which characters need gear improvements.
  • Haste is the most valuable for faster charging of ultimate ability.

AFK Journey Weapon Selection Chest

6. Artifacts:

  • Artifacts are unlocked over time and provide various effects in battle.
  • These items can be upgraded to enhance their impact.
  • The choice of artifact is situational and depends on the hero and context.



The game advances through combat mechanics in AFK Journey. Players can improve their strategies by mastering the team composition, positioning and control settings. Remember to evaluate battle outcomes for tactics improvement and consider faction bonuses while building your squad.

AFK Journey Stage


Team Composition:

  • Core Roles: A tank, a healer, and a DPS (damage per second) character should be included in every team.
  • Flexible Slots: Depending on your strategical requirements, you might also need more tanks or healers or DPses(sic)or supporters among other things.
  • Positioning: characters can be organized in any way but this should prevent imbalance for success.


Artifacts: Select artifacts that complement your fighting style like for instance control artifacts that periodically affect enemy backline units.


Battle Positioning:

  • Formation Variations: Consider clustering your team against grouped enemies although it is not good for some situations where split formation will work best.
  • Standard Layout: Create a default positioning layout that supports the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.


Battle Controls:

  • Speed and Mode: You can set the pace of the fight and switch between auto mode and manual mode.
  • Manual Advantages: It's always better to manually direct ultimates targeting strategic hits especially those with area-of-effect capabilities.


Character Abilities:

  • Ultimate Targeting: In manual mode, direct character ultimates like Thoren's to specific enemies for maximum impact on them(sic).
  • Summon Placement: Characters such as Cecilia can bring allies anywhere into the field thus gaining tactical advantage over key opponents.


Auto Mode: Most stages are safe on auto mode most times thus it is usually okay to put it there by default unlike manual control modes being more reliable during difficult levels when used well might be deciding factors in clearing a stage.


Battle Results Analysis: Look at battle outcomes through things like damage taken, healing output and damage dealt.


Faction Bonuses:

  • Advantages: This presents an avenue to apply tactics in the team assembly since different factions have their strengths against others.
  • Deployment Bonuses: Combat outcomes can be affected by using multiple characters from the same faction which gives bonuses.

AFK Journey Facttion


Battle Mode

Let's talk about the battle modes in AFK Journey in detail. How can players navigate through Dream Realm, Arena, Labyrinth and Legend Trial, as well as the importance of guild features and daily quests?

The Dream Realm
  • Partake every day on rotational bosses.
  • Check yesterday's rewards on the ladder!
  • Fight each boss once for consistent paybacks per day.
  • In depth guides will be provided separately.
The Arena
  • Pit your AI team against other players' teams.
  • Weekly rewards are resettable.
  • Refreshing arena tickets allows more fights for faster progressions
  • Use arena points from shop to get early DPS heroes like CIA that is an Epic hero.
Guild Features
  • Quick joining into a guild provides access to exclusive features and earning Guild points.
  • For Celestial and Hypogean heroes, one requires Guild points.
  • Detailed discussions will be provided later regarding the battle drills.
  • A roguelike mode with different levels of difficulty and requirements.
  • Offers summon income which is stable as well as other rewards associated with it.
  • Keep moving to unlock better gifts by unlocking higher difficulties and so on…
Legend Trial
  • Similar to Faction towers but they rotate daily.
  • Climb up and earn summons, Ascension materials, exclusive equipment materials plus hero Essence for limit breaking.
  • Ensure you maximize your rewards by optimizing hero levels for the faction you're focusing on.
Honor Duel
  • It is a PvP draft, but not with your heroes but with drafted ones.
  • If you have time, play for fun as the rewards are relative to how much time one puts in.
Daily Quests
  • When you finish daily quests, you earn essence depending on which AFK loot stage you are in.
  • Find out when it pays off the most to get daily bonus points.
Guild Missions
  • You can accomplish different tasks weekly and that is how you earn points for your guild.
  • The prize shop is available where these points can be spent on heroes.
Growth Path and Trials
  • Unlock levels naturally to move forward and get resources as rewards.
  • Extra bonuses will be granted if certain growth marks are reached.
Companions System Maintain a full friends list for daily interactions and extra rewards.
Events Tab There should always be something going on in this place to check about new special prizes every day.
Mystic House Emporium
  • Spend diamonds on discounted heroic pulls or make use of multiple shops for heroes and gifts. 
  • Prepare a priority list of items to buy or summon using it as per your wish list values.      
Noble Tavern
  • Rate up banners and standard summoning with Stargazers brings characters to players. 
  • Know about pity system and customize wish lists there. 


Your first few moves in this game will be simplified with this guide for beginners. It is a comprehensive game that offers depth and strategy in every single aspect from managing heroes to mastering combat. Keep up with your search for glory, collecting of spoils and optimization of heroes in order to survive in a captivating idle RPG world. 

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