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Monopoly GO: A Practical Tool To Easily Get Free Stickers | StickerHub App

Monopoly GO: A Practical Tool To Easily Get Free Stickers | StickerHub App

StickerHub is a free app designed for Monopoly GO players who want to find and exchange missing stickers effortlessly. This platform ensures users a seamless experience in exchange their mogo stickers through functions like setting up profiles, refreshing albums, and safe trading.


Step 1: Fill Out Your Profile Information

After downloading and signing up for StickerHub, it is important to fill in your profile with details related to Monopoly GO.

  1. Open Monopoly GO > Settings > Username
  2. Enter this username into your StickerHub profile.
  3. Click on "Friends" in Monopoly Go to get your invitation link then copy it into your StickerHub profile.

StickerHub Fill Information Overview

This information is important when it comes to trading mogo stickers with other players since they can add you directly as friends using these details.


Step 2: Update Your Monopoly GO Album and Stickers

Update your Monopoly GO album within StickerHub so that the system can pair you up with people who have what you need.

StickerHub Import Monopoly GO Album and Stickers Screenshot


Manual Update:

  • Open your Monopoly Go album
  • Cross check stickers between your album and those on StickerHubs"
  • Click "Set 1" of the album then click "Edit" to make changes.
  • Mark preferred stickers by clicking the heart icon.


Quick Import:

  • Screenshot Import feature in use by StickerHub
  • Take screenshot of your monoply go album 
  • Upload the screenshot, The system will recognize the image automatically thus updating your album


Keeping current information about your albums enables you quickly locate needed stickers.


Step 3: Commence Seeking Out Stickers

After updating your album, click on the “Search” button below missing stickers to find users with duplicates.

  • View the online status and frequency of trades of each user.
  • Choose a user and send them a proposal to swap stickers.
  • On the proposal details page, select stickers that you can offer.

StickerHub Album Stickers Overview

Make sure to keep updating your album frequently for more accurate proposals. When you are a beginner, start trading on a 1-to-1 basis and test other users credibility before sending any stickers.


Step 4: Evaluating All My Proposals

Click on the bottom “Proposals” button to see all proposals.

  • Incoming: Shows proposals sent to you by others.
  • Sent: Displays proposals you have sent out.

Proposals have three statuses:

  • Accept: Waiting for recipient acceptance.
  • Accepted: Both parties agreed for further proceedings on the proposal.
  • Refuse: Proposal expired or concluded or declined by either party.


Use filtering feature to quickly find specific sticker proposals.


Stage 5: Finish Sticker Exchanges

Once match is confirmed initiate exchange as follows;

  1. Click on the proposal which will take you to the detail page.
  2. Use “Add Monopoly Friend” button to send friend request on Monopoly GO game.
  3. Ensure Monopoly usernames match before proceeding any further.
  4. Send agreed upon stickers in Monopoly GO and notify other party through StickerHub chat system.
  5. Once both parties complete exchange confirm and finalize order in StickerHub system itself

Finish Monopoly GO Stickers Exchanges On StickerHub Overview

This will increase trade count which will be useful at later stages when finding matches becomes difficult again.


Moreover , StickerHub gives free dice daily for monopoly .If you found StickerHub useful share it with friends and enjoy mutual benefits!

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