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Monopoly GO Stickers Ultimate Guide: You Need To Know

Monopoly GO Stickers Ultimate Guide: You Need To Know

Monopoly GO is an exciting mobile game that brings the classic board game experience to your fingertips. These collectibles are sought after by players because they contain exclusive rewards when their sticker albums are completed. This guide provides essential insights into the nature of these stickers and offers strategic advice on how to obtain them effectively.



Stickers Info

Monopoly GO collectibles - Stickers have designs that reflect iconic elements from the classic Monopoly board game. These stickers help players achieve goals tied to specific themes within their album. Successful completion results in various in-game rewards, unique dice and player tokens which can be used during play. Completing once has even higher additional one-time bonuses.

Monopoly GO Strickers Information List


How to Get Monopoly GO Stickers?

Sticker Packs are the main sources of these collectibles and can be found in Sticker Packs. Each pack can include stickers ranging from common to rare and have star ratings to show their rarity, including special gold sticker.


8 Common Ways of Getting Stickers

Methods Description
Daily Login Bonuses Sign up daily to receive select bonuses that may include sticker packs.
Special Events/Tournaments Participate in time-limited events and stand a chance of winning exclusive sticker packs.
Quick Wins Achieve any target set within game so as to gain more sticker packs.
Card Collections Swap full sets of property cards with a collection of stickers.
Board Completions Several board completions provide extra bonus sticker packs.
Shop Bundles Select in game store bundles that may contain premium packs with guaranteed rare stickers.
Spins Take spins when landing on sets for chances of getting sticker pack wins.
Community Events Join other monopoly go players in earning stickers through taking part in events together.


Strategic Tips:

  • Invest in shop bundles promising premium stickers, for faster album completion.
  • Trade any duplicate stickers with friends to help each other progress through albums more efficiently.

The above mentioned methods allow you to swiftly unlock all the prizes contained in the book of albums. After completing all sticker sets in your current album, show off your prowess by sharing your filled up album online. So now you get a chance to boast about it and also win a grand prize package at the end of filling the album.


How Do You Trade Stickers In Monopoly GO?

One thing about playing Monopoly GO is that trade stickers with friends is one exciting feature that enhances your gameplay and helps you complete your sticker album. So how to trade stickers efficiently, The following will take you through how to trade stickers in Monopoly GO. 

Monopoly GO Trading Stickers


Step 1: Connecting and Accepting

  1. Connect with Friends: Before you can trade, make sure that they are the friend within the game. To find prospective friends, send them a link via text or direct messages on Discord.
  2. Accepting Friend Requests: Once your friend clicks on the link and joins the game, you will get notification regarding the new friendship.


Step 2: Preparing the Trade

  1. Access Your Album: Look at your collection by opening up your sticker album.
  2. Identify Tradable Stickers: Look for duplicates because these are eligible for trading; however note that only gold stickers only during 'Golden Blitz' events can be traded.


Step 3: Executing the Trade

  1. Selecting Stickers: Click on any sticker which you want to exchange it with a friend; if it's a duplicate then 'Send to Friend' will pop up as an option.
  2. Daily Limit: Remember though, each person is limited to sending five stickers per day per person who is in friends list;
  3. Trade Timer: If you do more than five stickers trades there will be time before another chance is given for an exchange.


Step 4: Finalizing The Trade

  1. Sending Stickers: Find out whom of your fellows might need it most and tap 'Send' key again confirming it.
  2. Receiving Stickers: Trades may happen instantly or take time because of server lag.
  3. Notification of Receipt: After rolling the dice in game or after a while, you will get prompted to either accept a new sticker or not along with sender's details.


Gold Stickers

Previously, Gold stickers were distributed unevenly among players but now the catch is that this player should go for these valuable items which are essential to game progression and fun. Nonetheless, GOLD stickers cannot be traded meaning that they are more scarce and hence valuable.

Monopoly GO Gold Stickers


How can you better your chances of obtaining GOLD Stickers?

However, Gold stickers cannot be traded increasing their rarity and value. In line with this, the following are some ways through which you can increase your acquisition of Gold Stickers while playing:


6 Effective Methods of Getting Gold Stickers

Methods Description
Daily Log-In Rewards Daily Treats: Ensure you log into Monopoly GO! each day to receive Daily Treats which may include coveted packs of gold stickers.
Building and Spinning
  • Board Development: Build on your board and pile up houses to transform them into hotels. A wheel spin will benefit you upon completion of a color set with hotels.
  • Wheel Spins: Regular wheel spins can bring about GOLD sticker, so keep developing your board for more opportunities.
Completing Boards Board Completion: Every five boards completed entitles you to a two-star pack of golden sticker. This is one way to have many golden stickers collected.
Vault Exchanges
  • Blue Vault: To put it in other words exchange 500 Stars for a chance at two-star Golden Sticker.
  • Pink Vault: For those who have extra Stars, the pink vault has three star golden stickers going for 2,500 Stars each.
Participate in Events
  • Daily Quick Wins: Participate in such events for an opportunity at 3-star golden sticker.
  • Milestone Events and Tournaments: Perform well in these competitive events to earn four or five-star-golden sticker respectively.
Exclusive Giveaway Golden Bounty Event: Enter the giveaway by emailing "golden Bounty" as the subject including your Monopoly GO! name and friend link. Winner will be awarded a five-star sticker randomly.


How to Send Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO?

But unlike regular stickers, the Golden Stickers can be difficult to deal with and can only go through some channels.


Step 1. Access Your Album:

  1. Open your device's Monopoly GO app.
  2. Get to the main menu.
  3. Click on 'Album' where all your types of stickers are kept.


Step 2. Locate the Desired Gold Sticker:

  1. Look for the Gold Sticker that you want to send in your album.
  2. Keep in mind that some golden ones aren't tradable since they are earned from playing only and special packs promotions.


Step 3. Understand the Gifting Rules:

  1. Bear in mind that a few gold stickers cannot be traded and sent out.
  2. Determine which Gold Stickers could be gifted as per the game rules governing them.


Step 4. Gift a Tradable Gold Sticker:

  1. Pick one tradeable gold sticker from your book
  2. Choose option labeled 'Gift' within this game
  3. Follow available instructions on screen until it is sent to another player


Gold Stickers Sending Tips

  • Confirm Tradable Status: Always make sure whether or not a given Gold Sticker is tradable before sending it via mail.
  • Know Rarity: Some items have more rarity than others, which makes them more valuable when traded for.
  • Timing is Key: Be careful about when you send over a sticker because it could impact gameplay both for yourself as well as recipient too.


In order to become an expert at using Monopoly GO stickers, one should remain active, participate in various games available and employ strategic trading methods. Look out for events, log in regularly and engage with other people so as to get incredible collections of stickers with amazing awards. All the best as you continue along the path of filling up your sticker album!

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