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Monopoly GO: Sticker Boom Flash Event Guide

Monopoly GO: Sticker Boom Flash Event Guide

Sticker Boom is an on-again-off-again event in Monopoly Go that can last anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks depending upon the season or concurrent special events. It offers 50% more stickers from any packs they open. This means participating in sticker boom could really boost your sticker collection so it's important to keep an eye out for when it happens.



How does Sticker Boom work?

During a Sticker Boom:

  • Sticker Increase: Number of Stickers received from packs are increased by 50%, rounded up. For example Orange Sticker Pack normally gives three (3) stickers; during sticker boom it will provide five (5) stickers (3+1.5 rounded up to 5).
  • Duration: The event lasts a few minutes up-to an hour after logging in.
  • Timing: Log in when you have enough time to play and collect as many Sticker Packs as possible.
  • Odds : Each pack still has equal chances to drop every sticker, so sticker boom doesn't affect odds of getting specific stickers from each pack at all.


Timing Your Logins

Make the most of Sticker Boom by timing your logins. This is because Sticker Boom only lasts for an hour after you've logged into the game post event start time.

  • Plan Ahead: If you know you will be participating in a new tournament or event, time your daily login to coincide with the start of Sticker Boom.
  • High Roller & Wheel Boost: Use High Roller to progress through milestones quickly and open multiple sticker packs. Check the daily schedule for Flash event times to synchronize Wheel Boost with Sticker Boom for additional benefits.


Benefits of Sticker Boom Flash Event

  • Wheel Spins: Completing color sets during Wheel Boost gives you two spins instead of one.
  • Increased Stickers: During Sticker Boom, you receive 50% more stickers from each pack.
  • Album Completion: Helps in completing albums faster by providing extra stickers.
  • Maximize Rewards: By timing your logins and pack openings, you can maximize the benefits of Sticker Boom.


Sticker Boom Schedule

The developer does not release this information publicly. But dataminers can usually confirm their findings a week before an event starts based on previous years' worths of data that are contained within game files they have access too – so stay tuned!

  • Frequency: They typically occur every seven to ten days, primarily on weekdays.
  • Partner Events: These happen about every 25 days apart from flash events; however these should not affect when we see our next flash event!


Sticker Pack Rarity Breakdown During Sticker Boom

Here is a detailed breakdown of the number of Stickers received per pack rarity:

Packs Included Not Included
Green Pack (1 Star) 3 2
Orange Pack(2 Stars) 5 3
Pink Pack(3 Stars) 5 3
Blue Pack(4 Stars) 6 4
Purple Pack(5 Stars) 9 6
Galaxy Pack(Guaranteed Missing Sticker) 9 6


By planning your logins, utilizing High Roller and Wheel Boost, and timing your pack openings, you can maximize the rewards from this event. Stay tuned for updates and make sure to log in during these exciting events to maximize your Sticker collection in Monopoly GO!

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