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Monopoly GO: Peg-E Prize Drop Event Ultimate Guide & Best Strategies

Monopoly GO: Peg-E Prize Drop Event Ultimate Guide & Best Strategies

Monopoly GO introduces several events, tournaments and mini-games that add variety to traditional gameplay. One such mini-game is the Peg-E Prize Drop which is easy but addictive. Players drop special Peg-E tokens into an arcade-style slot machine where they bounce off bumpers before landing in a prize slot. Read on if you want some strategies on how to make your money go further at this event!




Peg-E Prize Drop event in Monopoly GO is a Plinko-styled minigame, During event chips can be exchanged for different prizes depending on points earned by players. 

Monopoly GO Peg-E Overview

These small event chips are dropped down the board and money awarded based on which spot it lands multiplied by their chip multiplier. Passing through bumpers gives points which contribute towards milestones displayed bottom of the screen along with cash gained from passing the bumper.


Schedule & Frequency

A typical estimate of the number of weeks that elapse before another series is staged is two or three. In the past, prize drops were usually scheduled mid-month if we consider historical data. Peg-E Events, on average, take between 4-5 days to complete, which allows players ample time for their milestone rewards achievement through collecting prize drop chips.

Peg-E Prize Drop Event Schedule and Frequency Overview

Apart from this fact, there are other main events and tournaments that players can take part in so as to obtain hundreds of peg-e prize drop chips when they complete their milestones.


How do I Participate?

  • Collect Prize Drop Chips: Use these chips as a form of currency at various other events within the game.
  • Play the Peg-E Mini-Game: Using your collection, drop them from the top of the Peg-E machine.
  • Win Rewards: The chips will fall through pins and bumpers before landing in a slot at the bottom that offers cash rewards or free dice with multipliers.


Key Rewards

  • Cash Rewards: Earn in-game currency by participating in the mini-game.
  • Free Dice: Extra dice to use in other Monopoly Go activities.
  • Multipliers: These increase the amount of rewards you get from completing games during this event.

Peg-E Prize Drop Rewards Overview


How can I earn more tokens in Peg-E Prize Drop Event?

Monopoly TO Peg-E Tokens

Before you dive into playing the Peg-E Prize Drop minigame try amassing as many peg-e tokens as possible here's how:

Complete Quick Wins Do some more quick wins for extra tokens
Participate in Events and Tournaments Join any running alongside since they give out tokens too
Open Free Gifts Visit shop frequently there might be free gifts containing peg e chips please note once you have between 300 - 600 tokens it’s safe enough number to start playing the Peg-E Prize Drop minigame.


Best Tips for Peg-E Prize Drop

Monopoly GO Peg-E PRize Drop Strategy


Change the Bumpers

When you first open up the game of Peg-E Prize Drop, there are two bumpers above the prize slots. These bumpers can reward additional Dice Rolls, Cash, or Peg-E chips. Here’s how to get the most out of them:


Go for Bumpers with Dice and Peg-E Tokens: The Cash prize is worth less than Dice Rolls and extra Peg-E tokens. So, target these more profitable bumpers by modifying your strategy accordingly.


Adjust the Multiplier

The Token multiplier in Peg-E Prize Drop is similar to Monopoly GO's Dice Multiplier. Increasing your multiplier will result in larger prizes but also requires more tokens. Here are a few suggestions:


Set Multiplier to x20 or x30: Although it may seem like taking a big risk, setting your multiplier to either x20 or x30 then dropping your Peg-E token will cause you to instantly collect bumper rewards and possibly land in a better prize slot.


Drop the Token Strategically

Once you've set the bumpers and adjusted the multiplier, it's time to drop the token. Follow these strategies for best results:

  • Use Right-Most or Left-Most Arrows: Dropping your token using either one of the right-most or left-most arrows will give you a higher chance of hitting bumper targets. For example, if your Token bumper is on the right side then use the right-most arrow.
  • Aim for Centre Slot: The centre slot awards most points and helps complete milestones faster.


Experiment and Adapt

Luck plays a major role when playing this mini-game but don't be afraid to try different things! Test various arrows along with multipliers based off what has worked during previous attempts – always keep challenging yourself while adapting according to new experiences gained each time round played.


Knowing when the Peg-E Prize Drop events are going to happen in Monopoly GO is important for players who want to plan ahead and get the most out of their time playing. They usuallyhappen regularly but sometimes there might be a delay if another event is already taking place so make sure you check out all ofthe announcements from the game about specific dates. 

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