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Monopoly GO: All Characters Unique Traits and Backstories

Monopoly GO: All Characters Unique Traits and Backstories

In Monopoly GO, players chase Rolls Dice and Stickers blindly which means they do not pay much attention to the characters in the game. Every character has a different role and background story which makes the world of Monopoly more immersive. This guide gives a brief overview of all personalities you will meet along the way; their pasts, likes and dislikes as well as what effect they have on gameplay.



Mr. Monopoly

Mr. M is suave with a mischievousness similar to Scrouge McDuck mixed with Charlie Chaplin type vibe.  For being worth billions upon billions he doesn't really take himself seriously at all, sometimes referred to as "Philanthropist Billionaire" who does outreach programs teaching people how they can become billionaires. He serves not only as your mentor but also other characters mentors throughout the game.

Monopoly GO Mr. Monopoly Character

A "Modern Billionaire" trying new weird things with his money like investing in unconventional items or traveling back through time; opportunities for profit are everywhere but so are opportunities for fun according to Mr. M.



Scottie is Mr. M's beloved scottie dog. You can find him on many boards in landmark view, and most prominently as the face of our daily calendar, aka "Daily Treats". Scottie has a very playful personality. 

Monopoly GO Scottie Character

He is friendly, and very loyal to Mr. M. That being said, Scottie is sometimes seen without Mr. M, playing or hanging out with other characters. Scottie is a typical dog in the sense that he enjoys things dogs commonly like such as chasing squirrels, digging, playing fetch, and being around his owner, Mr. M. 


Scottie is not a typical dog in the sense that he accompanies Mr. M on most of Mr. M's whacky adventures, and is used to "Living the Good Life". Scottie is a dog who would go skydiving with Mr. M and then at the end of the day, retreat to his solid gold doghouse. In that way, Scottie's personality mirrors Mr. M's: he is kind, friendly, and giving with a playful, adventurous streak.


Ms. Monopoly

Ms. Monopoly is Mr. Monopoly's niece. She too is a Billionaire and is the face of the "Ms. Monopoly" board game. While the Ms. Monopoly board game was not well received, she is a very cool character due to her uniqueness. 

Monopoly GO Scottie Character

Female billionaires only make up 10% of the world's population of billionaires. Currently she is featured most prominently in the "See Who's Playing" popup as well as certain stickers. As a character, Ms. Monopoly is competitive, but she possesses the same fun-loving and adventurous streak that her Uncle has. She also has a philanthropic, giving spirit and is very generous. 


Ms. M is a wife and a mother. She has two children, a nine year old daughter Rachel, and a five year old boy, Brady. Her husband, Kevin is a stay-at-home dad who is a painter. Ms. M has always been an art collector and appreciator. She is good friends with Lizzie the inventor character who shares her competitive nature and Cynthia the Fashionista.


The Banker (Benjamin Basu)

The banker is a new character designed specifically for Monopoly GO. Benjamin Basu worked odd jobs as a kid. He saved up all his money in a bunch of piggy banks. Eventually, he opened his own bank where Mr. M is now a customer. Mr. M was a role model for the Banker along the way and he mentored him. The two now have a friendly relationship and have taken trips together.

Monopoly GO The Banker Character

These days, the Banker collects piggy banks which you can see in his board.  He is seen in stickers traveling to exotic places such as Marrakesh and Australia, the latter with Mr. M where he is seen treasure hunting in the barrier reef. 


The Banker is of Indian-American ethnicity/Nationality. He is currently single and not in a rush to get married. In the future we would like to give him a romantic partner and show them meeting through a sticker set.


The Inventor (Lizzie Bell)

The inventor loved creating things from a young age. When one of her robotic inventions malfunctioned at a science fair, she got 2nd place. Throughout her life she continued to invent. Eventually, she was hired by Mr. Monopoly and is now the lead inventor at MNPLY labs where Peg-E was created.

Monopoly GO The Inventor Character

As seen in the sticker set "Rolemodels". Mr. M was a mentor to the inventor ever since she was young. The inventor built a time machine which is responsible for the fiction of why the player can visit so many fantastic places. She has her own board in the game.


Sofia Wattsitworth

Sofia Wattsitworth is a character representing all things Monopoly GO Stickers. She is a skilled, experienced appraiser and runs a shop called the Sticker Exchange where she appraises stickers the player gives to her and offers them rewards in exchange once she has calculated their value. 

Monopoly GO Sofia Wattsitworth Character

Sofia is "Upscale Yet Quirky" and her shop represents that as well. The shop is comprised of antiquities but The stickers are her most prized possession which she keeps in glass cases. Sofia keeps a large safe in the shop full of rewards to give to the player. For fun, Sofia plays the viola which she keeps in the corner of the shop. Sofia has her own board. 


Sofia is a grandmother to two grandchildren, a granddaughter (Emilia) and a grandson (Pedro). She is a Latina American.


The Real Estate Mogul (Parker Lane)

The Real Estate Mogul began their love for homes when they were a child, building dollhouses from the ground up. Later on they began a company with their partner/wife, flipping houses, eventually becoming one of the most successful real estate companies.

Monopoly GO The Real Estate Mogul Character

As for their personal life, The Real Estate Mogul loves nature and  is pictured in stickers going on a camping trip with their wife. They also still construct things for fun in their woodshop such as birdhouses. They have their own board, Fix-it-Heights. 


Please note that this character is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.


Jackie Holland

Jackie Holland is Parker's partner, both in life and in business.  While Parker spent her childhood building dollhouses, Jackie spent hours sorting out her toys and making play calendars. Over time, Parker passed on their passion for building sets to Jackie. Parker's love of construction and Jackie's organizational skills have led her real estate company to be one of the most successful in the world. They have their own board, Fix-it-Heights.

Monopoly GO Jackie Holland Character

As for her personal life, Jackie is a plant lover and she has an urban garden in their city home and a large greenhouse and an amazing sculpture garden at their country home. She has even worked out a complex watering schedule to keep her little plants happy.


The Railroad Tycoon/Engineer (Jon Travers)

The engineer enjoyed playing with and designing trainsets as a kid. After spending some time as a train engineer, he purchased his own train, then worked his way up to an entire railroad. Mr. M is his VIP passenger, taking the train to all his shutdowns and Heists.

Monopoly GO The Railroad Tycoon Character



Peg-E is a fun-loving plinko/pachinko robot seen in Prize Drop. Peg-E was invented by our inventor character under supervision of Mr. M. Peg-E is friendly and always game for a laugh or a good time.

Monopoly GO Peg-E Character


Jailbird Jake & Bunk

Two ne'er-do-wells whom MR. MONOPOLY, if he weren't' so secure in his status as "impossibly rich", might actually consider irksome. If you asked Jake he would firmly insist he is, and is well-known as, MR. M's rival. The key difference between the two, however, is that Jake's head is figuratively in the clouds while MR.M could literally achieve this by standing on a fraction of the gold he owns.

Monopoly GO Jailbird Jake Character Monopoly GO Bunk Character

If it's not nailed down, Jake and Bunk will take it. If it is nailed down, Bunk will be the first to remind you that is exactly why crowbars were invented (and then treat you to an impromptu demonstration). Despite Bunk's more apparent criminal status, as indicated by his wardrobe of solely striped shirts, it's Jake who masterminds their capers. Common thieves, after all, aren't the ones who get their faces stamped onto the corners of the MONOPOLY board!


Each character, whether it be Mr. M's mentoring or Scottie's playful hijinks, Ms. Monopoly's competitiveness or any other character, adds to the colorful world of Monopoly GO. Appreciating their personalities and relationships deepens the player's experience and multiplies the game's strategies and fun.

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