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Top 10 Strategic Tips For Beginners in Monopoly GO

Top 10 Strategic Tips For Beginners in Monopoly GO

Fast-paced Monopoly Go is among the most talked about mobile games today, with its board game spinoff. The way to win this game is through strategy, good timing and luck, as you roll dice to acquire properties or swap cards for an edge. For this purpose we have put together a strategic beginner's tips guide follow us and explore together!



Classic Mode

Monopoly Go's Classic Mode has been created with a nostalgic touch along the virtual boardwalk. Traditional Monopoly gameplay but virtually brought back to life. Roll Dice Monopoly GO Dice, Move your token (either iconic Top Hat or even Battleship) and start collecting your properties! Here's how it starts:

  • Rolling the Dice: Watch your selected piece whether it be Top Hat or Battle Ship as they bounce from square to square on our virtual board.
  • Acquiring Properties: Purchase all those colored streets you are landing on; remember that having matching colors increases how much rent you can collect.
  • Building Houses and Hotels: Need more money? Put houses and hotels on your property but keep track of cash flow!
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy: Stay away from upgraded lots owned by opponents; otherwise you might end up paying sky high charges or even become insolvent!


Empire Building Mode

Want something beyond classic mode? Build a property empire from scratch with Empire Building Mode. With 100+ boards featuring worldwide landmarks, this mode adds spice into Monopoly experience. There is nothing better than Empire Building mode;

  • Starting small: Begin with one small plot after another before taking over everything by buying building and renting.
  • Unlocking New Boards: In fact, there are more than 100 unique boards to be won with landmarks of famous cities such as New York and Paris.
  • Enhancing Landmarks: Boost your income by upgrading landmarks. Beat competitors by adding facilities or services on their property.


Interactive Mini-Games

Monopoly Go is not only about the board; mini-games add spice to the mix:

  • Railroad Adventures: Landing on a railroad tile will activate mini-games such as 'Shutdown' that lets you earn money by hacking into your competitor's landmarks.
  • Bank Heist Excitement: Another mini-game involving Railroad Tile named 'Bank Heist' where can one break into bank vaults and steal from other players.
  • Daily Tournaments: Participate in daily challenges and climb up leaderboards for prizes not found in standard gameplay.


Monopoly GO Gameplay Mode


Top 10 Strategic Tips

Are you ready for all things top-notch about Monopoly Go? Let's officially open some game-changing tips that will help you dominate the dice, and climb those leaderboards!


Tip 1. Free Dice Bonanza

Running out of dice brings an abrupt halt to your property empire; hence having a steady supply is essential. Thankfully there are genuine ways of keeping your dice cupboard always full without spending a dime! Here's how:

  • Daily Presents: Take three free dice from perfect-timed visits at least every eight hours interval in the day when you head over to the gift section of the in-game store.
  • Official Websites: Bookmark those safe and official Monopoly Go resources. The daily events tab on this unofficial website links players to free dice. Alternatively, one can search "Monopoly Go Free Dice" and find other reliable sites that update their links regularly so that your game never stops.


Tip 2. Color Wheel Boosts

To put it simply, hitting the color wheel is like winning a mini lottery in Monopoly Go. Do you know though that you could squeeze more out of it? Here's how:

  • Event Timing: Keep an eye on the event schedule for Color Wheel Boosts, which usually pop up daily or every other day.
  • Double Trouble: When a property is boosted by the color wheel, landing on it gives you two spins instead of one.
  • Strategic Spending: Save your in-game cash and wait for these boosts before upgrading landmarks. You can double your chances for free cards, extra dice, and more money when you land on properties with red houses during the boost since each house will give you an additional spin.


Tip 3. Targets

Attacking in Monopoly Go isn't just about causing chaos; it's about strategy. Here's what you need to know:

  • Inactive Players: Some players download the game but don't actively play. Their boards are easy to spot and perfect for repeat attacks since they won't retaliate or rebuild their defenses.
  • Unshielded Opponents: Watch out for boards with spinning characters around properties – their shields are down. Do not waste those precious dice on shielded foes but take advantage of this golden opportunity!


Tip 4. Lucky Number Seven

In Monopoly Go, dice rolls are not just mere luck, but probability too. The number seven is your new best friend:

  • Statistical Sweet Spot: For example, if one has two dice then the most common sum is seven because there are many ways that two numbers can add up to give seven.
  • Strategic Positioning: Being exactly 7 spaces from a specific location such as jail or a railroad makes it more likely that you will land there on your next turn.


Tip 5. Trading Cards

Trading cards is not only fun in Monopoly Go, but it is essential for serious advancing. Here are tips on how to trade like a pro:

  • Community Power: Join the official Monopoly Go Community on Facebook which boasts of millions of members and acts as a trading centre, source of top advice as well as connections.
  • Exclusive Groups: To have a more tailored experience, search for specialized trading groups such as Monopoly Elites who provide community support for trades, giveaways or advice.


Tip 6. Utilize Sticker Booms

Like jackpot wins in Monopoly Go sticker booms simply mean hitting gold. These occasions will give you many cards that will make your progress skyrocket. Below is how you should use them to your favor:

  • Check the Timeline: The game's events tab has a schedule. Plan your playtime around these lucrative periods.
  • Combine Events: Where possible, synchronize sticker booms with color wheel boosts so that you get double upgrades and rewards.
  • Go All In: When there are sticker booms going on be aggressive in playing your cards so that you get the most valuable ones that are likely to be available at this time.


Tip 7. Defense

It is important to keep your shields up in order to safeguard your assets from other gamers' assaults. Below are some of the things that you need to be aware of:

  • Maintain Shields: An opponent might be discouraged by a shielded board since it doubles its cost price thereby reducing their returns.
  • Monitor Attacks: In case of continuous attacks by one player, think about removing them from your list of friends so as not to lose more.
  • Strategic Friend List: Keep players who are least likely to attack you on your friend list in order not to have a hostile board.


Tip 8. Gold Card Strategy

Gold cards present both opportunity and difficulty on account of their trading limitations. Here's how you can navigate these waters:

  • Double Value: The value of gold cards is doubled during the exchange at the Vault – this is an enormous advantage.
  • Trade During Golden Blitz: Watch out for such rare instances as they will be your only chance for trading golden cards. Ensure that you remain vigilant and swift whenever they appear.
  • Plan Ahead: Collect gold cards whenever possible so that you won't get stuck later when trying to complete your entire collection with them.


Tip 9. Prepare for Absences

When life takes you away from the game, take precautionary measures to avoid returning to an empty board:

  • Spend Money: Upgrading landmarks or spending money before pausing helps reduce what opponents may steal.
  • Shield Up: Remember that shields must remain active throughout your absence in order for your board not be attacked.


Tip 10. Maximize Event Participation

Monopoly Go features numerous events all contributing towards progress. Here's the strategy:

  • Triple Event Play: Participate in tournaments, top-screen events or special events like Peggy or mining for compounded rewards.
  • Synergistic Rewards: If you take part at once in several different events, there could be series of bonuses occurring which will make you keep on playing and progressing.
  • Optimal Timing: Play your dice at the peak of event overlapping so as to harvest the most out of it.


Using Resources Wisely

The in-game shop is a goldmine for players willing to get ahead:

  • In-Game Shop: Move quickly by buying dice rolls and in-game currency with real money – you can purchase these optional features!
  • Dice Rolls: Dice rolls are required for movement, and can be bought to give an upper hand on the competition to own valuable properties as well as collect rent.
  • In-Game Currency: Money is what makes Monopoly Go go round – use it to invest in properties, pay rent or draw chance cards. However, strategic players who are not interested in purchasing can earn game cash while playing skilfully.



Remember, Monopoly Go is a game of strategy, luck, and financial management, you can be enjoyed without spending a dime. You can earn in-game currency and dice rolls through skillful play, so weigh your options before hitting the shop.


Embark on your Monopoly Go journey with confidence using this beginner's tips and tricks. Roll the dice, build your empire, and make every move count. Remember, it's all about strategy, wit, and sometimes a bit of luck.

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