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Monopoly GO: Free Runs Acquisition and Expert Multiplier Strategies

Monopoly GO: Free Runs Acquisition and Expert Multiplier Strategies

Monopoly Go Dice Dice Iconrepresent the main currency for progressing through the board and making strategic choices. The Dice Multiplier Multiplier Icon Feature is a massive boost to your rewards, You could hit big if you knew how to manipulate the dice multiplier which will improve your earnings by far beyond their current levels. In this guide, we look at how one can get free dice in Monopoly Go and other professional tips on using Dice Multiplier.



How Can One Obtain Free Dice in Monopoly GO?

You cannot trade rolls with other players directly in Monopoly GO. Players earn rolls by doing different activities within the game like accomplishing goals, events, tournaments or even taking advantage of daily free gifts that the developers reward them with. The number of rolls given to each player is dependent on their own progress.

Monopoly GO Free Dice


1. Social Media Free Dice 

Players who love Monopoly GO can gain free dice easily from social media platforms associated with it. The company behind this game – Scopely – frequently posts links that enable its users to obtain some extra rolls for free through sites like Facebook and Instagram. As they follow these pages while keeping an eye on their stories, gamers are able to claim these rewards quickly.


In addition, being part of official monopoly go discord channel links gamers with others who share information about ongoing giveaways, competitions and available places where they can get extra dices for absolutely nothing else except joining them in playing monopoly go together. Moreover not only does interaction with such a community make gaming enjoyable but also keeps players informed of new linkages for dices'.


2. Links for Free Dices

Here is a list of recent links giving away free dices in Monopoly go as of April 2024, for our readers' information:


These links may expire with time; therefore, it is crucial that you claim your free dices once they are available. Look out for this new links and codes as these are often updated by Scopely.


3. Additional Ways

Apart from social media, there are other methods of obtaining free dice:

  • Giveaways and Competitions: Participate in official competitions organized by Monopoly GO to have a chance for additional dice.
  • Sticker Trading: Collecting sets of Monopoly Go stickers earns players various incentives including an increment in dice.
  • Referrals: You can invite friends to play Monopoly Go using your referral link which will earn you extra rolls of dice.
  • Alternate Accounts: Some individuals open secondary Facebook accounts whereby they refer themselves thereby getting more dices.


How to Activate the Dice Multiplier?

The dice multiplier is a booster that can increase your earnings. A simple yet influential feature affecting various parts of the game including rent collections and event points.

Monopoly GO Dice Multipliers


Find the dice multiplier button next to 'GO' button at the bottom of the screen. The present level of multiplier shows on it which starts at x1. Press this button to raise your multiplier up to your maximum limit that could be as much as 100x. 

Note: Higher multipliers require more dice rolls per turn but also result in greater rewards.


Which Rewards and Board Tiles are Affected By Dice Multiplier?

The following board tiles and rewards are influenced by dice multiplier in Monopoly Go:

  • GO Tile
  • Pickup Tiles during Events
  • Rent Tiles
  • Railroad Tiles: Consists of shutdowns and bank heists rewards (includes Mega Heists).
  • Quick Wins Missions
  • All Objective Tiles: Community Chests, Chance Cards, Corner Tiles during Tournaments.


When to Use High Multipliers?

  • Approaching Completion: Increase your multiplier (e.g., 200x) when you are close to completing a set or objective.
  • Strategic Positions: Apply a higher multiplier if you are aiming for a specific spot that could yield significant benefits, such as a set of Bells or a Railroad.
  • Tournament Edge: If you are nearing the top in a tournament, make use of well-timed high multipliers so as to secure your lead.


When to Hold Back Multipliers? 

  • Bankruptcy Risk: Avoid high multipliers if bankruptcy is imminent since gains may not outweigh losses.
  • Lack of Strategic Benefit: Do not waste multipliers when there are no advantageous positions to land on.
  • Close to Winning: When you are nearing victory in tournaments/objectives save your multipliers because they may no longer be important.


How Effective Manage Multiple Dice in Monopoly GO?

  • Plan Ahead: Always calculate the potential outcome before using a multiplier. For example, if you are aiming for bells that are within seven spaces, a 50x multiplier might be adequate.
  • Balance Risk and Reward: Weigh the chances of landing on a beneficial spot against the cost of using a high multiplier.
  • Adapt to the Game State: Your strategy should adapt depending on your current position in the game and what others are doing.


Remember that multipliers are finite so use them wisely lest you run out at critical times! Always switch back to lower multipliers such as 1x after making strategic plays to avoid spending carelessly next turn.


Lastly, Monopoly Go Dice Multiplier is an extremely powerful instrument that can significantly increase one's in-play financial resources if used prudently. Follow the dice patterns and measure how close you are to big value tiles and make the best use of the multiplier.

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