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Monopoly GO Trading Guide: Stickers and Stars

Monopoly GO Trading Guide: Stickers and Stars

In Monopoly GO, one way of enriching the game is by trading stickers with cards. In this guide, you will learn how to trade stickers and stars within the game, how not to fall into a scam, as well as the conditions required for trading Gold Stickers. By mastering trading of stickers and stars will help you quickly complete an album and earn substantial rewards.



How Can You Trade Stickers in Monopoly GO?

There are two basic ways of carrying out sticker trade on monopoly go: gifting directly or through a secure exchange. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to initiate trade:

  • Tap on FRIENDS in the game
  • Go to the ADD FRIENDS tab 
  • Tap on INVITE+ 
  • Send your invite link to the person you want to trade
  • When they tap on it they will automatically become your friend To Trade: 
  • Tap on the STICKER you would like to send 
  • Tap on "SEND TO FRIEND" 
  • Pick your friend! Easy!
  • You can only trade 5 stickers a day


For known friends, go ahead with gifting directly where once they login into the game, they get transferred.

On dealing with strange players "make an exchange" is selected from friend selection menu in order to have a safe exchange between them. It has been designed such that both parties confirm it leading to receipt before finalization so that the expected Monopoly GO sticker may be obtained.


How Do I Avoid Scams When Trading Stickers?

While many players trade honorably others may try to cheat you when making transactions:

  • Use reputable traders with good feedbacks or well-known gamers;
  • For unfamiliar users only use safe exchanges;
  • Check if what is being offered matches your request;
  • Reputation checks or scam reports can also be found at Official Monopoly GO Discord.

Take care when playing against newbies not to get scammed.


Can I Trade Gold Stickers on MONONPOLY GO?

To trade Gold Stickers, you must wait for Golden Blitz which takes place several times a month and lasts for 12 hours on average. Monitor in-game events to capitalize on these opportunities.


How Can I Swap Stickers For Stars In Monopoly GO?

Collecting and swapping stickers for stars is an engaging aspect of the game Monopoly Go that improves the gameplay. Keep checking your sticker album for duplicates so as to increase your star earnings.

Monopoly GO Swap Stickers For Stars Progress


It is that simple just follow this process:

Step Detailed
1. Starting the Exchange Process
  • Start your device's monopoly go.
  • By tapping on the bottom right corner screen album icon navigate to your sticker album.
2. Viewing Your Stickers and Stars
  • Inside the album you will find all the stickers you currently own.
  • Use the green box icon at the bottom right corner to check your star balance.
  • You will be shown how many stars are owned by you at present.
3. Rewards System
  • With stars, players can redeem green boxes containing cubes and various cards.
  • The contents of these green boxes depend upon total points collected and current game level of yours.
  • Higher levels open up more worthwhile awards possibility.
4. Earning Stars Through Stickers
  • Check whether any plus sign (+) exists next to your sticker count which indicates that there are duplications in your sticker collection.
  • Duplicates are necessary since they can convert into stars.
  • The value of duplicated stars is dependent on the rareness of the stickers.
5. Exchanging Duplicate Stickers for Stars
  • Tap on any sticker that has a plus sign in order to see how many times it appears as a duplicate.
  •  Press 'done' to confirm and add these numbers to your star balance.
6. Redeeming Stars for Rewards
  • Once you have accumulated enough stars, you can redeem them for green boxes.
  • Depending on their current level and number of accrued points, players may choose any reward's rank they prefer.


By knowing and applying these exchange mechanisms in Monopoly GO, it will be easier to progress within the game more profitably and thereby making it more exciting.

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